Managerial and Business Communications


Communication is essential in all spheres of life. Depending on a given situation, a corresponding method of communication is utilized to get the message across and receive the intended feedback. The advantages and disadvantages of any method of communication are the main reasons for the choice of an appropriate one. For instance, when immediate feedback is intended, face-to-face communication is effective and it also enhances understanding through posture and body language. However, it may lead to miscommunication due to misreading gestures. As seen in the example above, every communication method has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is the underlying situation that determines the use of a given method. To understand the use of different methods of communication, several scenarios will be analyzed with an appropriate communication method selected and a draft of the communication will be provided.

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Scenario 1

One of your employees is constantly late, leaving food and drinks at the work station, and you are forced to address the situation.

In such a scenario, face-to-face communication is the most appropriate method. It is a form that provides richness in the communication as it has cues from diverse sources which add to the interpretation of the message exchanged between the sender and the receiver (Stuart, Sarow & Stuart, 2007). It is an appropriate method for the current scenario as it is essential for an employee who is demonstrating this kind of behavior to understand the implications of breaking a given rule. The receiver must be able to see the serious demeanor and body language of the sender to reinforce the message that the given form of behavior cannot be condoned within the workplace. In addition, the employee’s body language and reaction will enable the employer to know whether the information has been received with the intended seriousness. An example of how the conversation would ensue would be as follows.

  • Employer: Good morning, Jason (Employee).
  • Employee: Good morning, Diane.
  • Employer: Please, sit down.
  • Employee: Thank you.
  • Employer: (Looking directly at the employee with a serious facial expression) It has caught my attention that you arrive late to work on most occasions, and you also leave food and drinks at your workstation. Do you know that it is against company rules and regulations?
  • Employee: Yes, I am aware. I am sorry.
  • Employer: Would you explain your actions? (Seriousness in the tone)
  • Employee: I am sorry and I accept my mistake. It will not be repeated.
  • Employer: (Silence)… Since it is the first time that I have had to deal with such an issue with you, I will only give a warning. Please, note that this trend must cease with immediate effect.
  • Employee: I will reform immediately and will not be involved in such actions again.

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Scenario 2

You need to let all employees know about a company special event

In the contemporary workplace, the approach taken by the management to interact with the employees has changed significantly. The mentality that personnel is paid, and, thus, must work has changed and it is less strict in most companies. Nowadays, the workplace is designed in a way that promotes convenience, participation, interaction, and enthusiasm. To let employees know about a company’s new special event, the information can be communicated during one of the special events. For instance, the company may be holding the end-of-year party, and the manager may announce a new special event to be held in the company during it. For example, a special event that may promote the enthusiasm of the employees is the celebration of birthdays every month. In this case, the HR manager or the general manager can address the personnel and tell them that since the following month, there will be a special day to celebrate the birthdays that fall within the month. It is not a formal occasion; thus, employees will be free to discuss the idea and offer opinions on how they would like it to be realized.

Scenario 3

You hear from a friend that a client is about to sign a contract with one of your present competitors. 

Competition in business should always be taken with the utmost seriousness. A move by the competitor may result in adverse effects on the business. Therefore, information that a client is going to sign a contract with a competitor is very critical and should be handled appropriately. Therefore, the best method to communicate is to organize a meeting with the executives and other relevant parties within the workplace and after making a decision it would be necessary to conduct a meeting with the client. In the recent past, meetings have become more popular due to the tendency of inclusiveness within the workplace (Rogelberg, 2006). They allow dealing with an issue with the required seriousness and enable the people involved to think and develop solutions. Brainstorming is also prevalent within meetings. To have the best results from communication, it is essential to decide on the importance of the event. Additionally, goals to be achieved should be presented. The meeting should have a person who keeps the participants focused and encourages participation. It is an important factor to make sure that there is a consensus regarding reasons for the loss of clients, and a way forward to avoid losing more customers to the competitors.

Scenario 4

You have three bids on a piece of equipment and you need to get a management decision on purchasing. 

In such a scenario, teleconferencing would be an appropriate method of communication. Improvement in technology has made face-to-face communication possible even in situations when people are in different geographical locations. In the case of a business, it may have different operational locations where the different executives operate. As such, it is possible that they must not be in the same place to take part in a meeting as through video conferencing, it is possible to let everyone participate and finally come up with a decision. It provides a meeting environment where goals need to be set and met.

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There are different communication methods and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. If selected properly, each of them can give positive results. For that reason, choosing an appropriate communication method is a critical issue to achieve the intended outcomes.

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