Attention-Getting Material: Marijuana has been used as a medication by most of the world’s cultures due to its healing nature. In fact, in ancient China, the medical use of marijuana goes back to nearly 5,000 years. As for the Western medicine, it discovered medical properties of marijuana in the middle of 19th century, and in the next century, more than 100 papers were published by physicians in favor of marijuana (Minamide, 2007). Nowadays, the tendency starts declining, and the legalization of marijuana remains a controversial issue.

Introduce the Topic: Undoubtedly, there are many opinions both for and against the legalization of marijuana for medical usage. Although, marijuana is still argued to be an illegal substance in most states of America, its beneficial character is visible in treatment of great variety of disorders, among which are such illnesses as cancer and AIDS/HIV. Despite the views and thoughts of the opponents of legalization of marijuana for medical use, 34 states of America have already examined benefits of marijuana and have legalized it.

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Relate the Audience: Everyone in his/her life has faced illnesses at some point – somebody personally has suffered from disorder, while others might have lost a relative or a close person in a severe struggle for survival. It does not matter how difficult or hard the disease could be, every person desperately desires to overcome it and live a healthy life. Thus, medical use of marijuana may help people to become healthy or at least to lessen their pain.

Establish Credibility: Once faced with the disease, I can confidently state that people usually do not believe in the medical use of marijuana due to certain biases and stereotypes regarding marijuana being a harmful drug. Nonetheless, salvation of human life requires faith and willingness to try new kinds of treatment.

Transition to the Body of Speech: Therefore, the medical usage of marijuana, as well as biases, stereotypes, and opponents’ claims have to be examined more substantially.


In the medical area, the use of marijuana remains a controversial issue. For instance, heavy criticism of marijuana is not accidental as many people stereotypically view it as a rather dangerous drug than helpful and strong medicament.

A. Due to the powerful propaganda of marijuana’s injurious influence on human mind and body and misinformation about its disadvantages, more and more people consider it an abusive drug that obviously could not have a positive impact on human health.

B. Furthermore, the possibility of overdosing from smoking marijuana or provoking addiction to it also does not insure people’s trust to this substance.

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Despite worldwide propaganda of marijuana’s danger, it is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and some prescription medications. According to Fox (2009), many human deaths were caused by the use of alcohol, while nobody had died from marijuana usage. In comparison, alcohol is more addictive than marijuana; people who always drink alcohol potentially can suffer from fatal physical removal, and, thus, they are more likely to develop dependence than those who smoke marijuana.

Undoubtedly, a person can become addicted to marijuana only if she/he uses it on a daily basis. During the medical treatment, cancer or AIDS patients are given certain cannabinoid drugs along with prescription drugs in order to lighten pain, nausea, and vomiting, as well as raise appetite (DuPont RL, 1999). Medical use of marijuana implies certain dosage of the medication that, together with other drugs, leads to patient’s recovery. Thereby, medical marijuana cannot cause addiction because the dosage is too small to cause danger to a sick person.

Transition: In addition to this, it is of first priority to understand why people may be hostile to medical marijuana.

People’s biases, stereotypes, and unsympathetic attitude towards medical marijuana have been caused by private interests who regard cannabis as an illegal source for enrichment and empowerment.

A. While potentially being a healing medication, marijuana is sold on the streets to teenagers who tend to misuse it. It is obvious that people who illegally realize marijuana have high output, as well as those who supply it. Thus, these people are not interested in legalization of marijuana because they will be deprived of their income.

B. Additionally, there is an open sale of marijuana in a medical appointment. Therefore, law enforcement officials and politicians are alarmed with such an issue because the legalization of medical marijuana can make the situation worse, and, thus, lead to establishing of more and more illegal businesses interested in marijuana sale to ordinary consumers.

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Selling or buying marijuana is prohibited by the law. Nevertheless, in 2012, almost 5 million people reported about selling illegal drugs, and since marijuana can be observed as the most broadly used illegal substance, it becomes obvious that great number of people sell marijuana (Berlatsky, 2012). This proves that many people sell marijuana because it is beneficial, and the legalization of medical marijuana can greatly hit their prosperous business.

It also has to be noted that many drug users take advantage of the guise of medical marijuana to buy or sell it. Therefore, even those states of the U. S. that have legalized medical marijuana focus on the lessening of the cultivation of marijuana due to the high potential risk of illegal obtaining of medical marijuana (Caulkins et al., 2012). In addition to this, governmental measures should be taken to resolve this issue.

Transition: It is obvious that a contemporary society has certain biases and stereotypes towards medical use of marijuana. Due to various machinations and illegal schemes with obtaining and selling marijuana for different purposes, more and more people do not believe in its beneficial character. Nevertheless, medical marijuana should be legalized because it is an effective treatment for patients with difficult illnesses.

Nowadays, in the states where government has legalized medical marijuana, many people can use this medication and successfully treat their disorders. Thus, a great number of patients have faced a positive influence of medical marijuana.

A. One of the biggest positive impacts of the use of medical marijuana is its healing effect on patients with serious illnesses. Medical marijuana is widely used for pain relief in glaucoma and cancer patients. Moreover, it also slows the development of Alzheimer’s disease and calms people with Parkinson’s disease.

B. Although medical marijuana has a useful impact on patients with hard illnesses, it displays beneficial character in treatment of anxiety, depression, and headaches.

During cancer chemotherapy, patients suffer from nausea and vomiting; anorexia and cachexia can also be associated with these two painful displays of the disease. Thereby, medical marijuana purposed to lessen human pain and show relaxing effects. In the study of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the medical use of marijuana represented the increase of the appetite-stimulating effects (Minamide, 2007). Therefore, a healing nature of medical marijuana greatly helps in treatment of people with serious diseases.

Clinical studies show that the medical use of marijuana for treatment of patients who suffer from depression or headache is rare because such cases do not demonstrate actual therapeutic potential (Minamide, 2007). Nevertheless, medical marijuana may actually reduce anxiety, and, thus, improve the feeling of relaxation and peace. In addition to this, medical marijuana helps to relieve pain that greatly benefits patients with constant headaches.

Transition: Thereby, a healing effect of medical use of marijuana is invaluable because it helps more and more people to recover. Moreover, patients with such difficult diseases as cancer, glaucoma, AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer’s disorder, and Parkinson’s disease need more innovative and effective methods of treatment, and medical marijuana provides people with a hope to overcome their illnesses.


Undoubtedly, medical marijuana has to be legalized due to its beneficial purposes in treatment of chronic pain, side effects of certain disorders’ therapy, and a lack of appetite. It is obvious that, medical use of marijuana have both supporters and opponents – private interests remain against legalization of medical marijuana because they risk their enormous profits from illegally selling the drug, while patients who suffer from terrible pain are willing to forget about their stereotypical view of marijuana behind and perceive it as a medication.

Therefore, marijuana is a useful medicinal herb that helps people to struggle with their illnesses and overcome them. Although medical use of marijuana has been legalized in certain states of America, it has to be strongly controlled from an excessive use and illegal selling by those who view it as a way for enrichment. In addition to this, medical marijuana is still considered a conversational medicine, but it is also an innovative method in the modern medicine that should be legalized due to its advantageous character.

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