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History Essay on Impact of Technology on Human Freedoms

The pervasive struggles which the United States took part in during the 20th and the early years of the 21st century were an enormous achievement in toppling totalitarianism and stabilizing liberty to foster freedom at all costs. The victory was quite a foundational model for propagating a national unity, solidarity, democracy as well as freedom. During the 20th century, it is only those nations that supported an unwavering course towards safeguarding basic human rights that had had a direct cooperation with the United States to strengthen and guarantee the political and economic freedom.

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Actually, the nations having the similar interests as the United States took the opportunity to collaborate in all ways to achieve a full potential of their people and to assure future sustainability. The freedoms that were achieved were: the freedom to associate freely;, the freedom to education; the freedom to worship; and the freedom to an equal treatment despite of racial traits coming into being after a series of complex yet laudable conquests of pro-communist extremists. In the actual fact, the scientific innovation of the atomic bomb that resulted in a victorious conclusion of the World War II which the U.S. led resulted in dramatic changes that fostered human rights.

In the modern world, the United States prides itself as an astute global symbol of the military might, great economy and political power throughout the history. This heritage and the consequent principles were not achieved by use of the political and military in unilateral strength, but rather in the fight for democracy and a balance in power, which factor in the aspect of human freedom and fair political and economic conditions across the globe. This was duly validated in order to facilitate nations and societies to govern themselves and enjoy the fruits of the political and economic liberty.

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In a due course, the United States sought to achieve a safe and free world was advocating for the principles that had been a key to its stability. It would have otherwise been compromised by the pervasive spread of the communism agenda the world all over, especially on the Asian continent. Through agreements and treaties, the United States consolidated allies in steering the fight towards achieving values that ultimately transformed lifestyles. This is explained mainly because of the values of freedom that are fundamental to all societies and are deemed worthwhile to protect in ensuring the stability of liberty for all people. The fight against tyranny was and still is the upfront battle to defend freedom and uphold human rights in every edge of the sphere.

This strategy as applied in the past precisely the 20th century quintessentially helped and served as a model of extending and sustaining free and liberal societies all over the world. Thus, it creates a base of pro-freedom supports and harnessing resources to fight of the menace of communism and terrorism all alike. The starting point was ideally an act of valor in the quest to defend the nation, especially by the founding fathers of the United States. Those ones discerned the danger that communism had posed on the United States and the stability of the world, as a whole.

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Unlike the past, in which great and innumerable armies were deployed to fight in war to defend the integrity and sovereignty of the United States and cripple tyranny territories in the pursuit of freedom; there has been a tremendous advancement in technology. It has made this task more multifaceted and indescribable. In fact, the development and advancement of technology came to rise during the most trying times of war when America had been involved in a global war. This war proved a determinant of its existence and the stability of the world; hence, the need for great prowess in military expertise. The fight against terror has evolved to a fight of eliminating harnessing of technology for extremists agendas and radicalism.

Throughout the history, freedom has been under the great threats of war and terror in which the dwindling commitment of great nations and evil schemes of tyrants posed as the most trivial ones. As these threats became increasing complex and costly; the United States and its allies sought more advanced and viable ways to emerge out victorious. Hence, technology came in handy and had an impact that was undeniably the greatest tool that played a fundamental role in establishing the new and peaceful worlds order that promoted freedom at a global scale.

In the unbendable stance of the United States towards a non-negotiable approach in response to freedom and human dignity, the countrys main contributions to the allied forces course came from its booming economy. Coming from the challenges and the economic losses of the first Word War, the American superpower state needed the economic remedy and a great deal of it especially to recover a self-sustaining economy to support the needs of its population. Firstly, the 1920s were characterized by an industrial revolution that had made this possible especially the aspect of new opportunities and the new technical knowhow that had never been there before.

The astute application and use of these arrays of opportunities transformed the American economy from the top management at the level of the federal government to grassroots including the minority groups who sought a better opportunity to upgrade livelihoods to a decent and satisfactory caliber. Under the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American economic organization took a radical change that altered the status quo to achieve a greater success and equality at the work place giving opportunities to every deserving individual.

The World War led to an increased demand in the industrial output, petroleum as well as technological innovation and, hence, the maximization of the national output that accrued the GDP as well. The demand of supplies by allied nations that participated in the World War II and the demand of the American forces were overseas on duty the stimulate growth and diversification of the economy with an increasing consumption trend.

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The new innovation led to creation of jobs, hence, higher labor demands which prompted efficient management through the skilled application of technology and necessary legislation to protect workers and ensure an equal distribution of opportunities. For instance, labor forces and unions came into being. The general population had a high percentage of people involved in the labor force inexhaustibly in support of the country in the most patriotic engagement. American citizens put up with extra work to promote the interest of the war. The policy and the engagement of the United States at war greatly influenced the politics of the day and the society in all aspects of human liberty. Firstly, the economic environment became rather convenient and promoted changes in the civil organization of labor.

