1. Fundamental Characteristics of a Nursing Philosophy Paper
  2. Outlining a Professional Philosophy of the Nursing Area
  3. Nursing Philosophy for Students
  4. Practicing Nurses and Their Philosophy
  5. Philosophy of a Nursing Essay

Fundamental Characteristics of a Nursing Philosophy Paper

A nursing philosophy paper is a common academic work assigned to students. Before producing it, one should find out what a nursing philosophy is and how to define it. It is necessary to state that there are a number of factors that determine one’s own perception of such a profession as a nurse. Everyone has their own inherent convictions that influence their attitude to a particular profession. In order to create a solid personal philosophy of a nursing paper, it is worth identifying the issues that matter a lot to you.

The points presented below are the elements that constitute one’s beliefs:

  • Cooperation with patients
  • Interaction with healthcare experts and patients’ family
  • Knowledge gained during the academic years

Formulating your own philosophy will help you make a strong connection with the values and beliefs which you consider vital. Moreover, if you firmly establish your principles, it will be easier for you to enter into the chosen area. Once you figure out what your nursing mission is, you will be able to broaden your outlook and knowledge and improve your skills.

Outlining a Professional Philosophy of the Nursing Area

What is a nursing concept? According to the definition, it is the way in which the concepts illustrating a methodical and theoretical perspective on the matter are arranged in. Strictly speaking, if you are a prospective nurse, you have your own opinion about the peculiarities of such type of job. The way you perceive nursing in will impact your decisions and actions.

Nursing Philosophy for Students

It is obvious that a nurse should have some traits and abilities that are essential in their work. One should realize the importance of such a profession and therefore, be sure of the decision to join it. If you crave to become a nurse, it is obvious that you have defined your aim in life. However, do you fully comprehend what attracts you most of all in nursing? Once you set your nursing career goals, you will understand why you are so passionate about a career in such a domain. If you are able to end the phrase “The reasons why I chose nursing…,” you will gain a broader understanding of what the profession of a nurse is focused on. As a result, it will be easier for you to fulfill your duties.

Thus, what nursing concepts do you consider valuable? What is your chief nurse philosophy statement? As soon as you respond to the questions given above, you will manage to develop your own philosophy.

Practicing Nurses and Their Philosophy

You may think that you live according to the principles which you have formulated. Hence, why do you need to work out any philosophies?

It is apparent that nurses have to satisfy specific requirements in order to take care of the patients in the right way. Practicing nurses have very busy working days and often face stressful situations, not talking about the amount of physical work they have to do.

Still, if you define your own standards or principles, it will be easier for you to meet the imposed demands. Certainly, all of us want to believe that we play a great role in someone’s life.

Some experts working within a particular field of study confidently start building their careers in their forties or even later. The point is that reformulating one’s objectives is rather helpful in setting and attaining new targets. This is rather a good motivating tool that will stimulate you to work in the best way.

Philosophy of a Nursing Essay: Handy Prompts to Follow!

Composing a philosophy of a nursing essay is a typical task assigned to learners studying at a specific nursing school. When drafting such a project, they have an opportunity to express their opinion on nursing. Preparing such type of an application essay is very useful. It helps applicants comprehend why they desire to become a nurse, what they will do to be a respectable employee, and how they evaluate this job. Professors give students such an assignment to teach them to go beyond the boundaries of standard thinking. Additionally, creating such an admission essay will help students prepare for their first job interview.

It is necessary to admit that some students have not defined their own philosophy yet. Still, it is not a problem. Once you answer the following questions, you will be able to easily formulate your principles.

  1. What are the peculiar features of nursing?
  2. Why do I consider nursing essential?
  3. Why is being a nurse helpful for the society?
  4. What does the notion “qualified nurse” mean?
  5. What skills should a nurse possess?
  6. What inaccuracies should nurses avoid?
  7. What moral qualities should a nurse have?

By compiling such a list of questions and answering them, you will face no problems in shaping your own philosophy.

Transforming your responses into your nursing philosophy can be achieved by taking the steps described below:

Step 1. Say whether nursing signifies something to you. Here it does not go about a dictionary definition. Try to develop the answers given to the above questions into descriptive sentences. 

Step 2. Present a few stories telling about your values and skills. State how you implement them by giving examples of the nursing philosophy.

Step 3. Explain how you tried to influence the society by means of nursing. The provided examples should refer to the disadvantaged social classes.

Step 4. End defining your philosophy by illustrating the features and abilities that matter to you the most. If it is possible, try to connect the mentioned qualities with your present perspective, or past nursing student clinical experience.


When tailoring your nursing paper, concentrate on the following three points:

  • What: Mind that your philosophy should be based on your principles.
  • Why: Identifying your philosophy of nursing is essential as it will guide you through your career.
  • How: Respond to the reflective questions to understand your mission.

Find a job in the nursing area that would suit your philosophy and give you valuable experience.

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