1. Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model
  2. The mission statements
  3. Discussing of the Nightingales Environmental Theory
  4. Conclusion

Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model

The hospitals framework is based on the Florence Nightingales Environmental Theory, which highlights how the environment of a patient and nurses ability to utilize environmental factors help in the process of recovery and health restoration. Nightingales emphasis put on environmental factors and their effects on patients condition is a useful concept for medical staff, especially for nurses, as most of them focus more on internal causes and medication instead of giving attention to external factors and surroundings of a patient. Thus, the theory establishes a link between the external condition of a person and the internal one, or in other words, how a desirable atmosphere and environment can influence the patients recovery process.

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With the progress of science and technology, the latest medical equipment and medication have become widely available. Thus, general focus has shifted to utilizing these advanced medical procedures. No doubt, proper medication and advanced medical tools are very important for the treatment of a patient, but it does not mean that focus should be laid on their specialized use. High priority given to technical know-how of medical procedures and its proper usage has lessened the importance of environmental factors, which are also highly significant for patients successful recovery. This philosophical aspect of nursing aims to enhance the comprehending ability of nurses regarding the process of recovery and factors, which can contribute towards it. Hence, it highlights those crucial causes, which most people tend to ignore or marginalize. This point is supported by Nightingale, who states, Nursing is different from medicine and the goal of nursing is to place the patient in the best possible condition for nature to act (Theories of Florence Nightingale, 2012).

The mission statements

Thus, the framework of the hospital is explained in the light of Nightingales theoretical work, and focus will be laid on the importance allotted to environmental or external factors in nursing. In this regard, the hospital called Delray Medical Center clearly states its aims and goals. The mission statement is:

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1. To be the leading provider of primary and specialized tertiary care, accompanied by an appropriate array of inpatient, outpatient and outreach services, which meet community needs and improve health.

2. To exhibit leadership in setting ethical standards.

3. To access and invest in people and technology to bring about innovative ways to deliver high-quality, high-value health care to patients in a more demanding future. (Delray Medical Center, n.d.)

Therefore, it can be said that Delray Medical Center does not only aim to invest in technology and the latest medical procedures, but also in people. It takes into account that in order to be an outstanding health care facility, it should deliver high-quality health care and services to its patients. It is not possible without realizing the importance of environment. As far as its vision statement is concerned, it states:

Tenet will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining health care delivery and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, innovative care to the patients it serve in each community. (Delray Medical Center, n.d.)

The vision shows that Delray Medical Center does not only treat its patients as people, who have come there just for medical assistance, but as fellow human beings, who require proper attention and care. Furthermore, the innovative feature of nursing, which has been mentioned in the vision statement, means that apart from usual medical care procedures, it also aims to introduce more innovative and creative methods of providing service to its patients.

Discussing of the Nightingales Environmental Theory

Thus, in order to discuss the hospitals framework in light of the Nightingales Environmental Theory, focus is put on environmental factors that contribute significantly towards successful recovery and various ways, in which environmental conditions can be optimized by nursing staff. The most important of these factors are ventilation and warming. As the patient has to spend most of his or her time in a ward or room, airing conditions should be proper in order for the person to be able to feel fresh air. If the atmosphere lacks proper ventilation, then it can cause depression and frustration, which in turn can adversely affect the patients healing process. Similarly, the nurse should not only check the patients temperature, but also the one in the room in order to make necessary changes to adjust it. The second factors that she mentions are light and noise. Sometimes, the patient wants his or her surroundings to be dark or to avoid brightness or light.

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Depending on the persons feelings, the brightness and light in his or her room should be adjusted. If possible, the patient should be taken out into sunlight and fresh air to change the environment and lighten his mood. Thirdly, cleanliness should be given utmost importance not only in terms of patients personal hygiene, but also in reference to the cleanliness of his surroundings. A clean environment can provide him with a sense of purity, which can also positively affect persons mood and physiological state. Apart from this, variety should be introduced to help the patient fight his boredom. No doubt, patients become tired of living in the same room and going through the same procedures. Thus, nurses should try to cheer them up by introducing minor but creative changes in their environment. Lastly, food is something that cannot be ignored in this discussion. Apart from providing it with the diet, which is the most suitable for patients, nurses should also try to come up with innovative ways of presenting food.

Hence, Nightingale nursing is an art and a science. Therefore, according to Theories of Florence Nightingale (2012), Patients are to be put in the best condition for nature to act on them; it is the responsibility of nurses to reduce noise, to relieve patients anxieties, and to help them sleep.

Furthermore, another important dimension of her theory is focus put on people as complex entities, which cannot be given similar treatment. Nightingale says, People are multidimensional, composed of biological, psychological, social and spiritual components (Knutson, n.d.). Thus, she asks nursing staff to take into account not only the physical condition of the patient, but also his or her psychological, social and spiritual situation. Focus should not only be limited to what is clearly visible, but also to underlying and invisible factors that influence patients health and well-being.

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To sum up, all the above mentioned factors are highly important for patients recovery, and ignoring even one of these can adversely affect the healing process. Due to their illness, patients are dependent on nurses, and the latter in turn should not take this responsibility lightly. Their focus should not be limited to what medication they have to give to the patient, or at what time it should be given, or how often, but to other social and psychological sides of the recovery process as well. Moreover, apart from Nightingales emphasis on a healthy, peaceful and clean environment, the latter should also be friendly and encouraging. Nursing is not just a profession, whereby the nurse is required to perform her duties for certain fixed hours; its more than that, as the patient, who is in the care of medical staff, depends on them.

Thus, the nurse should be a cheerful, encouraging and friendly caretaker. In conclusion, it is important to acknowledge that the Nightingales Environmental Theory is a significant contribution towards the profession of a nurse, and its practical application guarantees positive and effective outcomes.

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