Management at Microsoft


Microsoft Company is one of the world leaders in the IT industry. It specializes in the production of software for different types of equipment. Microsoft Company was able to take a leading position in the world through proper management of its activities, the key element of which is controlling. However, all four functions of management will be investigated in a given paper.

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Microsoft planning activity is one of the primary functions of its management. This method of management is the process of designing the desired future, as well as effective ways to achieve it. The planning solution is aimed to identify the prospects for change in the external environment of the company, the formation of aims and strategies, and setting priorities and actions to address them. It also includes identifying the necessary costs and benefits, designing changes in the Microsoft state, coordinating of work of all its units.

For example, the result of Microsoft planning is maintaining a monopoly on the software market. Microsoft’s plan main examples are the absorption of several companies such as Quantitive and Skype Limited (Nakashima, 2014).

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The company as a member of the market system is forced to obey the price mechanism, the law of supply and demand, etc. However, in the internal environment of each firm or company, the price mechanism is supplanted by the conscious actions of autonomous decisions of managers and entrepreneurs. A manager consciously defines the main directions of intra-activity. Consequently, the intrinsic nature of the company is based on a system of targets.

Thus, planning at Microsoft is at a very high level, and in many ways, it represents an aggressive form of business.


Today, Microsoft is one of the largest corporations in the world. The number of Microsoft employees in 2014 was 127 104 persons. Microsoft is a company with a clear focus on the execution of tasks; its organization is more like a complex web of teams and projects than a clear vertical orientation. There are no internal organizational boundaries, but all together try to cope with difficulties. Corporation successfully directs the activities of people working in different departments of the various programs to overcome the problems faced by the company as a whole. Microsoft's approach to organizational employees’ activities is to focus clearly on their tasks without worrying about dependencies on other projects or teams.

Management ensures that they fulfill their work as qualitatively as other departments. Through this organization, a variety of teams can operate simultaneously, rather than sequentially, which speeds up the development process and avoids disputes between employees. The manufacturing process is converted into a thoughtful plan of action of compatible products release (Menezes, 2014).

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An example of the effectiveness of such organizational activity is that often computer equipment and software are not developed synchronously by teams in different countries. It allows asserting that the organizational activities in Microsoft play an important role in enterprise management efficiency and significantly improve the performance of the company.


In Microsoft, everything is within control, but a particular role is assigned to the standards control as it is part of the company's plan to preserve the leading position in the market. Microsoft has successfully created a standard for products in its field of production. Windows Operating System, developed by the company, claims to hold 86% of the market, and a set of Microsoft Office programs - about 87%. Control logic of standards is different from the usual logic of competition. Car manufacturers, for example, reaching a market share by certain consumer characteristics of its products in the future hardly would be able to increase its sales.

Microsoft, on the contrary, experiences fewer and fewer problems with the increase in sales volume. Its products are bought more and more by millions of customers of Windows operating system, which not only brings the company more than 100 dollars but also creates one million compatible connections Windows-Windows. That is, the consumer value of Microsoft products, as well as other products of a standard, is in exponential increasing of product compatibility (Menezes, 2014).


Throughout its existence, the Microsoft Company leads the software market. The managers of the company have repeatedly shown their leadership skills and decision-making ability that resulting in Microsoft's expansion and prosperity. The basic position of the company is to focus on results. In addition, leading in the company has become a part of the Microsoft corporate culture. Microsoft's corporate culture has some notable features. In a corporation, there is a "personality cult", however, employees do not just worship the directorship or blindly follow their example but try to learn and reproduce the most useful of their special characteristics. For example, employees are constantly trying to take an active part in the development of the company and the various activities, doing their best to ensure its prosperity, which is a result of leading (Kim, 2013).

These functions are the most important for the company. They are the key instruments for Microsoft management used to make any decisions. In addition, it should be stated that controlling leads Microsoft to success.


In Microsoft Company, four functions of management are at a high level. A special role in the company plays standards controlling, which is part of its plan to preserve the leading position in the market. Standards control within a corporation grows as well as the standards on the world market.

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