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Conducting an Interview

A job applicant needs to impress an interviewer. If one wants to stand out and get a job offer, they need to attend the interview and give their best so that in the end, the employer thinks he has found what he needed. The problem comes in when a job applicant prepares fake stories to lie during the interview in the effort of being the best candidate for a position. What the applicant needs to know is that job interviews are not just about building the first impression by giving interesting answers and credentials from a previous job. It is more about showing how you were able to accomplish what you performed in the last place of work. Hence the hiring managers usually have an interest in knowing the interviewee as a person having their special attitudes, work style, personal skills, work ethics as well as how the person fits in the work culture and how much of an asset they can be to the organization.

Presenting the applicant

The applicant under consideration is Acacia Williams. The presentation of the applicant's resume and cover letter was professional, written in a business format with a date and address at the top and a signature at the bottom. The layout of the application is organized manner. The introductory part of the cover letter is professional and not detailed hence making it easy to read it to the end. The application is brief, with no grammatical errors, and goes straight to the point. Its midsection highlights the applicant's areas of experience. There is an outline of the applicant's key skills, how she developed them and applied them in her current job.

The applicant explained some of the achievements in her career as a human resource professional. She went ahead to explain why she feels she is the right candidate for the job. And at the end of the application is a concluding paragraph in which she referred the reader to her resume, thanked them for taking their time to read the application, and was informed on how she was planning to do a follow-up to her application.

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The applicant has a competitive advantage over other candidates because she is educated and has the necessary qualifications and certifications. She has over 15 years of experience in customer and business management and is well versed in the functions of a human resource manager and specifically enjoys overseeing customers and training new staff. She can build good relationships with clients and the rest of the employees. Additionally, the applicant has experience in hiring, managing, and retaining staff, which gives her further advantage.

Ms. Williams is a high potential staff member since she possesses three decisive qualities, namely aspiration, engagement, and ability (Noon, 2011). She has a desire for more challenges and responsibility. All these are only possible through getting a senior role (Chamberlain, 2016) similar to this one. She is a high performer, loves what she does, and has the desire to grow in her career and acquire more skills. Additionally, she has a combination of innate character and educational skills, which give her the ability to handle the employees and solve their problems with a lot of ease.

The means of the interview

Telephone connection gives certain advantages during interviews. For instance, it is possible to ask complex questions, probe the interviewee or even skip some questions, which may be irrelevant to a case, and change the flow of items about how the conversation is going. Additionally, it allows for the visitation of previous questions and responses (Chamberlain, 2016). However, the aspect worth attention is the possibility for the interviewer to affect the atmosphere through their tone, while it is not feasible to read a person's body language through the phone. Thus, this may affect the responses given by the interviewee when they sense a tense atmosphere. Hence it is essential to create a conversational tone during the interview. Talking in a friendly tone can help ease the mood since it is practically possible for one to feel someone smiling through the tone of their voice. Therefore, instead of doing the whole interview to be boring dialogues, short snippets and follow-up questions can come in handy. It would make the interviewee comfortable with the conversation and allow them to be more honest and open (Chamberlain, 2016).

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Interview questions

1. Why are you looking for a new job?

2. Tell me about yourself.

3. You consider your strengths and flaws as a human resource professional?

4. What strategies do you use to motivate your team?

5. What is your management style?

6. How do you get your employees to cooperate?

7. What makes a good leader?

8. Why should we hire you?


Why are you looking for a new job?

I enjoy working at my current job. The people and the culture make it a great job place. But I am searching for more responsibilities, which come with new challenges. I have successfully worked on and completed several projects over the past two years of my career. But there are no advancement opportunities at my current workplace.

Tell me about yourself.

My over fifteen years of experience as a project manager and in customer service have given me enough preparation for this position. I have spent the past few years of my carrier managing a team of employees, making sure they do exceptional work and provide solutions to issues, which arise during the daily routines.

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Do you consider your strengths and flaws as a human resource professional?

