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Islamic terrorism is a form of terrorism that reaches different political goals in the name of religion by Muslims. Islamic terrorism has a variety terroristic studies and groups such as Islamic jihad, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and global jihad. Islamic terrorism appeared all over the world, for example in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Australia, South America and India. The dangerous military organizations are known to engage in tactics with suicide attack, bombing, kidnapping, hijacking, killings and recruiting new members through the world global web.


Hezbollah it is a military group of Shiite Arabs and political party based in Lebanon that presents a resistance movement of the whole Arab world and Shiite community. Hezbollah is structured as a parliamentary wing that is more powerful than the Lebanese Army. It was a small military organization, which grew and got seats in the Lebanese government, social programs, own radio and satellite TV station. The structure has been seen a state inland and it maintains essential support among Shiite population of Lebanon. Since the death of Abbas al-Mussawi it has been headed by Secretary-General of Nassan Nasrallah. This resistance movement was founded by Muslim clerics and financed by Iran state following the Israeli incursion of Lebanon and created to offer resistance to the Israeli intervention. Manifest of Hezbollah has its objectives such as expulsion of the Americans, the French with their allies and elimination of any colonialist exploitation on Lebanon land. The Political party gets military support, weapon and financials from Iran and political support from Syria. After the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon its military force grew powerfully. Hezbollah was involved in Israel-Hezbollah War in 2006. (Kattan, n.d.) Then the national Unity Government was created in 2008 with cabinet seats and veto power. The new Cabinet of Lebanon with one accord approved a draft policy statement that provide a security of Hezbollah as an armed power and guaranteed its right to set occupied lands free and recover them. During the Syrian Civil War Hezbollah has helped the Syrian state to fight against the Syrian opposition, the Lebanese party called as a Zionist regime, to annihilate its alliance with a Syria’s leader against Israel.

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Hezbollah is a terror organization that tends to destroy Israel. The Clinton administration called Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in 1995. (Why Is the Obama Administration Courting Hezbollah?). Hezbollah continues to make a profit from a complicated drug-trafficking operation with drug trade in Latin America, but its doings were traced across some continents. The group combines its drug profits also from legal used-car trade in West Africa. Hezbollah used the loosely regulated tri-border area to take part in a wide-scale illegal activities and to solicit donations within the Muslim Communities. The Department of State exressed a big concern about illegal activity. The governments of South America including Argentinean, Brazilian and Paraguayan, have been concerned for a long time about terrorism, drugs trafficking, document fraud, money laundering, human traffic, a manufacture and movement of illicit goods over the tri-border area. The US intelligence shows that Mexico is a home for to 200,000 Syrian and Lebanon persons and most of immigrants are illegal ones that were able to cross the border through a large web of contacts with narco-cartels in the states of the south America (Beck.E, 2012) Cartel smuggled illegal terrorists from Iran, Hezbollah and other fans of jihad in Mexico. Western intelligence agencies has done their best to gather solid evidence sustaining that cartels are in a deal with terror organizations, which are eager to attack the USA and Israel. Most of all, these structures are willing to make a money for their nefarious aspirations.


Hamas is the Palestinian Sunni Islamic group, which was founded by Mahmud Zahar in 1987. Hamas ruled the Gaza Strip after victory of majority parliamentary seats in the Palestinian Parliament. The countries such as the United States, Canada, the European countries, Egypt and Jordan called Hamas as a terroristic group. Hamas was founded as offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Its main purpose is to liberate Palestinians from Israeli invasion and recover the Palestinian State on the territory of modern Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Hamas got a large majority of seats on the Palestinian elections in 2006. (Masters J. 2012). This group has also an aim to create civic religious infrastructure in the next spheres: aid to bereaved and poor, education, health and society and religion. This structure makes it possible to provide ability to recruit gunmen and suicide attackers. Hamas uses a vast and complex network of underground tunnels to outflank the Israeli economic blockade. It smuggles everything from food to medicine to finance and innovative Iranian rockets. According to National Geographic, the taxes on Gaza tunnel traffic provide Palestinians with $750 million a year. (Gaza Tunnels, 2012).After taking over the Gaza Strip it has been incurred into corruption and suppression of the Muslim leaders. The Palestinian News Agency informed that Hamas rulers are engaged in the drug trafficking and turned 680 its leaders into Millionaires. Enrichment came from managing the smuggling of goods across the tunnels of Egypt with alcohol and narcotics, emphasizing that Hamas heads as “Gaza drug Gods” (Zahran.M, 2013).

Hamas implemented its first attack against Israel in 1989 by killing two soldiers. Shortly afterwards, the Israel Defense Forces arrested the killer and sentenced him to life in prison. Moreover, about four hundreds of Hamas activists were deported to South Lebanon, which was captured by Israel. From the first time in 1990’s when the Israel exiled the leadership of Hamas to Lebanon the Sunni Hamas and Shiite Hezbollah established a Union that has formed Middle’ East balance of power for decades. Having lived through the common war against Israel and sponsored by common forces from Syria and Iran, two groups were close allies despite their religious differences for a long time. Hamas is assumed to have killed more than 400 Israeli citizens and 25 citizens of the USA since 1993 using many tactics of suicide attacks, self-made rockets, mortar attacks. In accordance with the Israel Defense Forces it used 8000 rockets to Israel. (Masters J., 2012).


Jihad is an Islamic term that denotes a struggle in Arabic world, a religious duty of each Muslim. In the sense of classical Islam, particularly in certain beliefs, jihad targets on those who do not believe in God – Allah. Jihad denotes the struggle in the way of Allah. Jihad is a main duty of every Muslim. An individual involved in Jihad is considered mujahedeen. Two popular acceptable meanings of jihad exist: an internal spiritual struggle and external spiritual struggle. The extreme form of Jihad has a goal to fight against the enemies of Islam. The preachers of such critical form of Islam assume jihad as a holy war. The origins of jihad appeared in the word and action of Muhammad and the Quran. This facilitates using Jihad in opposition to non-Muslims. Jihad has a global character and is thought to be terroristic organization worldwide.


Concerns about Islamic terrorism are the most extensive in the West. It is important to note that in Islamic nations these worries exist too. Most of them think that Islamic extremism is a threat to their lives as well as welfare of the country. Terrorism imposes a negative economic effects on society, also brings a fear and misery to people. Such groups as Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad have a religious character, but the human beings are required to be free and to tolerate each other without assaults, suicide attacks, drug trafficking and other violent acts. The human race has to put an end to terrorist organizations in order to live in the peace.

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