It is impossible to teach critical thinking about new media by using new media

The skills within critical thinking regarding modern media channels can be considered essential in spheres of technology and consumption. Evidently, critical thinking on media channels can be taught when actually using those. Actually, media channels provide some skills which are helpful for students to perceive information in a proper way. Thus, few indications prove the sufficiency of using media when studying the concept of critical thinking. Furthermore, the discussion forum and logic software resulted in a better critical thinking and showed its efficacy because more learning materials are now available for students.

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From the other point of view, it is difficult for new media to develop critical thinking. Therefore, critical thinking is based primarily on the sub skills and relevant activities. Being critical about something and have some tools available does not guarantee critical thinking. New media provides many different opinions. However, students messages showed that it is hard for them to acquire critical thinking. Students were disappointed with the synchronic way of communication, disorganized messages and lack of specific teaching instructions. Furthermore, usage of media would not be successful because the necessary preparations of teacher exceed the expectable studying effects for students.

The internet has created a global village (M. McLuhan, 1962) that has brought equality for all ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds

According to McLuhan, the internet has turned the world into a global village. Due to the Internet, the nations from all over the world can connect with each other and learn about all the latest news and events. No matter which age, gender or race people are - everyone is plunged into the virtuality. People exchange news and events on the Internet, as fast as it usually occurs in villages. On the internet, everyone has an equal possibility to contact people, gain experience and discuss various issues. Those were the reasons which influenced the creation of the global village of people connected by Internet.

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On the other hand, global village is not a proper name for the Internet society. Though, people can receive information about events from all over the world, it does not combine all nations into village. They can search for news on the Internet, have discussions with several residents from different countries, and observe events occurring at any destination. In disastrous cases, such as war or terrorism, countries help each other. Therefore, it does not influence the whole welfare of the country. Evidently, each country has peculiarities in all spheres of life, including historical, political and cultural backgrounds. Consequently, they would never become a global village.

In order to address the high level of unacceptable behaviour on the internet we need to develop an international internet police force

Obviously, the idea to create an international internet police force could sufficiently change the Internet society. This service is irreplaceable for those who undergo cursing, threatening and even the Internet crimes. The cyber police could be especially helpful for children who suffer from cybercrimes, particularly, discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying. Internet police force could provide safety for potential victims and prevent crimes, fining the accused people. Another important detail is to make the internet police force international, equal to every nation in the world. Rules established by the force should be adequate and require the peoples rights, freedom of speech.

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From the other side, the international internet police force is almost impossible to establish. Thus, it can be the automatic program to distinguish the breach, or people of specific positions who would monitor sites, checking them for inappropriate words and actions. The problem is the huge number of sites, networks, forums and blogs that make it hard to explore all of them constantly. Furthermore, people can always find a way to outwit the system or people and continue to do inappropriate actions. Therefore, the supposed service of controlling peoples activities on the Internet is considered to be insufficient.

If people are innocent they should not fear surveillance of their activities

People in each country have their own rights and freedom of actions. Nevertheless, there are criminals who behave inappropriately in the society. Such people cannot be under control constantly, therefore, the automatic systems survey some streets and buildings to provide peoples safety or prevent the possible crimes. However, some people are usually afraid of being surveyed, even if they are innocent. The feeling of being controlled is not pleasant, but people who follow the norms and rules of behavior in society have no reasons for fear. They should relax and realize that the surveillance systems are launched for their own safety.

On the other side, the government who establishes the surveillance systems can accuse innocent people of the crime because of pursuing personal aims. Moreover, the freedom and rights of people become restricted. They cannot behave themselves naturally that causes the suspicion of those who control cameras and watch videos. The surveillance equipment can be placed in different unexpected areas that can be regarded as an advantage because then, the criminals or deviated persons reveal their actions, which will be recorded. Nevertheless, innocent people can also become a part of a crime, as a witness that is not a pleasant experience as well.

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