To have a fruitful career in nursing, there is the need for one to familiarize himself/herself with the requirements in the specific area of specialization. This is helpful in understanding what is required regarding education, licensing, the scope of practice and prescriptive authority. Once you have all the necessary information regarding the relevant parameters, it becomes easier to make appropriate steps towards the attainment of the relevant requirements, making it possible to enter the career of your choice. Being a prospective Family Nurse Practitioner, there are a lot of requirements and demands for students from education, legal, and the general practice conduct. Moreover, it is of important to remember the fact that different states might have different demands for the same area specialization in nursing. This calls for any nurse who intends to practice in a specific State to be pro-active regarding the demands at hand if one has to be accepted and allowed to practice in the state. My intention is to practice my nursing skills in the state of Georgia, and the paper at hand illustrates the demands that I have to meet before practicing in the state of Georgia, as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

The nursing requirements in Georgia are set and approved by The Georgia Board of Nursing. It is the responsibility of this board to ensure that every nurse practicing in George is well qualified (, 2016). The primary expected education level is a bachelors degree in nursing. However, for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) the requirement is to have a mastered degree in nursing. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that the program undertook fall under the approved programs by the Georgia Board of Nursing.

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It is the demand of the Georgia Board of Nursing that any nurse, hoping to practice in a medical field, has to get a national certification. That is, one has to be nationally certified in the general APRN area of specialization (, 2016). There exist national certification agencies that set their independent guidelines concerning education, examination, and experience. Georgia Board of Nursing has approved the following agencies for the certification process - (American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and (National Certification Corporation (NCC), to name a few (, 2016). Of interest to me is the ANCC, where they offer certification program for Family Nurse Practitioners.

Scope of Practice

As FNP, it is expected to help in ensuring the delivery of family-focused health care (Nightingale, 2013). The main role of an FNP is to ensure that they provide healthcare to a family unit in their life span. Taking care of the familys health welfare entails disease prevention, health promotion, direct care, and counseling. Since FNPs possess a degree in nursing, in addition to a clinical training on matters of family medicine, they are also expected to handle complex health conditions. At an advanced level, FNP can also be involved in administration and policy making capacity (Nightingale, 2013). FNP duties include the development of treatment programs, educating people on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, to name a few.

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Prescriptive Authority

This is the permission, given to a nurse regarding prescribing controlled drugs. In Georgia, the State allows RNs prescription authority of controlled drugs falling under schedule 3-5, as indicated in the DEAs website, based on their area of specialty (Stokowski, 2015).


This is the parameter, where a prospective nurse has to fulfill the required legal requirement. The legal requirement in nursing is usually in the form of licensing. In Georgia, this stage is called authorization. For a prospective nurse to be authorized in Georgia, he or she must make the social security number known to National Practitioners Databank (NPDB) and/or the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) or any other licensing boards (, 2016). This demand to the nurses is aimed at ensuring a thorough licensure tracking. For any registered nurse (RN) to receive a license in Georgia, there is also the demand for the concerned prospective nurse to undergo a criminal history background check. Additionally, it is required of the prospective RN to sign a consent form giving the Georgia Board of Nursing an access into ones existing criminal records in Georgia. Moreover, the consent form also gives the Georgia Board of Nursing the power to regularly review criminal checks during the time an RN is under a license (, 2016).

In Georgia, RN and APRN authorization expires on January 31st of odd-numbered years (biannually) and this call for RNs and APRNs to renew their authorization and licensing after the expiry of their previously held licenses. Reinstatement of an expired authorization attracts a fee of $90 (, 2016). Lastly, it is the recommendation of the Georgia Board of Nursing for the RNs and APRNs to join one of the available nursing organizations in Georgia to get professional help offered by these organizations. They include: Georgia Nurses Organization, Nurse Practitioner Council of Coastal Georgia and Georgia Midwifery Association, among others.

A Plan on How to Meet Requirements after Attainment of Educational Background

As demonstrated, there are different demands for the State of Georgia one has to accomplish if he or she is going to be allowed to practice within the State. With my interest fully committed to working in Georgia, the first step is to join Georgia Nurses Organization. This will enable me to have a platform, where I can familiarize myself with all aspects of requirements in a detailed manner but, above all, from an experienced perspective. Having the advice of officials of the Georgia Nurses Association at my disposal will not only give me a detailed reference point, but will also provide me with first-hand experience on information of practicing in Georgia.

Being a member of a nursing organization in Georgia, I will be able to access all the relevant advice and information that will be helpful in identifying the relevant examination (Certification) and paperwork (Authorization) that I am supposed to have. Having the advice of those who have done it within the Georgia, nursing front will also be helpful in understanding great depth that is expected of FNP in Georgia. It will also be helpful in realigning myself towards attaining the prerequisite qualification, that is vital in meeting the States demands and those of the field of medicine in the State of Georgia.

Vision of My Practice (FNP)

To provide a family-centered health care services to people of Georgia through utilization of a consultative and attentive approach.

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Actualization of the Vision

In line of providing family-centered care, there is the need to appreciate different families with different beliefs and cultures. It is, therefore, my responsibility to perform a heritage assessment in my assigned area. This is going to help me identify different practices and cultures, upheld by families within my area of duty. Heritage assessment is helpful in the provision of client-centered services (Toddmckee, 2012). In turn, the information availed by heritage assessment enables nurses to be competent in matters that include health care service delivery. It is under this perspective of heritage assessment that I feel will be helpful towards attaining my goal of providing family-centered healthcare services. Once I have understood different beliefs and cultures, practiced in my area of duty, then it will be possible to respect peoples way of life in terms of health. Understanding peoples way of life will help me cultivate the culture of being inclusive and consultative. Utilizing this approach will help me practice my nursing career in Georgia, being attentive to the needs of my patients.

Non-Clinical Roles and Relationships

Nursing entails the provision of health care services to the patients in a humanistic manner, that is sensitive to all demands of the client (physical, emotional and spiritual), as agitated for by the Comfort theory (Masters, 2012). Therefore, in staying faithful to this call, in meeting the emotional need, I will be utilizing the patient-nurse-friend approach. Under this approach, the goal is to make my patients feel that the relationship we share is more of a friendship than that of patient-nurse. This will be aimed at ensuring that patients feel comfortable enough to share their in-depth emotions that sometimes can be a hindrance towards the quick recovery. There is the need to ensure that patients are stable and fulfilled spiritually. This is a very sensitive aspect of the patients well being and is of great significance to the healing process. This is because spiritual stability, brought about by patients beliefs, brings in the hope for healing (Masters, 2012). In order to meet the goal of high-spirited patients, I will be taking part in prayer sessions with my patients to help them discover hope, thereby motivating them to seek quick recovery.

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Lastly, prevention is better than cure, and it is my belief that more efforts should be channeled towards disease prevention than curing measures. In staying true to my assertion, I will be agitating for healthy lifestyles to my assigned families. To meet this goal, I will be conducting informative exchange program with my community, where I will aim to instill the culture of self-driven healthy lifestyle. Over and above, it will also be my goal to have routine follow-up session with my patients, creating a strong bond, where the goal will be the provision of a support system in their homes. It is the assertion of many theorists that nursing should be a multi-approach (Nightingale, 2013) and, therefore, utilizing the above non-clinical roles together with my academic expertise will make me an FNP who will provide health care services in a manner that respects and meets my patients demands in the State of Georgia.

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