Speech on Sustainability in Target

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! It is a great pleasure for me to present a speech in this class. As you are all aware, sustainable development has become a critical issue in both small and large organizations. Sustainability is usually misinterpreted because many people believe that financial support is the key towards sustainability. Thus, it is important to discuss sustainability in organizations, and focus on Target.

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Normally, all for-profit organizations focus on the following key areas, namely, strategic, personnel, products, services and programs.

With regard to strategic sustainability, an organization should have a realistic vision and inspire people towards achieving the set goals. An organization should understand its current position, and in turn, make strategic choice for the future. Target started its functioning from the most beginnings in 1902. Over the past five decades, Target has expanded greatly. Today, it is the second largest retail store in the US. By setting the realistic vision and goals, the corporation has achieved enormous growth over the years. Some of the goals that Target has achieved include price leadership and differentiation.

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Product sustainability requires organizations to produce high quality goods and services. Customers are very sensitive, and they can switch to competitors products in search of quality. Successful organizations satisfy their customers by providing them with immediate needs. In face of globalization, such retailers as Target are striving to research on consumer needs in order to meet their immediate needs.

Programs and services sustainability requires organizations to give back to the community. Target Corporation started its charitable events in the 1940s. During this time, the senior leadership team decided to give 5% of pretax gains back to the neighborhoods. By donating this sum every year, Target has given out much for the last 72 years. Today, the company is involved in several charitable events in places where it has established its operations. For instance, the company renovates libraries, donates food to less privileged members of the society, and also partners with other well-wishers during disaster responses. In particular, ladies and gentlemen, Target team educated the members of the society about emergency and disaster preparedness during the National Preparedness Day. Since its inception, the corporation has been at the forefront in discouraging the environmental pollution.

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Over the years, the company has integrated the rigorous environmental programs aimed at eliminating the environmental pollution. In its environmental sustainability programs, the retailer engages with key stakeholders, including clients and employees. The company encourages efficient utilization of resources, reducing water wastage, energy efficiency, decreasing carbon emissions, and also educating customers and members on how to live responsibly. Ladies and gentlemen, it is evident that Target has achieved the sustainability goals of its programs and services.

A company should strive to maintain a motivated workforce in order to achieve its goals. The senior leadership team should give both formal and informal advice to the staff members. Additionally, an organization must ensure that employees understand their roles. By understanding their roles, organizations members are able to produce quality products. This also ensures that resources are not wasted during the production process. Target has strived to motivate its team members by providing them with various employment benefits, such as free medical cover and financial support.

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In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to emphasize that organizations do not exist in isolation, that is, their behaviors affect communities in one way or another. Therefore, organizations should focus on sustainability as a means of compensating communities which are greatly affected by their operations.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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