Media Conference Plan

Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing intends to hold a media conference on December 8. This conference will be held at their premise that is located on Digital Building, and the event is scheduled to commence at 10am. The press conference has several people that are lined up to deliver speeches on the material day.

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Among the people in line there is Peter Griffin, who is accredited for founding the Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing, the Governor and the Chairman of International Bank. Notably, the public and media houses, especially those that have more than one TV or Radio stations, that only one station will be allowed to enter the premise. This is a move taken to deal away with congestion in the venue. Additionally, this move is aimed at promoting consistency in reporting by the media houses (Avraham & Ketter 2012).

Several top-notch radio and TV stations have been welcomed to attend the media briefing, and these include Africa TV, Top Notch TV, Peoples Daily, Classic News Daily, and the Newz FM. It is essential that all media houses and the public know that the event will be streamed live on the Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housings website, which can be accessed through the web. This is also a measure to ensure that all people and media houses have access to the conference proceedings (Leinemann & Baikaltseva 2006). The reason behind short listing of the above media houses abounds from the fact that they have a large audience, plus they are renowned for their role in promotion of love and peaceful coexistence (Lennie & Tacchi 2013).

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Media houses that will not have the privilege to be inside the conference room can stream the proceedings live from the Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housings website. DVDs of the proceedings will also be provided to the media houses a day after the event.

The day is particularly dedicated for providing the public with the information regarding the performance of UCWS&H; the project is currently being developed and is lobbying for support from other potential investors.

According to Ridgway (1996), monitoring and evaluating of the media houses is an essential factor in such a venture. Thus, UCWS&H will employ media log as an evaluation tool (Weynton 2003). Media log is an essential evaluation tool, as it will facilitate knowledge of the way the media houses continue reporting on the media conference proceedings (Theaker & Yaxley 2012).

The staff of the Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing will be employed in the monitoring process. The staff will monitor the proceedings through checking of the different channels, and both radio and TV stations, while the proceedings are underway. Notably, this will be done on the day that the event is done and after the event in order to see the way media houses are focused on airing the event (Media Market Limited 2006).

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Media Alert

Headline: Press Conference.

What: The public release will focus on the projects success, lobbying for investors and the history of the organization.

Who: Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing are behind the media briefing.

Who Should Attend? All invited parties are expected to attend.

When: The event is scheduled for December 8.

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Where: The event will be held at the Digital Building

Media Contact: Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing can be contacted through their email address, which is ucwsupporthousing@yahoo, or through this phone number +231 723 762 213.

All guests in attendance will be provided with a media release. This will be provided at the entry of the venue. The media release will avail the information regarding the history of the Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing. Additionally, the media release will facilitate guests to know the program and the speakers they should expect to perform at the conference (Zappala & Carden 2009).

The speakers expected to grace the media conference are listed below.

Peter Griffin is the founder and chairman of Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing and is one of the speakers to grace the event. He is expected to speak about the background of the organization from its establishment until the present. He is also expected to provide information regarding the current projects that the organization is dealing with and the estimated period of time the projects will take to be completed (Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing 2013).

The governor is also expected to speak at the event, and he will touch on the contribution that Uniting Care Werribee Support and Housing has facilitated in the county. Additionally, the governor is expected to outline the ways the county government will support UCWS&H.

Fred Joseph, who is the manager of International Bank, is also expected to deliver the speech at the function. Fred will touch on the ways the International Bank has supported UCWS&H in its efforts to promote good living standards and taking care of youths from the streets.

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The event will be held in a conference hall that belongs to UCWS&H. The conference hall is fitted with speakers on all sides to facilitate all people in attendance to get the message passed across.

Guests will seat in front of the hall, while other people and media houses in attendance will face the guests (The Media Business Network 2013). Notably, people are advised to be seated before the guest speakers arrive, since the doors will be closed and no more people will be allowed to enter the venue (Weynton 2003).

Does UCWS&H still abide by its vision? Yes

How has UCWS&H depicted its commitment to its vision in the recent past? UCWS&H has done this through volunteering programs that have promoted youth participation.

Why did UCWS&H opt to locate their offices in an urban setting? This was done in order to promote accessibility and more visits by the people that need services from the organization.

What is the purpose of UCWS&H? Event is focused with nurturing of talents and promotion of innovativeness.

How does UCWS&H intend to achieve its goals? International Bank is one of the key sponsors among other financial and humanitarian institutions.

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