Communication Improvement

During the study of communication, we have learned many concepts. However, there are several concepts that greatly influenced my current understanding of the study of communication. They are the nature and the role of communication, critical and cultural perspective, history and tradition of communication, and speech act theory.

While studying communication, we study the nature of communication, its role in peoples lives, theories and practice of communication, factors that influence communication, etc. There are many reasons why people study communication. I believe it is important for everyone. All people communicate, because all of them live in society. Without communication, society would not exist. Therefore, it is necessary to know about communication and its role for people. Moreover, when people study communication, they start to understand not only the practice of communication, which they use every day, but also its theory. Without a proper knowledge of theories, practice will be not as efficient as it could be. Therefore, I think that communication study is vitally important for any person who wants to communicate efficiently with different people and to become successful. That is why we study communication in detail.

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There are many things that I know now, but did not know before. However, I consider knowledge about verbal and non-verbal communication the most inspiring and useful. They are useful for me, because I use verbal and non-verbal communication in my everyday life. Moreover, I consider them very important for the efficient communication. Communication course and topics about verbal and non-verbal communication greatly influenced me. They helped me to communicate better and to succeed. When I started the course, my understanding of communication was different. I did not consider communication theory very important. I thought that we all know how to communicate better. However, my understanding significantly changed when I finished the course. I understood that communication is not an easy thing at all, and that it is very beneficial to study communication, its theory and practice.

As I have mentioned above, communication course, especially knowledge about verbal and non-verbal communication, was very useful for me. Recently, before I started the course, my communicative skills were not very good. I did not realize it then, however, now I understand my mistakes, because I have passed communication course. I had many mistakes in verbal and non-verbal communication. In fact, my speech skills were bad. I was unable to persuade people or to make my speech interesting to them.

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However, I managed to improve my verbal skills after the course. The results are only positive. Now people listen to me with interest, and it is easier for me to persuade them. My non-verbal skills improved, too. Recently, I did not consider them important for communication. However, now I enjoy benefits of non-verbal communication, and they are good when combined with verbal communication.

Communication course was very useful for me. I studied much, and used my knowledge to improve my personal communication skills. I have recommended this course to my friends, because I think they will enjoy it, too.

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