Valentine’s Day Significance

Valentine's Day (a holiday celebrated on February 14) is a traditional holiday when couples express their feelings by sending out beautiful cards, offering confectionery or giving flowers. The basic symbols involve the heart-shaped outline, winged Cupid, and doves. Handwritten notes gave way to the massive production of valentines (greeting cards) in the 19th century. The transfer of cards was a sort of fashion in Great Britain. Consequently, in 1847, Esther Howland founded a successful business in her home. It involved designing and producing hand-made valentines. Their popularity in the 19th century America was a forerunner of the further holiday commercialization in the United States. The Greeting Card Association evaluates that about one billion valentines are sent annually, thus making this date the successively largest card-sending holiday after Christmas. It was also estimated that females purchase about 85 percent of all cards.

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The traditions of celebrating and the significance of the holiday are very diverse throughout the world. For instance, in many countries this day is not an official holiday, but under the influence of the American culture its celebration is recognized, and sales of cards, flowers and cosmetics are only benefited over other holidays. In some European countries, like Finland and Slovenia, this day is devoted to friends and commencement of works in the vineyards. The atmosphere of the holiday is very sacral and defined by many parables and customs.

The surrounding season and Valentine’s Day is a time for romance. However, for any type of relationship, this holiday involves expenditures and commercialism. This mass-marketed, socially constructed day and season is the inducement for consumers to purchase romantic commodities (for example, jewelry, roses, and confectionery) and services (vacations and massage certificates) for couples and their significant other. Besides, this holiday seduces individuals to exchange presents or greeting cards for romantic partner(s),,family members, or friends. Actually, more than one billion dollars worth of cards destined for Valentine’s Day are sold annually.

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Holiday Significance

At first glance, Valentine’s Day is an ordinary holiday. Nevertheless, there is an extensive variety of meanings, rituals, behaviors, and commercial efforts connected with this holiday as this day is so plentiful in consumer significance. Rituals on Valentine’s Day gain a tendency to evolve permanently. New traditions appear annually, for example, Valentine’s speed dating. Marketing efforts and expenditures are vast, and begin long before the holiday. This marketing persistence usually targets males as prospective buyers and makes expressive guidelines and suggestions to support them in the process of gift giving. Such marketing persistence is a reasonable strategy as (young) men are frequently fertile ground and worry about the expectations of their significant other, who respects this holiday.

Marketing communications and commercialism promote consumer reaction towards this day by fostering togetherness, gender roles, and materialism. Simultaneously, there are strong anti-commercialism and anti-consumerism sentiments. This applies to consumer expectations towards this holiday and proposes ways for further consumer research concerning this unique day. Nevertheless, it is frequently more complicated and time intensive to choose and buy a particular gift on this holiday because of a massive output of Valentine’s merchandise in markets, online and at ground retail outlets. Others estimate the entire concept of gift-giving as only store-bought and market-driven. Many males learned to avoid definite romantic gifts for such occasions and to “listen to the shelves”.

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Psycho Emotional Condition of Individuals

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of exchanging flowers, sentiments, and cards emphasized on warm feelings of infatuation, admiration, and affection. But for many individuals, there is one fact discouraging them from enjoying such solemn acts of love: dating. This fact of being dateless can generate feelings of self-doubt, and loneliness especially for believers in the myth of real love. This does not mean that all consumers expect for or like this day of rituals and romance. For someone, it serves as some unwelcome reminding of their single status. For others, it is a time when society admits that the spent money is an indicator of concern. Actually, this day may serve as a source of obligation, disgusting, and self-loathing for different strata of the population.

We should turn our attention to the fact that romantic couples and love in the United States can intensify senses of inadequacy among romantically uninvolved. For example, one of male respondents expressed his feeling of anxiety during the holiday due to the phenomenon that society and media kept reminding that he did not have a significant other. Also, there exists a sort of status connected with having relations, a definite number of validations of attractiveness. It is clear that the lack of partner for celebration was the least aspect and the prevalent reason why individuals did not exchange gifts or cards. The man observed within the holiday (without a romantic partner) expressed some feelings, ranging from anxiousness and apathy to anger and depression. Consequent behaviors from such emotions entailed holiday ignoring or reinventing the basic script to deny the holiday.

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Avoiding holiday significance, singles can try to reject their depression as well. It is worth to agree that people are predisposed to think it is a sort of a depressive feast if they have no significant other. They feel themselves alone, miserable and abandoned when they unwittingly become witnesses of solemn plans, etc.

Nowadays, some bars have the anti-celebrations of Valentine’s Day, which were created as celebrations for single people who feel like losers because the conditions cause them to feel so. Also such parties are organized for people who have some intention of partner seeking at the party. Thus, singles have created their own fashion, through which they can legitimately enjoy their version of celebration.

Cheating Hearts

Among the bestsellers such as flowers and confectionery, spyware is also in considerable demand for Valentine’s Day. Throughout the year, the online purchases of GPS trackers are 20% higher few weeks before the holiday. The application of tracking devices around this date is an opportunity to detect a cheating spouse. It is logical to suspect that spouses are more than likely to interact with their paramours on romantic holiday, the day before or after. The frequency of adultery remains an indistinct fact, because studies report contains various results. In 2010, the survey of three thousands adults by the Chicago University Research Center showed: 22% of males and 13% of females confessed their infidelity. The heartbreak is grievously to observe, especially when a spouse gets the unequivocal evidence of infidelity on video. The most traditional and delightful gift for Valentine’s Day is a dozen of roses. This holiday is a case of a husband who had dinner with his wife and lunch with his paramour and presented a dozen of roses to both. Is it not a romantic and beautiful expression of love for such a sincere holiday?

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We should remember about that undeniable fact that everyone deserves to be loved, feel love and be important for someone every single day. We really need and want to express our feelings and receive mutuality every day, not only on one silly date in the calendar. Actually, there is nothing romantic in this holiday marked in the calendar to make ourselves feel special. Valentine’s Day is definitely a positive celebration for the restaurants, jewelers, shop keepers and other businesses, but it should not make any significance for relationship.

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