Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary Society


When Renaissance is mentioned, it refers to a period between 1400 to 1600. However, several classicists believe that it started before or later after this period, but this depends on the country. The period dates back to the Middle Ages, which is present-day history, as well as conditional on nations, covering most parts of the Early Modern ages. The country which is mostly associated with The Renaissance is Italy because, in this country, the period began in the 14th century. However, other countries like France, Germany, as well as England went through large portions of similar social changes that were encountered in Italy. Instead of considering The Renaissance as an authentic period, most scholars prefer viewing it as social development.

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It is amid Renaissance when ancient foundations such as feudalism began to separate. Rustic settlers also preferred to move to the urban territories, leading to the emergence of a white-collar class due to the exchange as well as assembling that were taking place. More people wanted to know how they could pursue and also compose better chances in the new economy, a task that was not easy at the time (Summit, 2012). Thus, the personal satisfaction of the poor in both rural and urban areas is enhanced. The Renaissance was a time when most people engaged in new thoughts and investigations so that they could understand how society ought to work and also to what extent it should have been esteemed. Even if religion remained a vital part of people’s lives, there was a need for other advancements in the environment as well as the society at large.

Compare and Contrast

Several differences and also similarities can be observed in the social practices of people during The Renaissance and the current era. The time of the Renaissance was important in that it provoked morality in the right direction since good societal practices were upheld. It is those practices that regulated how people coordinated paying respects to the troubles that were concealed. Moreover, some qualities were considered very significant but they have continued to lose value in contemporary society. This is because there are several mechanical degrees about progress as well as political headways that are available in the two time periods (Burke, 2013). During the Renaissance, people were highly concerned with understanding how society was supposed to be functioning and also the values that ought to be esteemed. Even if religion remained key to the lives of people, it was necessary to enhance both the livening conditions and also the environment by changing how society was functioning. Church authorities were on the front line to teach people about the best social functioning. T items while they opposed a society where a few grow of leading people could construct expensive homes, engage in extravagances, and also surround themselves with the best items while other people in the society were suffering. In modern society, this issue is rarely addressed because it is socially acceptable for one to belong to a certain societal class and live based on the standards of that class of people.

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The Renaissance Family

The Renaissance family was regarded as a distant family including the parents, kids, their grandparents as well as aunties and uncles within the same compound. The father was the overall overseer of the family unity. He, therefore, handled funds as well as properties of the family and made every significant decision that was to be made regarding the family. Mother, on the other hand, had a duty of keeping the family unit together and ensuring the continuity of the generation. Therefore, she had to battle to see her kids succeed. In contemporary society, both the mother and the father are involved in land ownership. They can also make any decision regarding the family together, or either of the two parents can make their preferred decision. Currently, also, most families run family ventures or ranches that are shared according to the will of the parents. Thus, the family was more esteemed, organized, and excellent in Renaissance compared to the current era. The youngsters were considered very unique and hopeful for the next generation, contrary to the current society. The young people were obliged to be actively involved in their family’s activities and affairs. This was both a way of learning for them and keeping them active in society. While a woman at sixteen years of age was considered ready for marriage, a man had to reach their mid-thirties so that they could be eligible to marry (Spicer, Davis, & Lowe, 2012). This is also different for a contemporary society where each of the genders can marry or get married at the age of majority, which is 18 years in most countries.

Women in the Renaissance

The status, as well as the depiction of women, is another aspect that is highly varying between the two time periods. During Renaissance, women were rarely involved in business, politics, or fundamental levels of management because these positions were reserved for males. The role of women as mothers, wives, and life partners was seen as a very low title in the common society. Therefore, women were not highly regarded in society compared to men. Regardless of the political and improvement ideas that women could give regarding society, they were still regarded as inferior beings in the market. Injustice is also evident when girls were married off at the age of 16 to a man that was very old (Summit, 2012). It was difficult for the girls and women since society did not regard them as very important persons in society. The social practices did not show a lot of hope for the future of the women because of all the restrictions they had to follow. In the current society, however, a lot of women activists have fought for the rights of women, Although society is not yet perfect regarding the negative treatment of women, there is a lot of improvement since the Renaissance period. A lot of legalities and societal beliefs and practices have been put in place to uphold the affair of women in society.

The Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance involved people who had s primary reason for life: to use human esteems to strengthen the conditions of the society. The Renaissance observed the exploration as well as time-saving on the mainland. Considering and investigators who were there throughout the day, the recovery of society took place within a short time. The social factors were highly used to prevent any kind of stagnation in the various aspects of life (Garland, 2012). The Renaissance involved investigators of Roman as well as Greek writings. Through those writings, it is clear that society was very focused on getting a specific direction that they could follow as a community to achieve better living conditions. In today’s world, however, society has a direction and it keeps on changing. Based on how it has been since the Renaissance period, society has greatly changed for the worse based on the character and its effect on the living conditions of people.


In conclusion, various social issues can be observed in the Renaissance period and compared to contemporary society. This period was faced with many changes and occurrences in society. It also marks the time during which society was highly focused on gaining a good direction. Thus the social characteristics in the Renaissance era were far much better compared to those in the current society. After analyzing the Renaissance family, women in Renaissance, and the also Italian Renaissance, the differences between the two time periods can be easily understood.


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