Ways of Solution of the Climate Challenge

The modern era is determined by rapid technological innovations, development of technologies, and other changes that have altered the human life. However, these achievements are associated with the climate challenges that the world community faces in the recent decades. The sea levels are rising, while the glaciers are melting in the North Pole, and the average temperature is also rising. The human activity has caused harm to the natural environment, which has led to the serious problems such as pollution, deforestation, and global warming. People try to satisfy their demands for food, the new technology, and many other commodities, which enhance their efforts in producing more goods and services. The technological progress leads to the damage of the environment, including the climate change. This paper aims to explore solutions of the climate challenge and encourages the reader about the urgent necessity to think about the human intervention to nature that has led to the climate change.

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In order to survive on the planet and stop the climate change, the humanity has to deal with the problem of the present and past emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In the present days, carbon dioxide exists in big proportions in the atmosphere, oceans, soil, and the biosphere. Even if the humanity stops their devastating activities right now, long time is needed to revitalize the nature. However, scientists are searching for real solutions to stop the climate change and save the planet for the future generations. Spencer (57) argues that poor societies are more vulnerable to the climate change than developed ones who are more prepared for the climate change. Therefore, it is obvious that in order to find effective solutions to the climate challenges, the world community has to combat poverty on the earth.

But the recent history has shown that even the rich countries such as the United States of America and Australia experience many difficulties related to the climate change. For example, the hurricane Katrina and New Orleans disaster represent evidence of the climate hazards in the developed countries. The government offered different measures to protect people, cities, and the property, but these recommendations were neglected because of their high costs.

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Many studies suggest that the population growth affects climate because the growing population needs more food, water, and services, which leads to the higher rates of their production (Spencer 105). Thus, to solve the problem of the climate change in the nearest future, the humanity should control the birth rate to prevent the overpopulation of the planet. Some countries such as China that has a tremendous population growth have issued laws that prohibit having more than one child in a family. However, this law is ignored by many people and the population of China continues to grow annually. All leading countries are involved in negotiations trying to find better solutions to the climate challenges by setting up an effective climate regime and implementing sustainable development. In order to resolve the problem of the climate change, the world community should realize that only common efforts of all states can give positive results.

Climate strategies and sustainable development should be perceived by all states in coherence because it is a precondition for making any decision related to the existing climate challenges. The effects of measures depend on the awareness of the states and their responsibility in terms of managing situations that lead to the climate change challenges. One of the main obstacles to protecting the earth from the climate change is unawareness of many poor countries of the danger of their devastating activities. For example, deforestation in Brazil and East Asia has already damaged the climate, but the natives seem ignorant about this and need detailed explanation and education concerning this matter.

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The research asserts that the Cyoto Protocol provides strong credentials in terms of the economic development to the world community in a sustainable manner (Lomborg 123). Certain policies and measures that would prevent the earth from the climate change include the development of new forms of energy, carbon dioxide sequestration technologies, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, research, promotion, and advanced technologies that help protect the environment. In order to achieve sustainable development, the Cyoto Protocol encourages rich countries to help poor underdeveloped countries to implement measures necessary for pursuing its goals.

The cooperation with developing countries should be focused on the development and implementation of the national programs that are directed to finding a solution to greenhouse gas emission, and assist them in promoting sustainable development. According to the research, every state has certain responsibilities in maintaining the stability of the climate change (Dauncey 78).

These responsibilities are common but at the same time differ in terms of the development of a state, its geographical position, and past and current emission tendency. The present situation requires developing and implementing an effective climate change strategy taking into consideration the differentiation between the various players. It is evident that the economic and social development plays an important role in terms of finding a solution to the climate challenges.

In conclusion, the research has shown that the climate challenges really threaten the well-being of the planet and the world community. Urgent effective measures should be taken in order to prevent further changes and stop the existing ones. The world community is responsible for every action that leads to the climate change. Therefore, all countries should interact in close relationship with each other and support the poorest ones that need financial investments to provide sustainable development. The humanity should realize that their devastating activities can be rather challenging for the earth; therefore, there should be found more effective solutions to solve the climate change problem.

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