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It is worth noting that safety issues in schools and colleges have not been well handled in the recent past. The need to evaluate the safety regulation in colleges should be given utmost priority. I agree with the author of the article on Student Privacy at an Intersection that action need to be taken to curb the rising cases of insecurity in our colleges. As a student, I can relate to many cases, where security issues have come up, but no one is willing to report the matter to college authorities.

I believe that if proper measures are put in place, with particular attention being on the reporting process, where students know who to go to, in case they have suspicion of insecurity threats around the college. There are many students who are disturbed and though others show their emotional distress through anger fits, others keep their emotions bottled up within them. This makes it difficult for the students and the security personnel to come up with proper measures to help them out of their problems. It is, therefore, mandatory to have proper procedures that evaluate the emotional issues of students (Gregg, 2000).

It is important to note that medical ethics do not allow disclosure of medical information to unauthorized people. It can, however, be released if the records are to be used for the benefit of the student or for legal issues, as long as proper procedures are followed in the release of medical records then this will not violate the privacy of students information. It is also important to have protocols put in place to quote when and what can prompt the school security and administration to call in external medical and law enforcement personnel to intercept a security issue (Marginson, 2010).

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The author states that there is a need to come up with new ways of dealing with security threats in colleges and hold everyone accountable for their actions. Before this happens, college administrations need to evaluate their systems and security measures to ensure that they can identify those students with problems and how they can help them. This will in most cases inform parents about the disturbances and the stress their children have and they may provide helpful information that can help curb the problem before it arises.

Medical records can also go a long way in providing an early warring in case a student has issues. This information should not be used to discriminate against the student, and it should only be disclosed to proper authorities who know how to handle the information. Measures should be put in place to make sure that misuse of information by anyone receives proper legal action. This will help reduce discrimination and encourage students to open up about issues disturbing them (Gregg, 2000).

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I believe that if everyone is held accountable for their actions, starting from college administration to the students, then the issue of insecurity will be dealt with. Having proper measures put in place without violating privacy rights of students can be achieved if the college puts in measures that will encourage students to come out and report cases themselves. This entails coming up with forums that students can contribute to ways that can help improve security around the school. Suggestions from students can then be evaluated by the administration and those that seem fit can then be implemented into school policies. This way, students will not feel as if the administration is prying into their private lives, but will feel as part of the whole security issue and contribute to making the policies work. Having this in mind, the administration will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to deal with the situation.

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