Research Essay on Safety and Health on the Workplace

In contemporary organizations, individuals sometimes encounter problems such as accidents or diseases in the workplace. Accidents and disease outbreaks occur at workplaces that are not safe or healthy. An organization may incur significant costs on healthcare because of the need to meet its employees’ medical expenses.

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It is responsibility of employers and employees to maintain the safe and healthy workplace to avoid fire accidents, radiation exposure, and disease outbreaks, which may raise the healthcare costs (Aven and Zio 1164). Many organizations, including hospitals, learning institutions, manufacturing plants, government laboratories, and medical institutions require risk management professionals and health physicists to help to identify, evaluate, prevent, and control various risks. Organizations are likely to experience huge financial losses if they watch unfortunate events occur helplessly. Employees may not perform various tasks comfortably if the working environment appears unsafe. This discussion will consider risk management and health physics as the two positions included in a modern safety and health team.

Risk management refers to a career of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks after which individuals or organizations use the resources available in a coordinated and economical manner to control, minimize, and monitor occurrence of the unfortunate events (Aven and Zio 1165). The objective of risk management is to ensure that unfortunate events do not negatively affect achievement of the organization’s goals. The sources of risks include fire accidents, disease outbreaks, and exposure to poisonous gasses and chemicals. Therefore, organizations should require individuals who will help with identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling, and avoiding, eliminating, or minimizing risks of unfortunate events.

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Risk management has been extremely helpful in prevention hazards which an organization is likely to encounter. For instance, a hydrochloric manufacturing plant will require risk management personnel who will ensure that the employees are not exposed to chlorine gas, which can cause damages to their respiratory system. Risk management personnel will identify the likelihood of the employees’ exposure to poisonous gasses and take a timely action that will prevent the occurrence (Aven and Zio 1167).

Health physics refers to the occupation that involves process of recognizing, evaluating, and controlling health hazards, thereby permitting safe use of ionizing radiation. Many organizations, including medical institutions, manufacturing plants, government laboratories, nuclear power plants, regulatory agencies, and research and academic institutions require health physicists to help recognize, evaluate, and control health hazards (Aven and Zio 1168). The organizations contain facilities that emit ionization radiation during production or utilization of the radiation.

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For instance, in hospitals, health physicists are helpful in ensuring that X-ray machines are not faulty and that health professionals use and store radiation therapy sources safely. At universities and other learning institutions, health physicists play a significant role in ensuring that scientists adhere to the regulations and handle radioactive materials safely. Health physicists work hard to prevent or minimize researchers and staff members’ exposure to radiation (Aven and Zio 1169). Therefore, organizations that produce or utilize ionizing radiation increase probability of success by employing qualified and experienced health physicists.

In conclusion, employers should ensure that their employees work in a safe and healthy working environment. Unsafe and unhealthy workplaces are costly to organizations because unfortunate events will require employers to spend time and financial resources on minimizing the damage. Employers require risk management professionals to identify, analyze, assess, control, and avoid, eliminate, or minimize the risk of such events. In other organizations, including hospitals and universities, health physicists are helpful in recognizing, evaluating, and controlling health hazards, such as radiation exposure. Health physicists will minimize or prevent researchers, patients, and the staff from radiation exposure. Exposure to ionizing radiation will cause health problems among the victims (Aven and Zio 1169). Therefore, presence of risk management personnel and health physicists in an organization is invaluable.

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