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Buy-Essays-Now.com has a full proofreading service that is available for all customers including professors, research students and businesses. We work hard to ensure that all English documents are brought to perfection. This is especially necessary for documents like dissertations, theses, any type of academic essay, books and papers. We can proofread and edit documents in the sciences, social sciences and humanities fields and will ensure that your work is accurate and easy to read.

We have a great price schedule set at a specific rate for every thousand words. This price is consistent regardless of how complicated the work is or what has to be corrected.

Editing services are critical as documents that are not proofread properly may not be accepted by certain parties. This is especially the case for people in the academic field. Many of these people have tried to get their documents submitted but failed because they had grammatical issues in those documents. After their documents are proofread, they are generally accepted.

We can take care of the custom proofreading and editing process by using Microsoft Word and its "track changes" function, so you'll see what we are doing to the document. You'll notice all the corrections and notes that we've added on the right-hand margin of the document.

All changes to your documents will be listed and highlighted as needed. This can work well for PDF files and other common formats that documents are saved in.

Our English editing services are provided by proofreaders who have backgrounds in many academic fields. We work hard at Buy-Essays-Now.com to ensure we get the best proofreaders in the industry. We screen each proofreader and look at each candidate's prior experience while also testing them on their skills. We hire native English speakers that have Master's degrees or higher as well as some university teaching and proofreading experience. Some of our employees even have PhDs.

We also ask our proofreaders to pass a series of entry exams. We even monitor everyone's work to ensure that our proofreaders are working as well as planned. These services assure you will get a 100% guarantee on every paper you buy. We will promptly refund your money if you are not satisfied. You can also ask us to proofread your work again without any new charges.

If you are interested in being a team member, then you can contact us to join our English proofreading staff. You can send us your CV if you feel that you can meet our needs.

All information collected here, at college essay writing service, will be private and secure. We will not reveal any personal information to any outside party. Also, we will make sure our IT systems use the best security procedures to keep your data secure. This includes the use of encryption to protect your information.

Professional Service

If you are interested in asking us for our online professional services, then you should be aware of what you'll get. You will receive the following:

  • Support with removing mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Formatting according to your chosen style
  • Formatting your reference page

Proofreading Service

Our professional proofreading service does not include the following:

  • Additional research or writing
  • Problem solving or additional measurements
  • The addition of new sources or references

Be sure to choose writing services if you need help with adding anything new to your work. Our proofreading service is aimed at polishing your works for cheap.

Our essay proofreading specialists at Buy-Essays-Now.com will find all kinds of mistakes in your work. Our proofreading service will help make sure your essay, paper or other document will be perfect so that it can be accepted immediately. Be sure to consider what our service entails before using it.