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Customer Service Interview

Healthcare industry is one of the most responsive to the customers needs services since it protects one of the greatest values of the clients, their health. The customers of this particular industry are the patients who demand appropriate treatment, which includes diagnosing a disease and treating it respectively. However, the workers of medical field have to combine their medical experience with great communicative skills. This is due to the fact that dealing with the clients frequently requires compassion and empathy. In my view, families who cannot conceive a baby are most worth compassion. With this respect, I decided to visit Long Island In Vitro Fertilization Center. In order to learn more about the customer service, I arranged a meeting with Dr. Kathleen Droesch, one of the Centers physicians.

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Dr. Droesch briefly told me about her career path. According to her story, she graduated from the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia. There, she did her reproductive endocrinology fellowship in the late 80s and undergone her post-graduating training after that. Dr. Droesch revealed that the training convinced her in the correctness of her career choice. Later, she started teaching as an Assistant Professor in the medical school faculty at the State University of New York. In 1994, she joined the staff at Long Island IVF.

It should be mentioned that this prominent doctor is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology. More than twenty years of experience in a current title made her one of the most appreciated physicians at the center. Meanwhile, Dr. Droesch admits that she is indebted to Dr. Fred Benjamin, the centers reproductive endocrinologist. Currently, her responsibilities include education and counseling the clients, as the diagnosis and treatment can be medically and psychologically hard for the couples. In her work, she addresses both medical and psychological aspects. Therefore, one of her core working principles is a personal approach to everyone.

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When I asked Dr. Kathleen Droesch about personal qualities essential for anyone working with patients, she smiled. Obviously, she had a lot to reveal regarding this question. The first quality that is necessary for any physician is patience, because a persons tendency to lose temper fast can ruin everything. Since each married couple has a completely new story with its successes and fails, the physician should be ready to listen to all the complaints and deal with human despair. Such feeling is the most commonly experienced by the patients of INF centers.

Furthermore, a good physician cannot be egoistic and profit-oriented. As a rule, the treatment plan implies expensive medications and procedures, which can be rather challenging or even burdening for people who want to have a baby. Therefore, the doctor should consider all possible options and never express his or her excitement about the upcoming profit. This can in fact hurt the feelings of the couple and endanger trusting relationships with a doctor. That is why a good physician should be a good psychologist as well. Finally, being respectful is another quality essential for anyone working with the patients. This implies that the physician, especially in INF center, should be sensitive to the moral boundaries of a couple.

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To be honest, the most rewarding part of working with the physicians patients was rather easy to anticipate, and Dr. Kathleen Droesch confirmed my assumptions. According to her, the greatest reward is feeling a special triumph of overcoming infertility and seeing the happy eyes of those who eventually received a chance to become parents. They justify all the efforts the doctor makes either in counseling or in facilitating the process of conceiving a baby.

At the same time, the biggest challenge is to listen to those who have tried all the means but their efforts resulted in failure. Dr. Droesch admitted that listening to the stories of unsuccessful fertilization and miscarriages was especially hard at the beginning of her career. She perceived everything too personally and treated her patients as if they were her best friends. However, the years of practice developed immunity for too much empathy. Another complicated aspect is to inform the patient about another fail. Though these cases are rare, the fact is very difficult to accept. Sometimes the patients blame the doctors for the failure, so a physician should be prepared for that and able to react properly.

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In this regard, I asked Dr. Kathleen Droesch to give a piece of advice to an individual interested in a career in a service organization. She said that primarily this person should be ready to serve others. Being a successful medical worker, either a nurse or a physician, requires readiness to work for the sake of others, which implies patience, altruism, and genuine interest in the problems of others. Furthermore, this occupation requires strong knowledge in a field of healthcare since patients tend to trust more those doctors whom they perceive as competent.

With these words, we concluded our interview and I left the center. This interview was of great value for me. Not only did I manage to speak to a person with years of experience in healthcare organization, but also realized how difficult the work there can be. In spite of all potential awards, this job has numerous challenges. Besides, a person interested in a career alike should be ready for self-sacrifice. Considering the above mentioned, I am not sure whether I would meet all the requirements, but one can never be completely certain of something unless one tries.


1) What is your name and last name?

2) What education do you have? Where did you study?

3) What is your prior job experience?

4) How many years have you been in your current title?

5) What do your job responsibilities include?

6) What is your attitude towards your work?

7) What personal qualities are essential for anyone working with patients?

8) What is the most rewarding part of working with patients? Explain, please.

9) What are the biggest challenges working with patients?

10) What advice would you give to an individual sharing interest in a career in a service organization?

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