Caring on Nursing

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Section One

Caring and non-caring experiences shape nurses' or future nurses' interactions with patients and fellow healthcare professionals. An example of a caring experience I once had was an interaction with one of my patients who was cranky and who hurled racial slurs and insults at me. She was old and she seemed to be bitter that someone from a different racial background attended to her. In her perception, people like me were more suited to perform other jobs like the health care profession was too complex for us and we were bound to make mistakes.

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Therefore, she feared for her life and she was not ashamed to voice this concern straight to my face. At first, I tried to ignore her and shrugged off most of her comments with a smile. However, the more I tried to calm her down, the louder and more abusive she became, forcing me to walk away in a huff. The experience was embarrassing, and I felt unappreciated and humiliated since the incident occurred in the full glare of other nurses and patients. To make matters worse, she reported to my supervisor that I was unfit to be a nurse and my skills were insufficient.

Looking back on this experience, my feelings would still be the same, but my reaction would be different. Instead of walking away clearly upset and showing her that her insults had hurt me, I would have handled the situation professionally and called in my supervisor or an administrator to assist me in handling the situation. I would have also calmly requested whether I could get another nurse to attend to her since she was not comfortable with me.

An example of a non-caring experience was an interaction I had with a more experienced nurse at the hospital I was stationed in. The nurse would regularly degrade me and the less experienced nurses in front of the patients and other staff. We were textbook nurses who had no practical knowledge of the field, unlike senior nurses who did not have most of the education we had but who was twice as effective. She would also relegate most of her duties to us. I felt demoralized and frustrated until other senior nurses came to our aid and told her off.

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Looking back, I would not have felt the same way and would have stood my ground despite my junior status. One of the things that I have learned from this experience is that dealing with difficult patients requires tact, professionalism, and maturity. One should also not take negative behavior from the patients personally and let it affect them. Another thing that I have learned is that I should stand up to any form of harassment at the workplace whether it is directed at me or any other individual. Everyone has a role to play in the workplace regardless of their position and standing up for oneself gives one confidence and a sense of purpose. I believe that these aspects will assist me in my future practice as a Canadian nurse.

Section Two

When Evelyn says You can make or break the patient-nurse relationship, she refers to the fact that nurses' attitudes to the patients determine the establishment of a strong nurse-patient relationship. Therefore, nurses should have an attitude and conduct that fosters a relationship based on common trust and respect through effective communication and sensitivity to the patient's needs.

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There are several ways that I can make Evelyn and the patients like her happy. One of them is to listen to the patients actively to ensure that their concerns have been heard by repeating voiced concerns such as Mr. Devon, you have mentioned that you were concerned about the swelling in your joints, right? I will also guarantee privacy during the administration of nursing care. This ranges from discretion when asking personal questions, such as the frequency of bowel movement, to the procedures such as administering injections.

I will also be more accommodating of the patient's behavior by adopting a non-judgmental attitude. For example, some patients may practice unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking that will not change despite the efforts at teaching them health-promoting habits. In such situations, my role as a nurse will be to establish a working relationship devoid of negative patient assessment.

I will also inform patients about the procedures I perform or the medication I want to administer to them. This creates awareness of their health issues and builds their confidence in me. Honesty is another aspect I will uphold in my practice. I will be truthful in my interactions with patients, especially when it comes to the time taken to attend to them, for example, being present within the time I had given to assist them. As a sign of respect, I will refer to the patients by their names instead of derogatory terms such as the feeder, according to Evelyns account.

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A negative attitude affects the quality of services offered to the patients. Therefore, I will try to separate my job from the personal problems that negatively affect my services. For example, I will not talk to my patients rudely because of an argument with my spouse. It is easy to be impatient with the patients because one wants to complete their shift as quickly as possible. I will endeavor to practice understanding about patients and, for example, I will not lash out at elderly patients because they are slow in taking their medication.

Section Three

1. As a concrete perceiver, I have analyzed that as a student using deductive reasoning, I am still dependent on my parents. It would be hard to raise a child without the father's financial support. Therefore, abortion is the easiest solution.

2. As an abstract perceiver, using inductive reasoning, I have analyzed that abortion and adoption are the easiest decisions but the pregnancy is the result of my choices. Voluntarily losing my child would haunt me for the rest of my life. Therefore, I would decide to keep the baby.

3. My analysis as an abstract perceiver was more difficult to complete because I had to think critically about the situation and analyze each option and its pros and cons.

4. Concrete perception is the best method for Brittany to make a decision.

5. Concrete perception can be used in deciding the amount of sterile water to be used in creating a medical solution that is to be administered intravenously to a patient.

6. Abstract perception can be used in selecting the appropriate intervention when it comes to some emergency regarding the patient.

7. I have learned that some decisions in my practice require critical thinking and perception from a third-party point of view.

8. I believe that I am an abstract perceiver because my decisions are rational and objective. My capability to solve problems relies on my ability to analyze and process information in a multifaceted and intangible method. Therefore, I seek more informed decisions.

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Section Four

I have had some difficulty in following the centering exercise. It took some time to focus but centering had helped me to reason that my personal feelings were not related to the task at hand, which required full concentration and left no room for errors. I anticipate that centering will be useful in my future practice because it will help me to focus on performing my duties.

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