Mass media will always provide coverage of interesting issues regardless of the sector and the field: .performance of important companies and organizations, social progress and the impact of specific ideas and events on a country or the whole world. Media monitoring is the process of analyzing the content that media cover about certain people or agencies. In businesses this is a common practice as companies try to do their best to ensure that their media image is favorable. Using a specific organization in the UAE, this paper intends to monitor the media, specifically the traditional ones, in the region and further make an analysis of the findings from the process.

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Media Monitoring

The Abu Dhabi Educational Council is an organization in the United Arab Emirates, founded on September 10th in the year 2005. The council was established under the Law No. 24 which was passed by the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifabin Zayed Al Nahyan. The Abu Dhabi Educational Council is headed by a chairman, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The goal of the council is to ensure that education in the United Arab Emirates is the high priority among all the people in the region. They intend to improve education and make it recognized as a world class education system which provides support to all learners as they try to reach their full potential and enable them to compete in the world market. The council also has a mission to prepare competitive learners with strong sense of culture instilled in them.

The ADEC has the responsibility all over the Middle East, to provide primary management for the public schools in the region in Emirati. Additionally, the council also has relations with private schools in the region as it issues licenses, monitors and also conducts thorough inspections in such educational establishments in the region. In the year 2009, the ADEC started implementing its new school model, a project aimed at increasing the quality of teaching in the schools, the curriculum activities involved and also the administration in different learning institutions.

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Traditional media include TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. In the United Arab Emirates, traditional media cover many organizations to report to the public about their progress and performance including any trendy and important issues. The ADEC is responsible for the performance as well as the well-being of learners while in school, making it among the most socially-focused organization in the United Arab Emirates. Most of the media in the Middle East have covered several issues involving the Abu Dhabi Educational Council, which generated strong public interest; some of them are presented in this paper.

Among them is a report by the Dubai Press Club on October 3, 2016 10:10 AM, about the addition of new schools in the region. According to the Abu Dhabi Educational Council, four schools based on the British system, three with American curriculum and one with Indian will be added in the region. The number of the learners is also expected to increase significantly from 10, 000 to about 17,326 students from all over the region.

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The Mena News Headlines reported on September 21, 2016, that a new licensing program had been introduced in Abu Dhabi for the teachers and tutors in the region. The first stage of the program will offer orientation based on the professional sessions to teachers selected from different regions.. The ADEC has partnered with the Emirates College for Advanced Education to provide a basic introduction and create environment for professional development of the teachers and also conduct tests to them.

The Goshen News, on Oct 8, 2016 aired that a new shop had been o opened by the ADEC in

Emirates with a variety of items created by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It was done just in time for the holidays, to so that people, including learners, could access the store.

The Filipino Times reported on October 2, 2016, that the ADEC advices the schools in the UAE to immediate report any case of child abuse in schools in order to avoid them in the future.

The Filipino Times also wrote on the same day that the ADEC had implemented new regulations which followed the UAE Federal Law No. 3 06 2016 on Child Rights in the region. The regulations came into force in April this year and have the aim of preventing child abuse and neglect in schools and even at home.

According to Khallej Times (26TH of September), moral education is to be made compulsory in all the schools in Abu Dhabi. It further adds that the ADEC is ready to introduce this policy by the next year and that textbooks are being prepared as well as the teachers.

On October 18, 2016, the Gulf News reported to the public that the ADEC had announced child protection policy for schools across the region to ensure their safety and well being. The organization also urged parents and guardians to play their role of mentors and answer inquiries from their children in order to help increase their academic performance.

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Data Table









The Mena News Headlines covered the most issues concerning the Abu Dhabi Educational Council.

The main topics discussed in the media are the progress achieved by the council and mostly the related changes.

Concluding Analysis

On the basis of the traditional media monitoring provided in the paper, it has been found that these media cover positive aspects of the organization`s activity: the changes introduced by ADEC and the progress it has achieved. However, there is still room for improvement and the council can organize even more social events, such as sports competitions and public promotions, aimed to bring learners and teachers together to socialize.

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