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Professional Interview witt Painter

Sarah Dieckman is a painter, illustrator and freelancer, whose art revolves around themes of nature, animals and beauty. She has her own studio in East London, where she spends most of her time. Sarah creates many vivid illustrations for various publications, makes up a design of books, and works on a series of thematic and non-thematic cards. Moreover, Sarah has been recently engaged not only in creating illustrations, but also in some ceramic art. Her last project is called Little Paws, which is represented by small ceramic products, depicting busts of various animals. Moreover, Sarah manages an online shop by her own, where in addition to her amazing works, everyone can buy various souvenirs, including eco-bags, badges, and many other pleasant things.

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The artist was born in Germany, where she received her art education, studying for six years at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Berlin. After her mothers death, she decided to migrate to London, where she began her career in fine arts. As a rule, Sarah is engaged in several things at the same time, and her range of duties is wide enough. She responds to incoming mails and accepts orders, which appear on the site. According to the artist, she is trying to spend on this activity only few hours for the benefit of art. Since Sarah is a perfectionist, the work on a single image can take from several hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the object. That is why, she does not have a specific schedule. In addition, she can work the whole night.

I feel strong enthusiasm after talking with Sarah, since everything that she has retold seems to me my own words. She clearly formulates some feelings that I cannot catch and pass, but feel only. As a result of the interview, I have become sure that my fantasy and imagination can find enough practical application in art, and moreover, they are worthwhile. Previously, I have had no thoughts why people are so much fond of art. Furthermore, it is not about artists or such creative persons like Sarah, but about people, who buy art creations, try to diversify their surroundings with various objects of the interior, as well as make their homes, clothes, and eventually lives more colorful.

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It has not come to my mind that this amount is many times greater than the number of people, which reproduce art by themselves. Through Sarah, I have realized that art is not only a leisure activity, but also a serious thing that can be a sense of my life, as in the case with many artists. Moreover, despite the myth that art cannot provide a necessary material basis for the human, Sarah proves the contrary by personal example.

As far as specific things are concerned, I have realized that I am a supporter of more modern forms of expression, and I do not want to be engaged in classical painting, although it is needed as a tool that can expand the consciousness of the artist. Sarah was trying to get as much knowledge as possible throughout the entire study at university. However, she did not stop at that point, and continues her study that surprises me most of all. Every day, she learns something new, following the latest trends, delves into the history, combines ideas and improvises.

I have learned that in spite of the fact that artists work seems simple, and many people believe that they do not burden themselves with loads, it is a very complex task. This profession requires incredible discipline, which can only be achieved by persistently being engaged in the process. Without a certain schedule, the artist should perform work on time, regardless of any external circumstances. It means that he or she should overcome some degree of laziness, simple unwillingness to do something, bad mood and other negative factors in favor of work.

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In addition, I have learned that in order to become a truly independent artist, it is necessary to be bold. Freedom requires some courage, because on the way to ones goal, a lot of people will have a definite opinion about artists work, and they will not always be full of delight and praise. On the contrary, they may express criticism, and even provide some negative feedback. In this case, the artist should keep faith in himself or herself and overcome some internal unnecessary barriers, as Sarah did. She has admitted that she has just regained consciousness, realizing that she should act. I have understood that I cannot trust my own fear, because it will control me all my life, and I will not be able to do anything.

In addition, I have found out that collaboration with other creative people is required. They can be not only artists, but also those who write songs, involved in writing, prepare incredible dishes, or just create something with love. These people are full of vital energy and can infect others by it. They shine with fresh and original ideas, their minds are always busy with their creation, and they do not seek to destroy. Therefore, such surroundings can become a source of inspiration for creative persons, including artists.

Now, in the light of this interview, I can say with certainty that in the first place, I will choose a university that can provide me with the knowledge base necessary for my career and which will satisfy my requirements. However, this is only part of the conceived plan, because self-education has an essential effect, and the artist should be engaged in it all the time, every free minute. In addition to the profession of an artist, I will polish my skills in the area of confidence. I think as a future artist, who wants to become free. Moreover, I will try to lose all sorts of internal barriers, arranging different performances and participating in artistic initiatives. I think that it may change me heavily.

Sarah has shown me another source of inspiration and search for it, where in the conventional sense, it is impossible to do. Moreover, she uses a unique method of searching for a muse everywhere, in conversations, usual routine affairs, environment and things around. Therefore, one of the tasks of my transformation into someone I want to be is finding that inspiration. Perhaps, I will not only get the profession of an artist, but something much bigger and more important.

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Interview Questions Asked to the Artist

1. Please tell me about yourself. How did your career as an artist start?

2. Was it scary to open your own studio? How long have you prepared for this?

3. What has your study at university given to you? What is the most important thing in education for you?

4. Why did you decide to move to London?

5. Where do you get your inspiration?

6. Why does the theme of animals and nature predominate in your works?

7. You have a project Little Paws, where objects are created using an unusual technique, ceramic. Do you plan to deal with more art techniques soon?

8. Can you tell me about your typical day?

9. Do you have a favorite artist (artists)? Who are they? What do they mean to you? How have they influenced you?

10. What would you like advise for young artists at the beginning of their journey?

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