At times, when dealing with staff or customers' complications, I tend to develop an attachment to them, but I usually feel as if it puts me in a better position to understand their problems and give better solutions while staying within the limits of the company. I have experienced that my attitude towards people is useful in building trust between us, and they feel like they can open up to me.

What strategies do you use to motivate your team?

I believe in steering through recognizing a person's achievements. For instance, I am currently managing a staff of over twenty employees and I noticed that one of them was not comfortable with interacting with the rest and would always stay in the background. His abilities were good, but he could not make contributions during meetings, and I felt he could be more productive if motivated. Therefore, I started checking on him daily and monitoring his output. I also started to give positive feedback about his performance and even ask him to make contributions during meetings.

What is your management style?

I do not have a specific management style. I usually assess the team and the situation before deciding on the action to take. Sometimes the safety of the team is dependent on giving clear instructions. Hence I prefer investing in the long-term development of the staff as this guarantees the achievement of sustainable outcomes.

How do you get your employees to cooperate?

Cooperation comes through leading by example. Employees always follow what their employer or supervisors do. For instance, as a manager, I cannot ask for a meeting and fail to attend one because the employees will not understand the importance of such things. Hence as a leader, I need to be a good example for the employees if they are to develop a culture of cooperation.

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What makes a good leader?

A good leader empowers the people they lead. It is not possible to get a team, which is perfect, with no right combination of strengths and skills, and trust in each other. Hence I believe that a good leader can turn a mediocre team into an overachieving one. And this calls for delegation of responsibilities and authority. This approach helps the leader to discover a person's capabilities and be able to get the most of the individual.

Why should we hire you?

According to the job advert, the company needs an HR with supervisory experience. In my seven years of experience as an HR project manager, I have developed strong team-building and motivational skills. I have an award as a manager of the year for my strategies for motivating the employees to meet and surpass their work deadlines. Given this job, I will bring my leadership strategies and skills for ensuring the company has qualified staff with exceptional performance.

Summary of experience doing the interview

Studying the question, I was able to learn and notice a few things. First, most job applicants are aware of how they should present themselves to the interviewer but most of them fail to do so. Some of the job applicants lack positive attitudes and resort to faking their qualities (Durrani & Rajagopal, 2016). Of which some are exquisite at faking their advantages while many are not good at pretending. However, most of the time, hiring managers can see right through a lie. The most efficient manner of showing enthusiasm, excellence, and a positive approach is having these qualities to be able to express them naturally since they need to be real to produce a significant effect. Still, Ms. Williams seemed sincere in her speech. This was also coupled with her good resume.

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Ms. Williams will get the job for being able to stand out in the interview. She sounded poised and composed all through the conversation. She was interesting to talk to as she maintained an easy and conversational tone but at the same time, she was able to remain professional. She listened carefully to the questions and took her time to think them through before giving responses. She was not in a rush to end the call and even took her time to ask a few questions regarding the specifics of the job as well as the company and what she should expect if she gets the position.

By the way, it is essential to carry out the process of employee selection in an ethical manner. One of the ethical issues affecting the interview process is bias. And therefore, to mitigate this morale problem, it was necessary to develop an interview structure, which allowed me to make an objective assessment of the candidates. Thus, I tried to use the questions that would facilitate acquiring possibly the fullest picture of a candidate. I also tried to maintain a calm, friendly speech and did not hurry the applicants into giving answers.

As Durrani and Rajagopal advise, I tried to be very consistent with all the interviewees by using the same approach, questions, and time allotment to make sure that all the applicants get fair treatment (2016). It is usually advisable to refrain from labeling a candidate as the most promising one since it makes it hard for the interviewers to give the other applicants equal consideration. Also, refraining from jumping to conclusions on candidates right before or in the flow of the interview is advisable. Thus, I decided to use the complete responses from the interview as a basis for making any further decisions. Observing these ethical aspects while conducting the whole recruitment and selection ensured that the process was fair to all the applicants.

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