Culture in Nursing Practice

The term culture is defined as a set of learned or transmitted values, practices, and beliefs of a person or a group of people. These three aspects guide peoples thinking, actions, and decision-making process in a patterned way. However, cultural consideration, especially in the nursing profession is of paramount importance.

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This is chiefly connected with a fact that the patients attending various health care institutions originated from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This essay illustrates the importance of cultural sensitivity in the nursing profession by discussing Jews relationship with God and their view of death, the concepts of Machismo and Marianismo in the Latin American society, and their effects on the patients medical interventions.

To begin with, Jews have an obligation to seek medical attention in hospitals if such assistance will aid in preventing the death of the sick people. Nevertheless, most Jews follow strict guidelines outlined by their law. For this reason, all the nurses should consider their position on religion while offering them medical assistance. Furthermore, in many cases, most of the concerns that Jewish patients have when visiting hospitals pertain to their modesty and end-of-life concerns. In case such concerns affect their religious beliefs, some of them may refuse to attain essential health care improvement services.

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It is also essential for nurses to enquire the Jewish patients and their families about preferences regarding the end of their life medical interventions. It should be mentioned that Machismo and Marianismo are the cultural aspects that affect health care provision among patients from diverse cultural backgrounds as well.

Machismo is a concept that illustrates a Latin American male behavior, which is specifically relevant to the male sexual culture (Ceballos, 2014). Through this concept, the role of males is perceived to be dominant compared to their female counterparts. In the featured context, Machismo is evidenced through Paco. He is a Latin American, which makes him fit as a member of the male society attributed to this concept. In the illustration, he does not allow his wife to answer the nurses questions herself despite the fact that they both know little English. Instead, Estrellita responds to all the questions through Paco.

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In its turn, Marianismo is a term used to characterize the female gender role in the concept of Machismo (Zimmerman). This phenomenon is mostly manifested in the Hispanic American folk culture. The concept shows the veneration of the female genders virtues of moral strength as well as purity. In the featured illustration, the concept of Marianismo is evidenced through Estrellita. She acts docile and only speaks to Paco, whom she perceives as dominant due to his position as a male of the family. This happens despite her ability to speak well for herself responding to all the questions asked by the nurse regarding their sick child. Arguably, the influence of the Machismo and Marianismo concepts made the parents leave the hospital.

Arguably, the parents left due to the lack of trust to the nurses capability of treating their son. This phenomenon might have been greatly influenced by the cultural differences between the couple and nurse. In addition, according to the illustration, the nurse asked twice about Pacquitos heart condition. This may have made Paco assumptive that the nurse did not have sufficient knowledge how to treat their sick child. The nurse being a woman might also have increased the couples distrust in her capability to offer the right treatment to Pacquito. In this case, Pacos Machismo attributes might have influenced their hurried decision to exit the facility for the La Mirada Clinic.

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In summary, cultural consideration is a key aspect that should be considered in the nursing profession as patients originate from various cultural backgrounds with different beliefs and customs. For instance, Jews have strong and distinct religious beliefs towards God and death, which affect their preferences regarding medical services attainment. In their turn, Machismo and Marianismo attributes need to be considered as well because they also affect the way patients attain medical assistance in health care facilities.

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