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Congressional Letter Example

Dear Senator Jeff

Being a nursing constituent, my intentions of writing to you is to seek your support for the controversial Affordable Care Act, introduced in the House as Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009, H.R, 3590 BY Charles Rangel (D-NY) on September 17th, 2009 and enacted by president Obama on March 23, 2010. As a person with requisite knowledge and experience in the healthcare field, I am quite confident that this Act, if fully implemented, would ease many Americans from the burden of the ever rising medical expenses. Generally speaking, many Americans, especially the middle-income earners, are struggling to access quality medical services, simply because they are unable to pay for it. Eventually, some citizens die due to lack of proper medical attention. On the other hand, nurses are faced with numerous challenges, especially the burden of caring for many patients at a time leading to burnout.

In addition, considering the current lifestyles, many chronic ailments are on the increase, thus, many Americans are presently struggling to manage chronic conditions, a situation that is quite expensive. For instance, a significant number of U.S. citizens are struggling with diabetes, heart-related complications, organ failure among other health complications (American Heart Association, 2015). Ironically, the vast majority of individuals suffering from chronic diseases are unable to manage their conditions due to lack of finances. Correspondingly, some people struggle with diseases, because they are unable to buy health insurance, which could help them pay for expensive medical attention. With the rise in the purchase of current medical machines, medical bills have also gone up, thus, increase in health insurance premiums. Consequently, citizens with health insurance policies are required to pay higher premiums in order to receive medical benefits in case they fall sick. With such a scenario prevailing in the American society, low-income learners are by no means disadvantaged because they are unable to pay for higher insurance premiums, thus, becoming medically uncovered.

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In light of the above, I consider the Affordable Care Act as the best option for Americans, because it would enable citizens from all walks of life to have access to quality medical services. For example, by seeking to increase health insurance quality as well as affordability, lower uninsured role through the expansion of health insurance coverage in addition to the reduction of healthcare costs, the Affordable Care Act is an essential Act, which is out to ensure that every American is able to access quality medical care (Vujicic, Yarbrough, & Nasseh, 2014). What is critical is that, the ACA aims at ensuring that health insurance services are affordable and accessible by every citizen regardless of their financial status. Through the introduction of mechanisms such as mandates, subsidies, as well as insurance exchange, the ACA stands out as the Act that does not only care about Americas health, but as an Act that recognizes the advantages of the nations health wellbeing and aims at making it possible to bring medical care to each and every citizen.

To corroborate this worrying trend, in March 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the decrease in the average number of uninsured citizens (Health Insurance Coverage, 2016). Notably, since the enactment of ACA in March 2010 by president Obama, many people have already benefited by being included in health insurance programs, thus, they are medically covered. Correspondingly, in April 2016, Gallup reported increase in the number of insured American adults from 2013. Apparently, the trend shows that already a significant number of people are benefiting from the ACA despite the fact that ACA is not fully implemented due to prevailing opposition.

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I am confident that you are the right person to spearhead the ultimate implementation of ACA bearing your history of supporting nursing Bills. For instance, you were in the frontline in sponsoring S. 1132-Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2015 114th Congress (2015-2016), an Act that amends title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act that requires each Medicare to participate in hospital in order to implement a hospital-wide staffing plan for nursing services. Most important is the fact that you recognize that most healthcare facilities are understaffed, hence, patients pass through unfortunate ordeals in their quest to access primary care. Secondly, you understand that nurses often experience burnout in their line of duty as they struggle to offer primary care to patients. As such, you were motivated to sponsor S. 1132 in order to salvage the condition.

Comparatively, unlike other legislators, you, Senator Jeff, are aware that nursing profession is in a dilemma because of the increased calls for nurses responsibilities. Thus, together with other congress representatives, you established a Nursing Caucus, a platform that allows Congress members to address a variety of issues affecting the nursing fraternity. This reveals that you truly possess a passion in matters affecting nurses and healthcare in general. Therefore, I am convinced that you are capable of saving Americans by ensuring that ACA if fully implemented.

Therefore, considering the nature of Bills that you have been supporting, you stand a better position to support ACA despite the fact that the law together with its implementation is faced with setbacks in both Congress and the Federal Courts, and from some of the state governments, labor unions as well as conservative advocacy teams. In spite of the opposition, ACA is a beneficial Act considering the fact that it provides for ways of controlling insurers risk in both individual and business markets. Therefore, health insurers will not unnecessarily transfer risk expenses to the insured. Similarly, through the limitation of insurer loses ACA aims at encouraging more Americans to purchase health insurance policies, because citizens are protected from the exploitation by health insurance companies.

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Essentially, ACA has a direct impact on nursing professionals because under the Act, health care facilities in addition to primary caregivers would technologically, clinically, and financially transform their practices in order to come up with improved health outcomes, lower medical costs, and improved distribution as well as accessibility methods. Generally, nurses at times work under strained conditions, for example, with limited medical facilities or assigned a significant number of patients in need of primary care. Accordingly, ACA aims at improving the working conditions of nurses in addition to reducing the burden of medical costs to patients. Similarly, by advocating for technological transformations in the healthcare system, ACA aims to ease the work of nurses by use of current efficient medical devices.

All in all, ACA and your sponsored Bill s. 1132-Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2015 advocates for the better working conditions for nurses. With this in mind, I am sure that the wellbeing of nurses is among your major priorities as a senator and as a member of the U.S. Congress. Therefore, I urge you to be in the forefront and ensure that ACA is fully implemented for the benefit of all American citizens and nurses as well. By lobbying for sufficient support from the opposing side, I am sure that your efforts of fully implementing ACA despite the claims from the opposing faction that the Act is expensive. Basing on the advantages of the Affordable Care Act, I hope that you will consider my opinions on ACA and use your position and reputation to lobby for more support for ACA.


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