Organization culture refers to the established traditions within the organization and the overall behavior of employees in the delivery of their services. It is worth noting that organizational culture is made up of visions, values, norms, beliefs, symbols, working language, and systems within the organization. Current essay focuses on the analysis of organizational culture at Lee Memorial Health System. Notably, Lee Memorial has four hospitals including an urgent care center partnered with United Way, a home health, physician groups, and many more sub-companies.

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Current essay explicates the engagement of frontline staff in issues that affect the financial health of Lee Memorial Health System. More so, the essay explicates Obamacare as one of the external issues affecting the financial health of the organization.

Involvement of Frontline Staff in Issues Affecting Financial Health

Involvement through Teamwork

Lee Memorial Health System involves frontline employees on issues that affect its financial health through the encouragement of teamwork where employees get an opportunity to work toward common objectives in the organization. Bhuiyan (2010) agrees that this plays an instrumental role in improving patient outcomes and securing the financial future of the institution. In line with teamwork, frontline employees have the chance to understand that their actions are likely to have an effect on the incomes that would be generated by the organization. It means they work together toward the realization of better outcomes that ensure excellent financial health for the Lee Memorial Health System.

Involvement through Frequent Meetings

Frontline employees at Lee Memorial Health System are involved in issues affecting the financial health of the organization through frequent meetings. A mixture of formal and informal meetings have been crucial in ensuring that frontline employees are involved in matters relating to the organization’s financial health. Jaafarpour and Khani (2011) opines that such meetings present the opportunity for performance review and employees forge the way forward through suggested improvements to ensure that better financial outcomes are realized. This form of involvement bestows a tough responsibility on frontline employees because they have to ensure they remain consistent in their performance for better outcomes and the security of the organization’s finances.

External Issue that Has/Could Have an Impact on the Finance of the Organization

Obamacare is the most significant external issue that could have an impact on the finances of Lee Memorial Health Systems. It is possible due to the understanding that Obamacare affects diverse aspects relating to hospitals, doctors, nurses, and insurers in the country. Here is an explanation of the ways in which it could have an impact on the finances of the organization.

Allowing the Federal Government to Withhold Medicare Payments

The Obamacare law could affect the finances of the organization through its allowance of the federal government to withhold Medicare payments from different hospitals in instances when many patients with, for instance, pneumonia and heart attack return to the facility after only 30 days of treatment. It implies that the hospital might lose in terms of its financing when numerous cases of ineffective patient outcomes are reported. Therefore, there would be need to follow up patients after successful surgeries and treatments hence, attracting more costs than the ones that would have been provided by Medicare. The restriction of finances to hospitals indicates the role of Obamacare in affecting the financial health of Lee Memorial Health System.

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Regulations and Changes on How Hospitals are Financed

More so, Obamacare determines the manner in which different hospitals are financed depending on the service provided. It has led to the merging of some hospitals with the aim of improving the level of payments received. In this case, the financial health of this organization would better be off because of the understanding that it has an urgent care center. It places the institution into a better position for secured financial support.

Cuts to Medicare Reimbursements

Currently, hospitals are in their third year if Medicare reimbursements hence leading to the reduction of the revenues available to hospitals. According to Randolph and Morrow (2013), the requirement for Medicare, reimbursements would undeniably affect the financial health of Lee Memorial Health Systems because it would have to contribute to pay up for the law. However, it could be effectively covered up through members who have taken private insurance in the country. The hospital will suffer some revenue losses because of the regular contributions to Medicare.


Current essay focused on the discussion of the involvement of frontline employees in matters of financial health at Lee Memorial Health System. More so, the essay highlighted the view that Frontline employees get the opportunity to participate in issues of financial health through working in teams. Teamwork enables them to focus on common objectives that help promote the acquisition of a better financial health in the organization. Moreover, employees get the chance to participate in such issues through regular meetings that promote performance analysis and the improvement of patient outcomes, which improve the health of finances. Obamacare is a key external factor affecting the financial health of the organization through its numerous provisions on the restriction of funding and the requirement of reimbursements to Medicare by hospitals.

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