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Birth of a Nation Film Review Sample

 1. Films served as a lightning rod for social and political debate because they showed events from social and political life, which could not be discussed freely. Therefore, once these events were featured, there was no reason not to discuss these events anymore. This concerns not only events but also important social and political issues. For example, many films show the problem of corruption of political leaders. There are many documentaries, which feature different social issues and political life. Nowadays, films deal with such problems as globalization, the change of climate, war, terrorism, environmental pollution, and health issues. Without such films, the world would not know about these problems, but, now, the population knows about it and can deal with it in the best possible way.

2. Film emerged not due to technological innovations, but it was the inevitable result of the culture of modern life. Film as a kind of art became an important means of entertainment and communication; with its help, people expressed different ideas. Important events happening in the lives of people had to be expressed, and they found expression in the form of film. Everything new that enters the culture of young people is shown in movies. Movies are the best way of learning customs and traditions of different countries, and the interests of the youth and their admirations.

3. Many filmmakers produce films based on historical events or some famous historical persons. They often show the event in a different light or portray the person inaccurately. That is how history is very often turned into myth. History books are not always interesting to read, and that is why filmmakers try to make films more exciting than books. They add something new to history, portray historical figures more vividly. For example, everyone knows the film Braveheart. This film was very successful, but it features historical events, which are inaccurate.

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There was no such tradition as the right of the first night. The main hero of the film, Wallace, had an affair with Edward Is daughter-in-law, Isabella. This could not happen because Isabella was a baby at that time.

4. Birth of a Nation is a great masterpiece directed by D. W. Griffith. When filming this movie, a lot of new camera techniques were used such as making photos at night, panoramic long shots, still-shots, the iris effects and others. There were also used new artistic techniques: the dramatization of historic events, presenting the plot of the story with an exciting climax, color tinting, etc. This film was chosen as one of the Top 100 American Films, and this fact is not surprising because this film was masterfully produced. This production elevates film as a cultural form because, even today, the filmmaking techniques used in Birth of a Nation are used in the production of modern films. This film was elevated to an art form. Although, it was a silent film, it was a spectacular screen version of historic novel.

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5. Immigrants feel deeply connected to film culture because thousands of films about immigration and immigrants were produced. For example, the USA is considered to be a melting pot: many different nations come to this country to start a new and better life here. In such films, the idea of finding identity was very often shown. The life of immigrants is very hard; they can be prosecuted, and, very often, they are in search of a shelter. As a result, it is very exciting and interesting to feature their life in films. The example of such films can be In America (2002) directed by Jim Sheridan.

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