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People often hear of bullying taking place in educational institutions or even at the work places. Bullying is an act of using verbal or physical force against somebody in order to dominate or humiliate this person. Bullying is a negative process that affects a person badly making him or her feel unhappy. Besides, it influences people’s behavior. Bullying is the most popular among teenagers at schools. Teenagers bully one another in order to self-assert themselves or hide their inner fears or complexes. Bullying at schools leads to many negative consequences, and sometimes, young people even commit suicides because of bullying they have experienced. That is why analyzing bullying and finding ways to stop it is very important; that was the main reason for the topic choice.


Bullying is widespread not only among teenagers, but also among adults. The problem is so common for schools because young people are growing and experiencing various changes in their bodies and minds. They are changing rapidly, and these changes lead to new behavior. Unfortunately, such behavior shifts in personalities may be rather negative. That is why some students decide to take advantage of others and use them the way they want. Students bully others in order to get a kind of psychological satisfaction. Bullying consists of two parties. There may be a bully who dominates the person being bullied. Bullies are usually aggressively set toward their victims and do not consider their actions to be immoral. They do not think of their victims as of other human beings, but rather speechless creatures who cannot defend themselves. Bullying at schools is also connected to the phenomenon of popularity, because children tend to create hierarchy where they determine students on top and those who fail to meet the required criteria. Adults tend to pay less attention to such things, and that is why bullying is less common among them. Nevertheless, it is still a reality at many workplaces, because some employees tend to bully and make fun of their colleagues out of lack of politeness, initial bad personality or inability to grow up.

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Bullying is a huge problem, especially at the middle and high school. According to the recent statistics, one third of students from the sixth to eighth grade have been bullied (Harshman, 2013). The statistics represent threatening tendency showing that bullying is becoming a nationwide problem.

Bullying affects people in various ways. First of all, bullies change because of the things they do. They become more aggressive and think of others as inferior beings. They also tend to have a deformed sense of justice, thinking that they can succeed in anything. Victims also change greatly. Some people are able to deal with the effects of bullying, which means they do not pay attention to bullies and develop their own personalities despite bullies’ actions. Nevertheless, there are many people who are unable to deal with bullies and whose lives turn into disasters because of bullying.

One of the consequences of bullying is depression. Many students experience this state because their fellow students bully them. They begin feeling inferior because they think that the whole world is making fun of them. What is more, some think that they are worse than others. Ironically, bullying often makes victims think of their offenders as of people who have a strong will instead of people who lack culture and intelligence. Actually, this is the reason why victims may turn into bullies sometimes choosing people who may become their victims. Such a situation is very bad because it only encourages bullying instead of labeling it as something inappropriate and immoral.

As it was mentioned before, bullying can cause depression. Students may feel upset. They may lose motivation to do anything with their lives. Their academic performance may worsen because of inability to concentrate on education. They may also think that there is no point in studying since they are not happy with their school life. To many students, middle or high school seems like an end of the world. They think it is the most important part of their lives, which will determine their future. That is why it is so difficult for students to deal with the problems they are facing at school, and especially with bullying. Students may even skip classes in order to avoid bullies. In such way, they try to protect themselves from those who are turning their school life into a nightmare. The victims of bullying may have real nightmares, too, which may be connected to school life and people they are afraid of.

The problem of bullying has also physical consequences. Bullying may cause headache, loss of appetite, feeling of exhaustion, etc. Students may feel bad all the time.

The effects of bullying may last for long. They stay with people throughout many years, even after they graduate. Adults often have low self-esteem because of traumatic experience of bullying at school (Mikulak, 2013). They are also less confident and have a hard time communicating with new people. Some tend to worry a lot whenever making acquaintances because they may feel uncertain about their image in front of others.

The problem of today’s bullying is that it can go beyond classrooms. Thanks to the Internet, children all over the country have access to Facebook and other social media pages. Unfortunately, these websites are perfect for cyber bullying which is bullying via Internet. A person may not even know who the bully is (Sifferlin, 2013). It is difficult to stop such bullying because it may come from various sources.

There were cases when bullying led to suicides. Some young people who were bullied by their fellows found no better solution that to end their lives. It shows how traumatic and dangerous bullying can be. Bullying can cause people to end their lives, and that is why it is essential to put a stop to this menace.

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There are various ways to deal with bullying. First of all, it is the attitude toward bullying and bullies, which is common in society. Bullies are usually regarded as immoral and unethical, and bullying is generally viewed as something very bad. Nevertheless, as long as there is popularity cult at the middle and high schools, it would be very difficult to stop bullying. In order to end bullying, it is essential to emphasize on the fact that every student is a great personality and does not need to prove anything to anybody.

Another way to end bullying is by talking to the bullies. They have to understand that they should be responsible for every action they do and that bullying others will not help them to succeed in life. It would be wise to make students communicate with one another more. For example, a bully and his/her victim may work on a project together under the supervision of the teacher. This way, students may communicate more and learn each other from the best sides. Such communication may end the initial conflict.

Communication is one of the key ways to stop bullying. Children as well as adults should have a clear definition of bullying. They have to know what it is and how to deal with it. There should also be positive rules and guidelines concerned with bullying. Parents have to be involved in dealing with bullying because their reaction and support are extremely important for children. Parents of bullies have to explain their children why bullying somebody does not make them better people.

It is also essential to determine what has caused the problem of bullying. Identifying the reason for bullying is one of the ways to reduce it. Teachers at schools should know where bullying usually takes place. This way, they will be able to monitor these places in order to prevent bullying from happening.

There is also an original approach toward ending bullying, which is directed toward victims. They are encouraged to deal with bullying by speaking about it as well as being able to defend themselves. Professionals are communicating with children who have experienced bullying in order to make them realize that they are not worse than others only because somebody says so. On the other hand, the fact that people bully others makes them less mature and intelligent. That is why it is important to communicate with victims showing them that their bullies are wrong (Villarica, 2011).

The most effective way of reducing bullying is to show people its negative effects and make them realize that they should not make fun of anybody because they never know what waits for them in the future. Adults look differently on bullying because they have many things to worry about. Students, on the other hand, are much more vulnerable to bullying because they spend much time at school. That is why reducing bullying should be a top priority in every school.


Bullying is a negative process when one person wants to dominate or hurt others by using rude or aggressive words, or by threatening a person with physical abuse. As a rule, bullying affects people in a negative way. Bullies themselves are the biggest victims of this process because their personalities change dramatically. In other words, bullies become the worst versions of themselves. Hence, it is essential to end bullying and make people realize all the negativity of this process. Schools free of bullying will be much more effective and it will be much easier for students to study and communicate in such institutions. This is why people have to pay a lot of attention to ending bullying and making this act a remainder of the past, which has no future.

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