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Interview With Sophie Wilson

The woman who was interviewed for this paper is Sophie Wilson. She is a renowned computer scientist and software engineer. Sophie was born and raised in Leeds, England by her parents who were both teachers. She attended college at the University of Cambridge where she studied computer science as well as the Cambridge mathematical tripos.

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Wilson asserts that a number of people played a role in influencing her on developing an interest in computer science. In her childhood, she experienced the impact of the great minds of women-scientists who were able to overcome the notion that information technology was a field meant for men alone. She cited the story of Ada Lovelace, one of the first females in informatics, and claimed it to be exceptionally inspiring for her. In her pursue of such a field, Ada demonstrated that everything is possible when just to place the right amount of focus on it.

During her time in college, she was greatly influenced by her professor who took her through the course in computer science. At the same time, great women who were information scientists of that time, continued to inspire her and fuel her drive for informatics and programming. Besides, many of her colleagues, whom she deeply respects, still have impact on her current work.

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Wilson created a number of innovations that led to her great fame. She is credited with the invention of the Acorn System 1, which was later developed commercially by Acorn Computers. Together with her colleague, Steve Furber, she implemented the prototype of the BBC microcomputer, what resulted in the sale of over a million BBC micros. Then she co-designed a machine processor with Furber that was integrated into the BBC Micro. Wilson also contributed significantly to the development of Acorn Replay, which serves as the video architecture for Acorn machines, that encompassed an operating system extensions that allow video access.

She explains some of this technology with respect to a lay audience in the following way. The Acorn system, which works with the ARM processor, is based on the RISC architecture. It creates a 32 bit and a 64 bit multiprocessors, which enable computers to perform a low number of instructions. Photos of her achievements can be found at the Computer History Museum, which developed a gallery for this work.

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When she was pursuing her dream of becoming a computer scientist, Wilson admits to have faced a number of gender and cultural biases especially in her education and work. During her time at school, it was considered that boys were more suitable for computer science due to their inclinations for inventing things in comparison to girls.

Further, men were perceived to be more talented when it came to mathematical subjects, and that discouraged women from showing interest in these branches of knowledge. At work, the biases included males being more likely to be hired as computer scientists compared to females. The same trend is applied when it comes to promotions. Despite their impressive accomplishments, many ladies are overlooked when it comes to it as men are perceived to be better suited. Remuneration and compensation are other areas where women have been highly biased.

Despite all these prejudices, Sophie Wilson was able to advance and emerge as one of the leading computer scientists in the world. She made it a mission to use her skills in informatics to change lives of many people for the better by making incredible inventions.

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