Statement of a Question: What kind of person should be considered a hero? Is it a famous politician, talented artist or extremely strong sportsman? Why people always search their role models among public figures instead of looking closer to people with whom they have grown together or meet and communicate every day?

Introduce the Topic: Each person is different from others by his or her particular features. Undoubtedly, many people stand out in contemporary society due to their special talents, skills or abilities. Therefore, it is possible to find an outstanding person who can become a hero to a certain man or woman. It is obvious that people admire certain characteristics and features of popular singers, wisdom scientists or charismatic actors, and thus, make these personalities their heroes.

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Relate the Audience: Nevertheless, everyone has a real person who can be a hero to him or her, though, the latter may suspect nothing. Instead of following the closest and the most native people in the world who can be real heroes and role models for every person, people create idols looking at notable public figures.

Establish Credibility: I can confidently note due to my own personal experience that people usually do not pay attention to heroic deeds of those around and look for inspiration and confidence rather in the actions of famous musician or eloquent politician.

Thesis: My personal hero is my father, who by his own example has shown and taught me to be strong and confident in my strengths despite any situation, to fulfill my dreams into reality, and to attempt to do everything to overcome obstacles rising on my way.


My father has greatly influenced the whole our family because every member of the family was of first priority to him; he has instilled a sense of confidence in everyone and taught us to be enduring and resistant in the face of any fear or challenge in life. From my childhood till present days, my father has always supported my ideas even when they were not proper or false.

A. I believe that this parental support played a crucial role in my life at least several times.

B. As every person, I have fears that I attempt to fight throughout my life, and my father is a person who helps me in this struggle. Moreover, some of these fears are difficult to comprehend even to me, but they are obvious and exist in my mind.

While being a child, I enjoyed watching children who had ridden bikes on our street or bike paths in the park accompanied by laugh and chuckle – they seemed to me extremely cheerful and carefree in their saddles. Unfortunately, I was not able to have fun and giggle like the other children because riding a bike was igniting some kind of illogical fear for me. According to Hall (1997), the fear of bicycles – Cyclophobia – can develop due to inability learn to ride bikes in childhood.


Fear of being injured or involved into crashes can also be the reason for development of this phobia. Moreover, Gunn (2004), stated that staying in places where bicycles are available can be a horrible experience to people with Cyclophobia.

Transition: Although, my childhood fear could develop into a serious problem to me in the future, being taught by my father to overcome barriers I tried to fight my fear.

Parenting practices of my father helped me to grow into a strong person.

A. While being afraid of bikes that pose no actual danger, I have never heard accusations or taunts from my father. In contrast, my father continuously repeated that I could do everything because I was a strong person enough to overcome my fear.

B. My father helped me not only by words, but also by actions – day by day, he had been spending his time with me by teaching me how to ride a bike. At first, I was covered with restlessness and palpitations, but parental confidence and words of support were the medications that successfully facilitated my recovery.

The time which my father has spent with me teaching to overcome my fear and instilling a feeling of self-confidence in me, and thus, has helped me to fight my phobia and overcome it, was the one of the most considerable and crucial moments in my life which I would always remember. According to Craske et al. (2006), people react irrationally to causes of their fear, and continuous facing with them gradually supports victory over the phobia.

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Additionally, childhood fear might have serious consequences, and thus, a significant negative impact on the further life (Saul, 2001). To my mind, my intense negative experience was provoked by my poor belief in my own strengths.

Transition: It is obvious that every parent teaches his or her child certain basic things, and riding a bike is a one of them, which has become an important upheaval in my life personally for me. My father’s eyes full of pride and great belief in me will always remain in my memory and in my heart.

This childhood adventure changed the way I had been thinking about challenges and difficulties, and how I had been acting in overcoming them; the faith in my strengths supported my development into stable, free and confident person.

A. I stopped to admire the outstanding athletes or actors, because I lived with a man who inspired confidence in me – my father became my own hero. I realized that public figures are unknown and strange to me because they are simply the result of my imagination, they look like I want them to look. In contrast, my father is a real man who brings me up.

B. I will pursue the example of my father in educating and developing my future children into men of character, teach them to believe in themselves, fight with their fears despite any situation and overcome them. I have shown by my own experience that people are responsible for their fears created in subconsciously, thus, they have to deal with these fears by their own. Nevertheless, help and support of loved ones make victory over the fear closer and instill confidence to make it possible.

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Transition: My father has taught me that all people should be treated with patience and support. By my own example I have shown that the challenge for one person can be just a barrier for other who overcomes it, and thus, hardens his or her character.


Fear binds the person, and being scared of something means being fenced off the entire world and opportunities it gives, and only acceptance of the fear and struggle with it make a person free from the inner fear, and provide him or her with confidence in his or her ability to overcome this barrier.

In childhood, parents play a crucial role in children's character training and development into adult personalities. Going through serious challenges in life, children may not cope with their own fears, and the task for parents is to inspire them with confidence in their strengths. Parents play the role of catalysts for the children's growing up into thoughtful and sturdy people. My father supported my childhood struggle with fears by instilling a feeling of self-confidence that made a great impact on my formation of reasoning and becoming a person who overcomes obstacles on the way towards realization of dreams into reality. 

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