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While writing seems the usual day-to-day exercise for a majority of people, a clear and well articulate piece of writing is what the majority of those people never attain. Very few people have mastered the art of the purposive writing for the sake of appealing and entertaining their audience. For me as a student, this course has been very instrumental towards sharpening my writing skills. The course has taught me that writing contains many elements, and that a mere connection of words to make up sentences, paragraphs and essays does not mean that the overall piece of work is educative and entertaining. The letter addresses the lessons learned from my coursework and how it has shaped my writing skills.

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Since no person on the earth is naturally born a great writer, I realized in the course of my learning that I had some strengths and weaknesses. The fact that I never let the weaknesses to pull me back, however, on the contrary, I concentrate on my strengths, has proven my aptness for the writing. One of my strengths is the ability to think over and come up with a story. While this is the initial task of every writer, I believe I have the edge over many authors. What motivates me to proceed in writing is my imagination. The fact that a careful word choice is necessary to have an interesting story never scares me. My belief is that once I get into writing, the story will come out by itself. My second strength is the ability to proofread my work.

In most cases, I evaluate my work for any grammatical and punctuation errors in every sentence put down on the paper. I try my best, but sometimes I find that I have some mistakes since I am not quite proficient. At the end of my work, however, it becomes evident that my points are always arranged in order and are linked from one to the other. Thirdly, brainstorming before drafting my work is a skill I have mastered. The skill allows me to plan my work so that my paper develops a coherent flow of ideas. Through this all the important elements I need to develop my story are assembled before starting the work.

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As I mentioned earlier, perfect writing is not an inborn attribute of everyone. It, therefore, takes zeal and determination of every individual to get over the mistakes. In this regard, I have two major weaknesses which I have tried to correct in the course of the lessons. The greatest weakness is grammatical errors. While many writers suffer from this shortcoming, my mistakes arise from the fact that I think and write so fast, that at the end of the work I find myself incapable of correcting all the errors I had made while writing a paper. The grammatical errors, therefore, result in the lack of meaning in some of my sentences. Secondly, another major weakness is the lack of finding the proper vocabulary to use. This weakness consumes much of my time because I cannot proceed in my work till I get a proper word to put on the paper. It is said that a great story begins with a word.

The lack of finding a word in time sometimes makes me feel that the structure of the sentences is not really up to the standards I expect. While writing the essays for the class, my instructor has been so helpful in correcting my papers and making me realize these weaknesses. I am now able to write well without much struggle.

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The essay I was quite pleased with in the class is the letter to the editor. Even though I never got the full marks, I was able to identify my writing weaknesses and focus more towards improving my writing skills. For example, the lecturer indicated that I needed to choose the topics for my writing more carefully, avoid the run-on sentences and fix my grammar. The lecturer further indicated that I needed to choose a more specific subject suitable for the local audience when writing the letter to the editor. The essays I wrote in the class were not very difficult but a bit challenging. While I am used to the writing for academic purposes, writing an article to be read by everyone in a newspaper proved to be a challenge. With the assistance of my tutor, however, I am now able to complete an essay without any difficulty. This course was instructive and beneficial for me.

The reason as to why the class was exciting is the fact that its format was a bit interactive and informative. I felt the touch of my lecturer in my works. The instructor concentrated on the one-on-one feedback giving great details and criticism on my pieces of work which proved being helpful. The supply of articles and textbooks was also a great step in teaching me how to come up with good writings and assist in the choice of vocabulary.

In conclusion, I wish to sincerely thank my instructor for zeal and dedication while assisting me in identifying my weaknesses and working on them. I learned a lot, and I believe my writing is now better than when I joined the class. In particular, the topic selection, grammar and sentence construction were my major weaknesses, but now I have overcome them.

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