The extended markets in the manufacture and processing of durable goods, gasoline, clothing and industrial supplies became extreme competitive. The prices of basic needs such as houses were becoming scarce due to an increasing demand caused by people moving to industrial centers to tap into the economic opportunities. The latter ones contributed greatly to the improvement of the gross domestic product that overhauled the depression due to the renewed growth.

The capitalist economic was stimulated by the confrontation of the members to allied forces, which constituted of the United States and allies opposed to communist countries. In the United States, the reform in human rights that made a significant evolution in civil rights. The war became an instrumental factor on the political arena in which the American society ripped great fruits in the realization of human rights. The years after the World War II converted the society into a consumer culture with increased job opportunities. The impact of the industrial revolution and the role of technology were irrefutable.

The employed citizens received great wages, enjoyed larger houses, better schools and great comfort. Inventions underwent numerous improvements until perfection and even marveled the world at the best display in the 21st century. Consumerism was a key symbol of positive consequences that the postwar economy was enjoying. The victory at war in which the allied forces with the United States emerged had created a social attitude which was the belief in science, technological prowess, progress and prosperity. In fact, there was a relatively negligible concern over the postwar era and the general focus on having some new and advanced products in all industries. This wave of social conformity had created a wave of response in the American society in which equality was highly sought through movements by civil groups.

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The unfolding events were characteristically political; and office holders in the federal government yielded to the demands made relevant policy resolutions. For instance, the 1932 presidential campaigns witnessed the artistic approach to politics by Roosevelt who claimed to unleash a New Deal upon his election. This promise was a strategy to resolve a financial crisis among other civil rights issues especially the racial discrimination phenomenon. It denied non-whites equal opportunities at the work place.

At first, Roosevelts administration made great changes in the banking sector by establishing a holiday that was backed by laws to enable millions of American citizens to benefit from the gainful employment support. Concisely, the federal government enacted the Emergency Relief Administration which was fundamental in the creation of jobs in the rural conservation projects which equally employed individuals similar to extensive public works projects which were authorized by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The New Deal made it possible to extend the national to areas that had not been connected before especially a rural settlement. The encompassing undertakings of the New Deal made a great change in the agricultural sector specifically in the Agricultural Adjustment Act to reduce a crop produce in order to favor market prospects especially an upward adjustment of product prices. Consequently, the agricultural sector became profitable once more.

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Furthermore, the administration of Roosevelt made job search efforts of marginalized groups, such as veterans of war hassling free by issuing orders. These orders allowed them to land work with the Civilian Conservation Corps.

In his second term of presidency, Roosevelt further made the significant strides in ensuring the social liberty to be promoted. For instance, a series of legislations made his Second New Deal with the social security especially the Social Security Administration Act. This was a historical achievement for the society since it provided a direct federal financing of pension for older workers. Perhaps, the most effective social gain was the Works Progress Administration that offered extensive funds to projects. They were aimed to benefit the public immensely. Subsequently, the projects increased job opportunities and stimulated the economy significantly. However, this Act was eventually discontinued in 1943.

Nevertheless, Roosevelts administration enacted the Wagner Act which absolutely reorganized the work force. This Act made it possible to effortlessly organize in work unions in entirely all industries which had been reluctant to promote work unions. Thus, the corporate elite that had violated workers rights became under scrutiny and working conditions for employees. They became conducive and favourable for American citizens. Interestingly, the short terms expansion of jobs had created a massive migration of civilian populations to the areas in the urban settlement and military bases in which racial outbreak became imminent and resulted into radical changes. These shifts had eventually given a rise to riots especially by Latin and Black Americans being subjected to beating by authorities in charge of containing the demonstrations.

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However, the German and Italian Americans were spared the racial discrimination whereas Japanese Americans were considered a threat to national security. As a result, they were moved to reserve where they were secluded despite there being no evidence to establish a justified course of action. They were alleged to partake in violating national security. This issue in the radical governance of plight of the American Japanese civilians turned out racist and dictatorial. The United States involvement in the fight of the communist agenda in pro-communist countries challenged the moral authority of the local administration in the racist affairs that became overt in the United States. Hence, a challenge by riots and demonstrations sought to achieve human freedom that the U.S. and the allied forces had fought for during the World War II.

In the campaign for freedom around the world, the U.S. was strategic in the post World War II era by categorically identifying with countries and societies had sought resistance against subjugation, hence, promoting basic human rights. The fight for human rights and freedom such as the efforts by Martin Luther King Junior opened avenues of social liberation. The civil rights movement sought to fight openly for acceptance of the equal treatment of persons irrespectively of race, religion and sexual orientation. The American concept of womanhood as a motherly role and a subordinate one changed drastically and accommodated womens involvement in various capacities of work and allowed homosexuality rights.

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