Health Failure

The analyzed case study describes a serious health problem of Mr. P, namely his cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. Cardiomyopathy makes it harder for the heart to fill with blood and pump blood. (Cardiomyopathy, 2016, para. 1). The first and the second diagnoses are directly related because cardiomyopathy is one of the main causes of heart failure (Cardiomyopathy, 2016). Moreover, Mr. P needs urgent medical help, because he reveals a range of serious symptoms, namely 4+ pitting edema, moist crackles throughout lung fields, and labored breathing, which confirm some problems with respiratory organs.

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Hawkins et al. (2009) write that a consistent non-linear relationship is apparent between age and frequency of concurrent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with HF [heart failure]. (p. 132). Mr. P is at the age when he is still at high risk of developing lung problems. The management of his state includes maximal weakening of the symptoms and possible negative consequences like a heart attack or cardiac arrest. This goal can be achieved by a combination of medical and lifestyle interventions studied in this paper.

My Approach to Care

I plan to care for the patient's health through the following activities:

1. Checking and confirming the diagnosis of the patient: through electrocardiograms, cardio imaging, and all necessary blood tests to prescribe correct medical treatment.

2. Initial management: I should ensure that Mr. P does not have any breathing problems: Oxygen should be administered to achieve an arterial oxygen saturation of? 95%. (Sliwa et al, 2010, p. 772). It is important to provide corresponding drug treatment, following the existing updated guidelines and individual peculiarities of a patient's state (Sliwa et al., 2010).

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Treatment Plan

When arranging a treatment plan, the purpose of treatment should be individual in each case and properly formulated to achieve successful outcomes. In the case of Mr. P, the main aims are controlling the signs and symptoms of heart failure and reducing complications and the risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). (Intervention and treatment, 2016, para. 3).

A treatment plan for Mr. P consists of the following elements:

Heart-healthy lifestyle changes (healthy eating and physical activity, which is appropriate for a patient. In case of Mr. P walking every day for an hour is a good recommendation)

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Medical intervention, which includes a wide range of medical drugs:

  1. Aldosterone blockers to balance electrolytes;
  2. Antiarrhythmics, which keep the heart beating with a normal rhythm. (How is cardiomyopathy treated, 2016, para. 4);
  3. Anticoagulants to prevent the formation of blood clots;
  4. Corticosteroids to reduce inflammation;
  5. Diuretics to remove excess sodium (How is cardiomyopathy treated, 2016).

If Mr. P reveals any new symptoms, a cardiologist may add some drugs to the treatment plan or even recommend heart transplantation. In case of high treatment costs that will be hard to handle for the family, Mr. Ps wife should apply to some corresponding organizations, which may give some financial help to such patients as Mr. P.

Method for Providing Both the Patient and the Family with Education

The most appropriate method for providing Mr. P and his wife with the corresponding education will be demonstrative materials. I will print a treatment/care plan for each day of the course and explain it to them step by step. I will invite a psychologist to talk to Mr. Ps's wife and tell her why her participation in the process is important and how she should control a healthy diet and the daily activities of her husband. Some counseling sessions may be also required for Mr. P. to stabilize his acute emotional state.

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Teaching Plan

A teaching plan for Mr. P will include:

  1. Some general information about the causes of the patient's state (one hour);
  2. The importance of healthcare interventions in the form of lifestyle and eating habits changes (two one-hour sessions);
  3. The aim of medical interventions (for the purposes of treatment) (two one-hour sessions).


To conclude, cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure diagnosed in the case study pose a serious threat to the patient's health. The senior age group to which the patient belongs aggravates the risks and requires special care and a properly arranged treatment plan. In the case of Mr. P, it is important to determine the medical treatment which will be appropriate for his age, offer effective intervention, and a teaching plan to engage his wife in the process of treatment. Medical care should be focused on providing normal oxygen exchange and include a described range of medical drugs to stop the development of his condition. Mr. Ps's wife will follow her husband's healthy diet and physical activities. All these interventions should improve his state and release the emotional pain caused by the hard physical state of the patient.

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