What is Nursing: Reflection Paper

Continuing personal, professional, spiritual, and, finally, academic growth is of paramount importance for any student as it ensures an excellent opportunity to succeed and flourish in the academic world and assists in providing the most effective solutions to challenges that may occur in ones personal and professionals life (Mizell, 2010). After having successfully completed professional nursing courses offered by the Liberty University, I understand that this educational establishment has truly invested in life of every student, including me, and boosted my development on different levels.

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I have grown personally since I notice that I have consciously evolved and changed as a person. I believe that personal growth is a crucially important aspect of life as it ensures a unique chance for me to experience new things and interpret everything that happens to me in a different manner. I notice that I have become personally and spiritually advanced because I have developed new strengths to cope with numerous challenges presented by life. Personal and spiritual development has helped me to maintain and develop healthy, cohesive, and collaborative relationships with my family, friends, other nursing students, and patients.

I have understood that spiritual growth should not be viewed as something external because academic spirituality has shaped my role as a nurse willing to contribute to health and well-being of every patient. Moreover, I have achieved not only personal and spiritual growth but also academic and professional development. I believe that I have succeeded in achieving academic wellness as it has provided me with an opportunity to accumulate new knowledge and skills in order to enhance depth of understanding in my field of study.

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I hope that academic development will increase my work output as well as improve my academic standing. Finally, a successful completion of nursing courses has boosted my professional growth and development as I have developed a variety of qualities and characteristics that are essential in the sphere of nursing, including well-developed communicative skills, emotional stability, resistance to stressful situations, empathy, enthusiasm, flexibility, increased attention to details, physical endurance, and many other skills and traits. At present, I will try to do my best in order to explore and utilize all available options and opportunities to support and promote my academic career.

I am very happy that I have had an opportunity to visit numerous professional nursing courses offered by the Liberty University, especially nursing management (NURS 491), nursing concepts (NURS 325), and, finally strategies for community nursing (NURS 440). The nursing concepts preparatory course was not only fascinating but also educational and practical. I have learned from this course to analyze and evaluate professional nursing literature and knowledge critically in order to increase the quality of care and meet patient expectations (Benner, 2001). In addition, I have understood that there is a tight link between nursing practice and Christian worldview. I, as a Christian nurse, try to remain committed to my genuine and unshakable faith in God regardless of a situation in order to cope with severe and ambiguous challenges.

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Moreover, nursing management course is also quite exciting and useful as it relies on a series of efficient techniques, including EBP, critical thinking, and transparent communication in order to give the chance to nurses, including me as a professional in this sphere, to influence and modify professional nursing practice (Finkelman, 2016). Furthermore, this seminar course has shaped my views and attitudes towards communication among patients and healthcare providers (Finkelman, 2016). I have realized that effective conflict resolution skills, collaborative behavior, and critical thinking have the power to influence and change the quality of patient care. Strategies for community nursing, or NURS 440, has impressed me greatly as it has motivated and inspired me to utilize multiple nursing methods and strategies in order to have an opportunity to adapt to the needs of every patient. After

having completed this course, I try to utilize the available theoretical and empirical knowledge from the field of nursing and many other related disciplines in order to meet the basic needs of diverse categories of populations (Maurer & Smith, 2013).

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Since nursing education and nursing practice are two interdependent concepts, my experiences as a student have influenced and shaped my professional nursing practice. According to the estimations of researchers in healthcare, nursing students should rethink and reevaluate their views and clinical skills in order to participate in nursing practice directly as role models (Tiwaken, Caranto, & David, 2015). Thus, my student life and experiences have shaped my nursing practice as I have always known that learning is a core component of the nursing education that will have a positive impact on my practice as a nurse.

Education has prepared me and provided me with additional strengths to become a competent and skilled practitioner. I have tried to utilize all skills and knowledge, learned in the classroom, in order to provide high-quality care services and promote health and wellness of the people I serve. Finally, I believe that my education has a crucially important impact on acquiring relevant and practical clinical skills.

My five-year goal is directly associated with becoming a professional in the sphere of nursing who will have an opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare services, boost patient satisfaction, and hold more responsible as well as respectable positions. In five years from now, I would like to provide direct care to patients as well as have an opportunity to advance my career, skills, and, finally, knowledge. I am ready to utilize all available resources, especially time and my strengths, to enhance personal, professional, and spiritual level. Moreover, over the period of five years, I plan to acquire profound knowledge in the sphere of nursing and develop professional skills in order to deliver high-quality services to different categories of patients regardless of their health, age, and social status.

In order to advance my nursing career and develop on multiple levels, I will try to give my best to improve my professional prospects and challenge myself in different ways. I will try to work hard, be persistent, and stay focused on achieving new goals and missions and become one of the best candidates for promising positions in the field of nursing. Moreover, I am deeply convinced that investing in my education and maintaining new networks will ensure a great chance to me to become a nursing professional over the period of five years.

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As I have already mentioned, the role of personal, professional, spiritual, and, finally, academic growth is predominant as it will ensure an unparalleled opportunity to me to succeed in numerous important endeavors (Baldacchino, 2015). In order to grow and develop personally and achieve personal goals that would have a positive impact on my personal life, I will actively pursue growth as I think that life of every person is a long and fascinating journey that has no sense without development and improvements. Moreover, to achieve personal goals, I will read books because they are the most powerful and influential sources of wisdom, develop communicative and analytical skills, practice time management, and rely on well-developed to-do lists so that I did not miss important things in personal life.

At the same time, to achieve spiritual wellness, maintain a strong spiritual life, and fulfill spiritual goals, I will cultivate empathy, genuine kindness, and compassion. Moreover, I will try to practice forgiveness and accurately identify personal beliefs and values that are directly linked to the nursing practice (Rogers & Wattis, 2015). With the purpose of maximizing my academic successes and achieve a variety of academic goals, I will try to set a clear, comprehensive, and realistic road-map for what I want to achieve and where I plan to go, pay attention to personal performance, accurately and objective assess my opportunities, and try to stay motivated and inspired. Finally, to succeed in accomplishing professional and career goals, I will develop healthy and cohesive relations with my coworkers, try to read numerous nursing books to enhance professional skills and qualities, focus on detailed planning to be more directed, stay patient and persistent, and search for new opportunities online.

The role of lifelong learning in the sphere of nursing is essential as this dynamic process directly and indirectly contributes to personal and professional growth and development (Davis, Taylor, & Reyes, 2014). Researchers indicate that continuing nursing education and lifelong learning motivate nurses to seek, develop, and appreciate new ideas and worldviews in order to gain fresh and innovative perspectives about nursing environment as well as health, skills, and interactions (Davis, Taylor, & Reyes, 2014).

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Thus, to become a lifelong learner, I will accurately determine and evaluate my own learning style and perceive the process of learning as a journey that will provide me with new opportunities. Moreover, I will focus on reading, as through reading I will never stop learning. I plan to take formal and informal classes in the future because I believe that many subjects may be best learned with active participation of skilled and qualified teachers. Finally, I will try to be courageous enough to ask questions and teach others as both methods will give me an excellent chance to improve my own understanding of subjects. I truly believe that lifelong learning will assist me in utilizing all available opportunities in the field of nursing.

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