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History Questions and Answers

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Assistance and Support in Math Questions and Answers

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Physics Quiz

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Geography Questions and Answers

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Economics Questions and Answers

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Find Out More about 3 Economic Questions that Bug Everyone

All economies of modern countries face certain basic economic issues and even though countries are unique in terms of their cultures and history, their economics questions and answers are quite similar. The reason for that is limited resources, and without resources, even affluent societies cannot survive. Macro-economic decisions depend on the preferences of the community as well as on the social choices. Faced with an overwhelming demand for products and services, current economies look for new solutions to satisfy the needs of consumers. Meanwhile, thousands of people live below poverty line, unable to provide for their basic needs, including food, clean water, proper living conditions, etc. This is exactly why socialists find the capitalist economy extremely ineffective, given the damage it does to the environment and people while at the same time, making it impossible to create desirable living conditions for everyone.

So what are the three questions of economics that modern societies have to answer?

1. What Should We Produce?

One of the three economic questions deals with deciding what type of products should be made in the first place. In addition, every economy has to determine the appropriate volume of each product. The societies vary in ways they arrive at such decisions. While in some countries, the government decides, other leave the choice up to the society. In a so-called market economy, the producers depend on consumers and their interests and needs. Regardless of the decision maker, the economy is shaped by how the scarce resources are utilized and distributed.

To illustrate, let’s take an example of smartphones production. A company that produces radios notices that smartphones are in demand while the demand on radios has dramatically decreased. In search for profit, the manufacturer will take a decision to stop producing radios and start making smartphones to better satisfy the needs of the buyers. If the manufacturer decided otherwise, it is likely to become bankrupt. In other words, buyers dictate the trends on the market.

In the 21 century, every choice a person makes is associated with some costs. It is impossible to choose one alternative without affecting the other one. For example, if a company has enough resources to produce either wallets or backpacks, by choosing the former it loses the latter.

Strictly speaking, the answer to the question ‘What should we produce?’ depends on the consumers. They ‘vote’ for a particular product with their money. In order to survive, a manufacturer has to meet the expectations of its customers. However, government also has a role to play. For instance, a law demanding married women to wear long skirts generates a demand for long skirts, and businesses will surely start producing them.

2. How Should We Produce It?

The list of economics questions and answers would be incomplete if we did not discuss the methods of production. Obviously, companies always try to produce more while spending less. For instance, banks have substituted most of their counter service workers with AI machines, phone banking and the like. These solutions have not only simplified the labor process but also reduced the costs of production.

In short, the choice of production methods depends on the costs of production. If production is expensive because of costly capital and labor, companies adopt labor-intensive approaches and vice versa. Labor-intensive approach is the approach to production based on the combination of small capital and much low-cost labor, while less labor and more costs is a capital-intensive approach. Manufacturers make their decisions taking into consideration two basic factors, namely, lowest cost and advanced technology.

3. For Whom Should We Produce?

Now that we know what to produce and how to do it, which consideration must be addressed when deciding for whom to produce. One of the three main questions of economics addresses who should get the products and services. The number of products each person will receive depends on their income. In its turn, income is determined by the value of resources we have to offer.

For instance, a top football player earns much more than a high-school teacher. This means that the football player’s resources are so valuable that many people are willing to pay a high price for them. Since high-school teachers are not so rare, their services are less valuable. This leads to another important factor in economy, which is scarcity. It results from lack of resources, unlimited consumerism, or their combination. Therefore, all economics questions and answers seek to find the best way of using scarce resources most effectively.

How Market Answers These Questions

These 3 economic questions influence the society as a whole and each individual in particular.  However, market answers them in a different way – through prices. For instance, producers, who are also the owners of the resources, answer the ‘what?’ question based on the relative prices. That is why an agrarian company chooses to plant more chickpea and less soybean if the price for the latter is lower in relation to the former. Why have the prices for the two products changed? The answer is simple – buyers. If the society values chickpea more than soybeans, this means that chickpea better satisfies their needs.

Similarly, prices help answer the ‘how?’ question. Manufacturers choose the production process taking into consideration relative prices. The reason why companies have become more automated lies in reduced costs as wages for human labor have increased.

Finally, relative price offers a quick answer to for ‘whom?’ question.  The owners of the most valuable resources are paid relatively higher, which means they receive more income. Obviously, higher income enables them to buy more goods, so they receive most products. However, why do the owners of scarce resources receive higher wages? Due to a higher relative value of their resources, they bring more satisfaction to the society. In other words, an experienced brain surgeon receives higher wage than an accountant because the society places higher value on the contribution of a surgeon.

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