Personal Statement of Volunteer

Inspired by my life experience as a volunteer, a sailor in Navy, and a single mother of two children of school age, I understand that the main passion of my life is caring about people. In my opinion, a person who works as a nurse plays a significant role in the society taking care of people and supporting specialists of the healthcare field.

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As a single mother of two children, I know how difficult it is to balance between being a parent (sole provider), working, and schooling, but I manage to make it look easy. However, this life experience helps me to be self-managed and motivated in achieving the highest results in every activity; moreover, motherhood brings me the sense of responsibility and understanding the importance of care.

In addition to my personal life experience, I also have experience in work and volunteering. Since being in the Navy, I have been reward with Sailor of the Month at first duty station and Sailor of the Quarter at second duty section. Committed to receiving a higher education, I have joined the Navy in 2008 and took up a college course in 2009; I received AS in Paralegal Studies in May 2011. One of the most important parts of my life refers to the volunteer work. The main reason of my participation in the volunteer work is the opportunity to provide help to people who need it and to gain more practical experience.

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My first experience as a volunteer was the responsibility to coach 9-11 girls in basketball and soccer games. Moreover, I volunteered as a Big Sister to underprivileged girls at first duty section and also at the Boys and Girls club while training at Justice School. This experience helped me to improve my communicational skills that are extremely important for the nursing job. In addition, I got the experience of working with people. It is very important for me to help people who need it; that is why I feed the homeless when it is possible.

The most significant experience is my participation in the Navy. I was engaged in the ground breaking ceremony in the department of labor as a solo singer; I sang on behalf of the Navy for the State of Florida. One of my main duties is unofficial mentoring sailors on how to balance work and life. After enlisting for 4 years and seeing different aspects of the Navy, I felt that I can better serve as Navy nurse, because I can help people and be a model for other enlisted sailors. Also, I can inspire them to become an example for others with similar background who believe that they cannot do it; I want to prove them that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.

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Speaking about the ACT or SAT, I would like to add that because of the lack of adequate time to prepare, it is hard to take a standardize test with work schedule, volunteer hours, and two school age children who need to be taken care of; so, if I am unable to meet the requirements of the ACT or SAT, it should be waived.

My high grade point average with all the distractions can prove that I am intelligent enough to pass my course and if accepted in the program, my primary job wil be studying until graduation. I know that I am capable to pass my entire course with great grades. The reasons of SAT and ACT is to prove the readiness for the college, but my experience can prove that my candidature has the full range of necessary competences for that kind of work without holding SAT and ACT in such a high standard.

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