Public Relation at Non-profit Organization

Public Relation is the system of actions aimed at creation of harmonious and effective communication that will help to achieve the desired result. PR-specialists establish and maintain relationships necessary for organizational governance and facilitate entry of resources, without which the organization would not be able to perform its humanitarian mission. Non-profit organizations use PR to raise money for organizations and their projects. They provide services and find sponsoring of the organizations events, lead management and control of events, conduct and control PR, guaranteeing the projects success and the satisfaction of the sponsors interest as the final target of his donations (Freitag & Stokes, 2009). The second option is to raise funds, which assumes a purposeful systematic search of sponsorship funds for the implementation of social projects, programs, actions and support of socially significant events.

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Growing importance of PR is caused by a process of formation of the business environment, which is becoming more dependent on society, its opinions and behaviour in relation to the organization. The general tendency of involving active public relations in non-profit organisations started in 1990s, when the global society realized the need for effective development and promotion of non-profit organizations. Public relations went through several stages of its development during its history of existence. It evolved from the first manipulation and propaganda actions that were done with the help of mass media. Later it became the source of informing of society. Thereafter, it transformed into double sided asymmetric communication when the organisation but not the society got all the benefits. Finally, it took the current form of double sided symmetric communication when both the organisation and the society receive equal benefits.

The success of non-profit organizations is increasingly dependent on a positive attitude towards its associates goodwill or benevolence and acquires the status of an implicit asset (Sriramesh & Vercic, 2009). Some organizations measure it in terms of value and reflect in the annual reports. Thus, well-organized, systematic PR- activity is a strategic resource for the non-profit organization.

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The main objective of public relations in the non-profit organization is to increase the popularity of the organization's mission (Ibrahim & Sherif, 2008). They have to develop communication channels with those who serve the organization. PR specialists work for creating and maintaining a favourable climate for attracting investment. They facilitate the creation and maintenance of social and political climate that favours the realization of the organizations mission. PR should also inform and encourage the main driving force of the organization including employees, volunteers and board of trustees for continuous and productive activities to support the organization's mission, its global goals and targets (Ledingham & Bruning, 2000).

The main tasks of public relations in a non-profit organization is to promote the services of the organization, winning the confidence of the public, the achievement of public awareness about the goals and activities of the organization, development and distribution of educational materials, which is particularly important for health-related organizations (Freitag & Stokes, 2009). They create and conduct design of signs or symbols that help them be in the publics eyes constantly. They involve and train people who would like to dedicate their lives to charity and promote the organizations mission to be devoted volunteers.

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Particular attention in the development of PR-campaigns is directed on identifying target groups. Since the efficiency of the impact depends strongly on the characteristics of the audience, news reports have a specific effect depending on the destination. Target audience of PR-campaign includes people who want to pass the information on treatment possibilities more precisely to avoid spraying of information as it entails useless costs and reduces the efficiency (Smith, 2013). Target group is usually formed of two types of groups: immediate potential audience and group of persons who have an impact on interest and potential solutions of the immediate audience. The last group involves those who advise or recommend, for example, scientists, experts, independent examination bodies, as well as organizations or people whom the immediate audience can trust wants to emulate (Smith, 2013).

Target audience can be determined by using socio-demographic, geographic, economic, cultural, stylistic and psychographic criteria (Smith, 2013). Positioning strategy is the core concept of effective PR-campaign at non-profit organisation. Positioning strategy is based on the use of various brand attributes, competitive advantages, and specific characteristics of a particular proposal, types of audiences and target groups. There are several approaches of positioning strategy that include cultural symbol approach, competitive advantage, relation value interest, approach of uniqueness of the offers and use of the specific nature of audience interest (Smith, 2013).

Dubai Cares is a non-profit organization, which is famous in UAE and the world as an organization that helps children to obtain primary education and promotes education all over the country and the world. It involves numerous volunteers that devote their lives and everyday activities to developing and education of children, who do not have an opportunity to study without somebodys help (Dubai cares, n.d.).

Saving Moses is a global organization that helps little babies that are 5 years old and younger to get at least the most necessary things to survive including food, a place to sleep, clothes and medication if needed. The organisation uses public relations actively promoting the idea of helping little children and involving people, who can help and care about the problem; thus, make their contribution and help the children to survive.

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