Personal Statement on Tourism Studying

My name is Wang Cheng, and I would like to apply for a graduate program Master of Science Degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management at California State University of Northridge. I have many reasons to apply for this program, and I will try to disclose them in my personal statement. I hope to be admitted for the following program because I have a relevant experience and skills for that.

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I have a reasonable academic experience, which I consider to be helpful in studying tourism, hospitality, and recreation management. From 09/2005 to 08/2009, I studied at Shenyang University in China. The knowledge I acquired there was very helpful for my profession. After I finished studying at Shenyang University, I fully realized that working in tourism management sector is my true vocation. My dream was to work in a large international tourism, recreation, or hospitality company. However, I considered Chinese education not sufficient for good experience and job in an international company. Therefore, I decided to go to the USA and continue my study in this country. I consider American education much better and more helpful in modern working conditions than Chinese one.

However, my knowledge of English was not perfect. Therefore, I went to the USA and studied at IEP (international student education program) on Intensive English Program from 08/2010 to 09/2012. At the beginning of the MPA course, I was forced to leave California State University of Northridge because of financial issues: tuition was too expensive for me. Nevertheless, I did not want to give up my education, so I decided not to return to China, but to continue my education in the USA. Therefore, I transferred to Pacific International College in Los Angeles and studied there from 09/2012 to 08/2014. After graduating from this college, I continued my study at East Los Angeles College, and I am studying there now.

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I consider my study experience useful and helpful in my study for Graduate Degree Program at California State University of Northridge. During my study in China and in the USA, I learned many managerial and social disciplines including (Pwrite the names, I do not know). Moreover, I have learned English well, and it is vitally important for my study in California State University of Northridge. These disciplines are very useful for tourism and hospitality management sphere because this sphere is related to managing employees and working with clients. Moreover, during my study, I received several awards.

The most significant of them included Chinese Scholarship for Excellent Undergraduate, Red Cross Volunteer of Shenyang City Liaoning Province China, Excellent Student Leader of Shenyang University, Excellent Campus Journalist of Journal of Shenyang University, and Top Ten Campus Singers of Shenyang University. I think all these awards will be helpful in increasing my chances to be admitted to California State University of Northridge for Graduate Program Master of Science Degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management because they show that I am a talented, hardworking and socialized person. According to my beliefs, these features are important for the future tourism, hospitality, or recreation manager.

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In addition to academic experience, I have a reasonable working experience. I worked as an executive secretary in Beijing Hua Kang Chang Sheng Technology Development Co., LTD in Shenyang, China from 01/2009 to 02/2010. My duties were to receive and maintain the general filing system, to file all correspondence, direct and relay telephone messages and fax messages, help managers to plan and prepare meetings, provide word-processing and secretarial support, maintain a proper inventory of office supplies, schedule arranging for administrator, and check attendance every day. I consider this working experience useful for the future tourism or hospitality manager career, because I learned how to communicate and work with clients, how to plan, and how to work with inventory.

All those skills can be useful in tourist and hospitality management sphere. During my study in the USA, I worked as an intern in Lucky&Buddy Tour, Rosemead, CA. I worked there from 03/2013 to 09/2014. I was an office assistant. My duties were to answer the phone, to schedule appointments, tutor English for immigrants, calculate the fuel tax and file IFTA tax return, apply for National park permits, apply for USDOT number, plan tourist routes, calculate the fuel tax and file IFTA tax return, enroll in IRP program, file pull notice to DMV, and assist manager for daily work. I consider working experience in this company to be highly useful. I studied much about the work in the tourist sphere. I received many important skills and knowledge that can help in my future career of tourist or recreation manager. I think that my internship in Lucky&Buddy Tour will be very helpful for my study at the California State University of Northridge.

In addition to academic and working experience that is useful for hospitality sphere management, I have several hobbies that I consider helpful for my future study and career, too. I am a highly socialized person, due to the fact that I have many friends and colleagues, with whom I communicate regularly. During my work, different managers praised me for good communication skills that I used to communicate with partners and clients. Apart from that, I like outdoor activities. Frankly speaking, I do not like to sit at home at all. My favorite activities include playing tennis, bicycling, and swimming.


I like backpacking trips very much, and I go on such trips with my friends regularly. Moreover, I like travelling, especially to national parks. I have already visited Death Valley, Joshua Tree Park, King Canyon, Yosemite, Antelope Canyon and some other parks. I think that my hobbies are useful for a person who wants to study Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management and work in this sphere because I know what activities to offer for my clients. I hope that you will appreciate my academic and working experience, as well as my skills, and admit me in California State University of Northridge for Graduate Program Master of Science Degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management.

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