Happiness as a Reflection of the Inner Mind

Life revolves around the thirst to feel happy about everyday encounters and to seek ways of making things better with every following attempt. The concept of happiness is defined differently based on peoples perceptions of their sources of the feeling. As an individual with personal emotions, I believe that happiness is a state, that it should not be obtained from some external conditions but rather summoned from within. I have a conviction that a pure and peaceful mind leads to a feeling of happiness regardless of the surrounding circumstances over which we may have little control.

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I believe that it is impossible to find true happiness without taking bold steps to escape from restlessness and discontented mind. As Dalai Lama rightfully puts it, happiness is achievable through compassion and by training the mind. My life experiences have made me understand that I have little impact on the external forces; therefore, I should be more concerned about maintaining a peaceful consciousness so as to remain happy and healthy. I also believe in kindness, caring, and compassion as virtues that potentially determine my state of mind. Based on my clear understanding of the meaning and sources of happiness, I can boldly confess that I am a happy person and I believe that people around me can see me as such.

As a young girl who was always optimistic to grow fast and positively impact my society, I always appreciated the gift of a loving grandmother who spent a lot of her time with me to advise me on life experiences. My optimism in contributing to societal advancement is the result of the inspirational stories that my grandmother told me when I was at a tender age. She always made me believe that I was a victor and that no external challenges should ever change my perception of the world. I have a strong belief that I have full control over my internal feelings, the feelings that determine my state of mind; with that, I have a role to play in defining my happiness.

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My grandmother always helped me understand the role of the family in promoting healthy growth and development. The love that I have for my family and the people around me explains the reason why I am thirsty to grow fast and offer protection to those whom I love. For example, I feel that my parents have gone through great self-sacrifice as they tried to give me the best in life. Putting me through education and ensuring that I have access to more than basic needs is a great show of love for me. I always wonder about the best gift that I can give to my parents for their compassionate care and how I can extend the same to others who do not have a similar experience. My happiness is not only based on the feeling of contentment but also relies on the role that I play in making other people move from the state of discomfort to feel appreciable comfort.

Though I am always strong, I have also come to believe peoples assertion that I have a fragile heart. Among the things that I am convinced can have unbearable implications on my mental stability is the loss of a family member and being affected by an unfortunate situation that I cannot change. The loss of a family member can be the worst experience due to the value that I attach to my family and the family unity that I have always enjoyed. I do find a lot of happiness in the ability of my family members to hold round-table discussions to attain an understanding of all the issues of general concern.

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As a family, we always try to compromise individual interests to focus on the common good of all members. It is always important to find a balance in all preferences since harmony is a vital element in a happy life. I always equalize the two different types of contentment, namely material happiness and abstract happiness, which in turn refers to spiritual and natural happiness. At the material level, I feel happy due to my successful efforts in establishing the means of catering for all my familys future needs.

I am not overly materialistic, but the ability to keep a stable household is a matter of real significance to me. For example, I feel happy when my aging parents have good health care as a result of my efforts. My spiritual status also gives me a lot of happiness because I am in a state of inner contentment. I find happiness in the fact that I have successfully established a balance between the two sources of happiness and that I do not regard any as superior to the other.

In the modern society, peoples happiness is often affected by materialism, which forces them to attach a lot of value to money and other banausic gains. As such, they always strive for more and more materialistic possessions, which makes it difficult for them to attain a state of satisfaction. Despite having decent jobs, most people in the modern society do not feel happy as they continue to look for more and more possessions. Personally, I attach a lot of value to my present belongings to the extent that I am hardly worried about many other things that I may not be in a position to acquire. I always remain contented with the little that I have as a sure way of maintaining the happiness that I already attained. My grandmother taught me to appreciate every little gain that I have made and to avoid being troubled by other materialistic things. Therefore, I always remain thankful for all that I have acquired to be happy.

Peoples love for material things is associated with greed that makes them fail to receive satisfaction from their humble possessions. Happiness should not only be attached to peoples ability to acquire a lot of wealth but also be associated with attaining a state of mental peace. Greed makes it difficult for people to appreciate their achievements; they always strive for more, which is difficult to capture in reality.

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However much people get, they want to try and get more thinking that it is what will make them happy. I view things differently and regard contentment as a virtue that continuously allows me to remain in a happy state. To maintain my happiness, I always void the thirst for more achievements in life and let the events unfold at their own pace.

I also feel happy because of the satisfaction that I get from the gifts of nature. I have an immense love for animals because they play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Some animals, like pets, serve as company for humans and have the capacity to protect their owners by keeping away other dangerous animals. Similarly, it is unfortunate to show disregard to plants and all other gifts of nature. I cannot imagine life without plants, and I always do a lot of research on how best we can protect plants from extinction as a result of industrialization and other human activities.

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I find inner contentment in appreciating all that I have without focusing so much on what I would wish to have. To show my value for animals and plants, I always take time to visit parks and to plat flowers in my flower garden as the means to maintain my happiness. Doing so, I succeed in establishing the balance between contentment and desire.

In conclusion, people define happiness in different ways in accordance with their personal understanding of its sources. In my case, I mainly find happiness in my inner contentment as I have succeeded in finding a balance between my material desires and fulfillment resulting from the fact that I live a life of virtue. Therefore, I believe that I am happy by nature as my mindset and the way of perceiving things can never be altered.

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