Event management refers to the creation, development, planning, and coordination of events, festivals, and conferences. Project managers, in this case, need to fully understand the finer details of the event concept by identifying the brand, audience, and the technical aspects of the events prior to the launching (Getz, 2012). Equally, event management involves post-event analysis in order to determine whether the objectives of the planned events were achieved and whether the activities ran according to the blue print (Lientz & Kathryn, 2003). This research paper focuses on the management of the various events in the New South Wales (NSW) region planned to take place within a period of one month, from September 20 to October 20, 2013.

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Part A: Event Scoping

The scope of events in the New South Wales region will involve a collection of cultural, sporting, and touring musical events, as well as other theatre productions taking place around New South Wales. This diversity of events is aimed at generating full entertainment and suiting different audiences tastes and budgets. These events are planned to take place across New South Wales, staged in various regions, cities, and towns with the majority of the upcoming events planned to be hosted in Sydney and the Hunter Valley.

The supply of events in this area will include exhibitions and shows, festivals and celebrations, as well as different performances. Some of the exhibition shows that to be staged include the Art and About Sydney, which plans amazing celebration of paintings and colors, featuring a house that rains on the inside, 3D projections in Hyde Park, the ghosts of bohemian Sydney, an urban jungle cube, and a climax staged on George Street (, 2013b). These arts of all forms from the different artists, both Australian and international, as well as curators, cultural institutions, and rdinary people of Sydney will be displayed in the citys streets, laneways, parks, and squares, and are meant for all residents of the NSW area (, 2013b).

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There will also be the performances dubbed the Small and Tired, featuring Orestes, who has been away for a long time coming back to bury his father. For this period, the mother is hardened by these occurrences including the strange disease of her daughter. After burying the father, Orestes is likely to disappear again. This performance by Kit Brookman points out the instability of the modern love and the decay in family responsibilities and humanity (, 2013a). This performance is planned to take place from September 26 to October 20, 2013 on Tuesdays at 8:15pm, Wednesday Friday at 2:15pm and 8:15pm, and on Saturdays and Sunday at 5:15pm.

The events will also include Festival of Mosman, which involves a wide collection of cultural and community events, such as open air concerts, wine and food for the Sydney people, cultural art exhibitions, recreation sports and activities, as well as exploration of historical sites. All planned to take place between September 28 and October 20, 2013. The activities are meant to show case the culture of the Sydney people through their entertainment, indigenous food, and markets. This collection of events will run concurrently with In Situ, Mosman Festival of Sculpture and the art and about celebrations (, 2013b).

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The geographic destinations of these events will be various venues within Sydney and the Hunter Valley of New South Wales region. The two destinations are chosen for easy planning and coordination of the numerous events planned to take place strictly between September 20 and October 20, 2013.

As mentioned earlier, the wide range of NSW events is aimed at offering maximum entertainment to the audiences and showcasing the NSW culture, with every day having running activity. The events include various activities, such as exhibitions and shows like the Art and About Sydney, festivals, and celebrations like the Festival of Mosman. It involves a wide collection of cultural and community events, such as open air concerts, wine and food for the Sydney people, cultural art exhibitions, recreation sports and activities, as well as exploration and different performances like the Small and Tired (Kingston, 2006). The time frame for these events will be between September 20 and October 20, 2013.

Part B: Event Typology

The classification of the events are (1) art and about activities, (2) cultural and community touring events, (3) sports events, and (4) theatre and music events.

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Art and About Sydney; this features art work scenes of an astounding celebrations, such as that representing the ghosts of bohemian Sydney, the house that rains on the inside, the urban jungle, and 3D projections in Hyde Park. There is also the In Situ: Mosman Festival of Sculpture that involves artworks displayed in more than fifty locations along Military Road from Mosman to Spit Junctions (, 2013b).

Cultural events; the cultural events feature in the Festival of Mosman collections that showcases a wide range of community events comprising open air concerts, wine and food fests, such as the Herald Crave Sydney International Food Festival, presented by Citibank, art exhibitions, and the exploration the historical sites (, 2013a).

Sporting events; these include the 2013 Telstra premiership that will culminate on September 30, at a grand finale that will be held at the ANZ Stadium. There are also fishing tournament, the kayak paddlers events for exploration, soccer, and the enduro race mountain biking. A sport to be staged in the same period will be the EB Games Expo 2013, which is the Australias largest video game event. This will be held in a period of three days and to be set over 25,000 square meters.

Theatre and music events; these are theatre and music performances such as the Small and Tired events stages in different theatres within the Sydney area, including performance by Sharukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, as well as the Jazz Festival (Souris, 2013).

Part C: Creating the Event Concept

A new event concept that will fill an identified gap is transforming the musical festival into talent shows for music contest featuring new talents to compete for the ultimate awards. This will be called Sydney Project Fame. The event will take place within a four week period, where contestants are taken through training with the music academy staff after auditions. The judges are allowed to make decisions to eliminate contestants during live performance up to a level of last three, then the audience is allowed to vote for the preferred contestant during a grand finale that will be on October 20, 2013. This is the new trend in the world of festivals involving live talent shows that will create a lot of interest for funs in NSW (Robertson, 2008). The goal of this event is to listen to natural music and to give a chance to any talented person irrespective of their cultural, racial, and economic background to develop their talents.

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The stakeholders in this event are all community people, who attend the Sydney events during the period, all the contestants, all sponsors of the concept, and all the Australians, who may follow the events while at home through the national televisions. Most events organized in NSW are communal to display the culture of the people through music, food events, and call for the participation of all. The event will be aired live at the Sydney Opera House within Sydney CBD owing to its big size that can accommodate a large number of visitors and a clear stage that is easily viewed from all corners. Sydney also has enough hotels to accommodate all the people in the city (Souris, 2013). Equally, the event will be aired between 20:00 and 21:00, when more people all over the country view television programs.

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