1. Missions of Strategy
  2. The Visit Greece Global Campaign
  3. Promotional Techniques of Campain
  4. Conclusion

Public Relations Essay on Crisis in Greece

Many economies across the globe have been greatly affected by the continuous recession and increasing austerity, which have kept them on a knife-edge. The Greek economy including its key sectors such as tourism has also been affected by the recession and austerity. Tourism is one of the key sectors in the national economy of Greece. It accounts for and contributes approximately twenty percent of the economic output in the country, hence, making it a vital sector to the health of the nation. However, the number of tourists visiting Greece over the recent past has dropped massively due to economic factors such as recession and a global financial crisis. In addition, the country has faced with a wide range of reputational challenges such as the perception of foreign tourists. They presume that visiting Greece is very expensive.

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Other tourists also claim that it is unsafe to visit the country. Meanwhile a large number of tourists also suppose that it is too far, hence, making it unsuitable for a modest holiday budget. These perceptions and presumptions have greatly affected a tourism sector in Greece. They have resulted to a major decline in the number of tourists visiting it over the recent past. For example, it is estimated that the number of tourists visiting the country from large European markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Holland has declined by as much as twenty percent over the last two years. Similarly, this decrease from western countries such as the United States of America, Canada, and Australia has also become lower by a massive forty percent over the last two years.

As a consequence, the tourism sector in Greece has been faced with a crisis; hence, it requires a series of bold and creative responsive strategies. They would help the country recover from these challenges. Therefore, this paper presents a proposed strategy that would help tackle the current negative perceptions about Greece. They have greatly affected its tourism sector and the economy of the country, at large. The proposed strategy aims at restoring its reputation among current and potential tourists from various parts of the world. The strategy also aims at creating a significant boost and increasing the number of tourists visiting Greece.

Missions of Strategy

The main goal or objective of the proposed strategy is to increase the overall amount considerably. It aims at bringing back the old friends from the traditional tourist markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany. It should also make new friends with visitors from new or emerging tourist markets such as China and South Africa. It is my hope that the implementation of this proposed strategy will help attract as many visitors as possible to Greece. It should be efficient if using the approaches enlisted herein in combination with suitable tourist attraction products.

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The Visit Greece Global Campaign

The Visit Greece Global Campaign will be an international promotion aimed at advertising Greece as an ultimate tourist destination not only in the European region but also in the whole world. The campaign will mainly involve the deployment of aggressive advertising and promotional techniques. They should grab the attention and attract tourists from target regions and persuade them to visit Greece as their preferred tourist destination. The Visit Greece Global Campaign will run for a period of not less than one year and not more than eighteen months. It will be incorporated and in line with already existing marketing strategies such as the recently adopted new marketing approach the All Time Classic. The latter one aims at attracting more tourists to this country.

Whereas most of the current marketing strategies such as the All Time Classic aim at positioning Greece as an exceptional tourist destination in the world with a unique identity. However, the Visit Greece Global Campaign will aim at creating awareness about this country among the tourists through the use of appropriate advertising and promotional techniques.

Promotional Techniques of Campain

First and foremost, the Visit Greece Global Campaign will entail developing and disseminating campaign and advertising messages. They should aim at persuading both current and potential visitors about the good side of visiting the country. The campaign will pass on only one important message to the target people. It states that, Visiting Greece is great. It will also form a slogan of the campaign. The Visit Greece Global Campaign will inform and persuade visitors about why this touristic country is the ultimate tourist destination in the world. One of the major things that would be addressed by the Visit Greece Global Campaign is the attempts to reduce and eliminate the fear factors among potential visitors. It will strive at returning their confidence in Greece. It will aim at representing the country as one of the safest tourists destinations in the world. The Visit Greece Global Campaign will target potential visitors from the largest traditional tourists markets such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France, the United States of America, and Australia. It will as well aim visitors from new and emerging markets such as China, India, Russia, and South Africa.

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Secondly, the Visit Greece Global Campaign will develop and implement appropriate tourist attraction products and programs. They include such as tourism sporting activities and tourism competitions that target visitors of all ages. It will be a universal strategy that can be implemented to all persons irrespectively of their ages. For example, tourism sporting activities would be organised for energetic and active persons aged between eighteen and thirty five years. Meanwhile educational competitions would be organised for student tourists. It is because tourists visiting Greece have different ages; hence, it is important to develop products and programs that meet their various needs and expectations based on their ages. For example, a review of some age limits of tourists visiting Greece has revealed that tourists from European countries are aged between eighteen and eighty years.

Meanwhile visitors from the new and developing markets tend to be more mature. They are aged thirty five years and above. Therefore, an all-inclusive advertising strategy that aims at all persons regardless of their ages would be appropriate because it will effectively address their needs. Moreover, the Visit Greece Global Campaign will entail developing a suitable promotional approach that is all-inclusive. It would help in reducing costs associated with marketing Greece to visitors from various parts of the world.

Thirdly, the Visit Greece Global Campaign will aim at tourists with special needs such as people with families, businesspersons, or persons with disabilities. For instance, individuals with families would be informed about various family events such as kids festivals that they are likely to find entertaining while being in Greece. Similarly, many people with disabilities do not like touring countries because of the lack of appropriate supportive products that would make their visits enjoyable. The Visit Greece Global Campaign will address the needs of such individuals by ensuring them that they would be provided with specialised services and assistance upon their visit. For example, they would be accorded the special means of transports when in the country to ease their movement from one tourist destination to another.

Fourthly, the Visit Greece Global Campaign is a uniform strategy that can be implemented globally across all nations. It can also be implemented within a localised region or targeted to specific markets. They should be depending on the factors such as the availability of finances and capacity of the Greek government to implement it at the particular moment. The Visit Greece Global Campaign also entails using both traditional marketing techniques such as advertising in the print and electronic media as well as the adoption of new communication technologies such as the social media. For example, potential visitors would be informed about factors such as weather, updates on safety and security in the country, and the special accommodation offers. It could be done through the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Other forms of social media such as blogs and podcasts would also be used during the Visit Greece Global Campaigns to persuade tourists about visiting the country.

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Last but not least, the total budget of the visit Greek campaign is estimated to be five million European pounds. Approximately, two million pounds will be used for the acquisition of supportive such as hiring advertising agencies in the foreign countries. Meanwhile one million would be used for the acquisition of equipment and materials to be used during such campaigns. Half a million pounds will be used for organising touristic contests in which the selected contestants shall compete in various events in the target markets. The overall winner of contests will be given free luxury trips to three major tourist destinations in Greece. One million pounds will be used for hiring international celebrities, who shall be used during the campaigns to promote tourism in Greece. The celebrities will include renowned musicians and sports personalities mainly from this country.


Although Greece already has a great reputation for its excellence in tourism, the recent negative perceptions among tourists have greatly affected this reputation. Therefore, it is important to develop and implement appropriate strategies that would help rebuild the reputation of the country as an ultimate tourist destination. Thus, the Visit Greece Global Campaign will be suitable for rebuilding this lost glory of Greece. It will not only create the awareness about it as a preferred tourist destination in the world, but also promote the country as a travel destination for other activities such as business conferences. It will be conducted through various digital platforms in accordance with the All Time Classic marketing strategy. It promotes tourism in Greece via the online media.

Moreover, traditional media platforms particularly print media such as newspapers and magazines as well as electronic media such as radio and television broadcasts. They would also be used during the campaigns would also be used to promote tourism in Greece both locally and overseas. The Visit Greece Global Campaign will be conducted alongside other tourism marketing projects that aim at showcasing the best of Greeces tourism sector, hospitality, culture, and heritage among other tourist attractions.

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