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Transferring Letter Sample

For the last few years, I was sure that my future career path would be related to the engineering. My father is a qualified engineer, who designs mechanical details for aircrafts. I never seriously thought about other career options, as I was inspired by my fathers job. However, things become changing and I have lost my interest in engineering. It became clear for me that the desire to be an engineer was coming out from my parents, rather than from my own beliefs. Eventually, I decided to go to the Seattle Community College. I did not have a clear vision what I really wanted to major in. In a few months I became interested in business, where I discovered many interesting things that I did not know before.

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The business atmosphere that was created by professor helped me to understand what I really wanted to study. Finally, I decided to major in management. After studying for a while, I found that it is not an easy task to find the college of my dream. Firstly, I was excited about the whole educational process; however, after a while, I found that this particular college did not meet my academic goals, which I hoped to achieve there. Thus, I decided to start looking for another opportunity in order to continue my education. It was a hard decision to leave all my friends and relationships with professors behind. I searched the information about different places for my further studying, and found that the program in your university in management better matches my expectations and academic goals.

I have several reasons that push me to transfer my efforts to get the education in management in your educational facility. Despite the desire of my parents, I want to implement my own vision and beliefs about my education. I was never passionate about something in my life, but after studying of what is management about, I awoke an interest to something that could be handled by me, without outside forces or parental control. Unfortunately, I am not completely satisfied with my first choice in this direction. I feel that changes are necessary.

Thus, my reasons for transferring are entirely based on my desire to get the professional skills in the educational institution that fits with my academic demands. The objectives that I hope to achieve are to deepen my knowledge in management in order to achieve some results in this direction. I hope to expand my knowledge about management processes and functions. I do hope to meet new people, who can come up with alternative solutions, and look at things outside the box. I think that the current management approach is old enough, and it needs some reformation and new fresh ideas. The demands of the market and development of business require the design of a new management strategy. I hope to achieve all necessary knowledge in college in order to be a manager, who can improve or change the old management approach.

In college, I expect to get knowledge and practical skills that will allow me not only become a good manager, but also become a true leader.

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This summer, I had an opportunity to observe the work process in small logistic company, where my uncle works. I did not take any active participation in the work process, but the position of an outside observer gave me the real sense of what the management is. It was an amazing experience, during which I captured the whole process of management operations. It was easy for me to understand all responsibilities and duties that a manager has to accomplish in order to maintain a proper work process. I understood how important is the job of manager, who is a key person in the creating of the work environment, ensuring results in their realms, and who is responsible for getting all operations done. From this experience, I got the idea that there is no perfect management system, and each one could be improved by smart manager with short and long-term vision. It is also important to mention that I got good advices from my uncle, and the people, who know on practice what the effective management is.

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