1. Abstract
  2. Family Composition
  3. Family Members History
  4. Developmental Assessment
  5. Conclusion


Family health assessment involves investigation of the health requirements of a patient. Health assessment covers the documentation of the health pattern through the use of interviews and observation as a means of gathering information. The mechanism leads to the development of a treatment plan for further benefit of a healthy family. Health specialists are thus tasked with establishing the health needs of an individual. Family health assessment documented herewith has laid emphasis on people from the Hispanic origin. Through the evaluation, it becomes possible to establish a patient diagnosis framework which provides accurate judgment in the health sector.

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Family Composition

The family under study consists of a father (50 years), mother (45 years) and three children namely Joe (35), Michael (29), Martin 25, and grandson who is 10 years old. The family also has pets such as cat, and two dogs. In fact, the marriage is monogamous where father is considered as the overall leader and the provider of the family.

Family Members History

Family members relate the history of existing psychological, physical, and economic irregularities that may affect the family values and trust. There was a time that this family experienced divorce, thus affecting the mental functioning and quality of a family relationship with the household. In case of divorce, emotional and financial problems can arise; in most cases, wives experience them due to the fact that they solely depend on the maintenance of husbands. Under these circumstances, husbands are presented as government employee.

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The first-born son, who is Joe, is currently working in the international organization. He is very stable in the financial sphere. The second born son is Michael. He is an accountant in the airline industry, and he is better off concerning financial matters. Martin is the last-born son who is still a student at a local university. He is expected to complete education next year (Thompson & Church, 2010).

Sometimes, parents fall into depression since their children require a preventive intervention through a careful process of helping to cope in the most efficient manner. There is a strong need to examine the resilience in this family which involves the determination of the capacity to achieve age-related development tasks. Other constituents are on the need to determine the level of engagement in relationships and the need for self-understanding. What is more, commitment to family values is an important attribute that needs to be practiced by all family members. Commitment is part of the prevention intervention strategy, and this increases the connection in understanding risk and resilience (Maas & Delaney, 2004).

Developmental Assessment

Developmental status of family members is a crucial concept in the family unit. Developmental assessment is part of the family task areas that help to resolve a crisis. The basic premise concerns the provision of money, shelter and food or any other necessities of life. Developmental tasks extend to the age stages from the infancy stage to adolescent and aging. Development duties include such stages like marriage, childbearing family, school age, teenagers and the aging family. Crisis tasks are usually prevalent, and this causes stress, accidents, and even death. The family unit needs to cope with these issues to emerge stress-free and, consequently, ensure a stable transition in maintaining a healthy environment (Rantz, Miller, & Jacobs, 1985).

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According to genetics, this family involves susceptibility to diabetes disease. The mother of this family was diagnosed with type II diabetes. The presence of this history may help in preventing and screening interventions to other members of the family. Immunization status of the family has also been ensured. Immunization controls the susceptibility to such illnesses like polio. In fact, there are no immunizable problems in the family. Other diseases have been reported where Martin was experiencing asthmatic related issues that have been managed through treatment. The asthmatic condition had earlier led to the admission to the hospital, but the situation has now improved (Thompson & Church, 2010).

The communication pattern of the family is very efficient. There is a symmetrical relationship in the house where discussions are held appropriately. Family decisions are evenly made as well as decisions between the husband and wife are equitably made; on the contrary, children act as a support for decisions made by the parents. In other words, there is a smooth information flow. There is no history relating to acts of violence in the family. The discipline level is very high since no harsh interaction exists between parents and children.

The family has been able to cope with emotions in a favorable manner. The presence of an appropriate coping strategy has been made possible by positive behaviors in combating stress. An example is a situation where each weekend is a "family day out" to all members of the family which ensures family bonding. Religious and cultural factors also influence the family unit where all members are staunch Christians. There is an accurate application of Christian teachings in instilling values of a healthy person. The family is thus influenced to remain decisive in shaping the identity of members. The result is the establishment of positive goals of the family. External support in the household emanates from religious orientation, social support, and cooperation with the society. Role conflict is present in the family, and it is evidenced by the father being the breadwinner of the household and at the same time, filing for divorce.It creates some conflicting scenarios that expose the family unit in a bad light.

A family unit may have a disaster plan which involves the need to prepare in advance and coming up with the best protection in the case of a catastrophe. Essential services like water, electricity and gas can be cut off at any time. Proper actions have been put in place to control these problems without necessarily having to run out of the home. Solutions to these problems have been identified by the working together and establishing a healthy team from the family.


In conclusion, it can be stated that a nursing diagnosis is a useful tool that is used to represent the clinical judgment of a patient. Through diagnosis, the health situation of a patient is identified. The accuracy of the method is quite beneficial in the identification of the link of the patient to the risk factor found at the assessment stage. The establishment of this diagnosing pattern is a good improvement when it comes to multiple analyzes of a patient.

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