Film Critique of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a film about the fate of the weak-minded and innocent man with a noble heart. It depicts a fantastic way of becoming a famous football player, war hero, and billionaire. Nevertheless, the hero remains the same good man in love with the girl of his dreams. Forest had never thought about the reward. He just did as he wanted. He believed that if a person is in love, he should tell that. If this is a friend, then this person has to save him, even risking one’s own life. Narrow-minded, but sincere, loyal and responsive Forrest, who is carried away by a variety of social and political American movements of the 60s and 70s, made a way from triumph to disaster. Everyone uses gullible, but executive lubber for their own purposes. Nevertheless, everywhere, he achieves a resounding result. Forrest Gump is a film about humanity, respect, tolerance and unconditional love (Wang 109). This film touches the deepest corners of the soul. I have never seen such a multifaceted and deep, strong, and penetrating film that tells the story of an unusual man.

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Scott emphasized that Forrest Gump is “a popular culture phenomenon” (23). I perceive this film as a kind of indicator of human souls. Forrest Gump is a living embodiment of the simple and beautiful human qualities in one person. He is an amazing and integral personality. I believe that the film is about two main things: love and America. They form all other ideas: family, history, war, the influence of the personality on the fate of thousands, etc. In my opinion, the role of a man named Gump in the history of the country is very artificial and symbolic. This is a collective image of the nation that is involved in public policy, a sort of visual representation of democracy in a civilized society. Moller argues that Forrest Gump provides a particular political interpretation of American history (67).

It is very difficult to define the genre of this film, because so many events are rarely found in a single film. It is a comedy in regard to the mental abilities of Forrest Gump. It is a sport film in regard to football, Ping Pong and just running depicted in the film. It is a drama in regard to Gump’s history, and it is a romance in regard to his relationship with Jenny.

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In the film, there are many great, memorable and, at the same time, very subtle, humorous moments, which did not leave me indifferent. They are characterized by deep subtext, through which real historical events and important dates are shown through the eyes of Forrest. Particularly, he taught Elvis to dance and made him famous. He went to the reception of the President three times. He founded the Apple Computers, Inc and invented the famous shirt with smiley and popular slogan ‘Shirt happens’. Gump was a member of Black Panthers, founded shrimp corporation, built a church and a medical center named after Forrest Gump, and sat with John Lennon during an interview. Thus, he embodies one man, who changed the destiny of famous and legendary personalities in an amazing and fantastic way.

The film is full of amazing scenes. Thus, the scene of Gump’s state of mind before running is shot brilliantly: a complete lack of sound and music. There are only the situation and the person in the frame. There are neatly tucked bed, tennis racket, a medal for bravery, and lonely Forrest, who is filmed from all angles, left alone with his feelings, emotions, and experiences. In the scenes depicting the school and army bus, a lonely man, who is not like the others, who just wants to find a soul mate and friends, is dramatically illustrated. The scene that sunk deeply into my soul is when Forest brings a letter, which was written by his son, to the grave of his beloved and says that he had not read it, because one cannot read other people's letters. There is an excellent workmanship: beautiful camera work of Don Burgess, mounting sound, rich color scheme, and gorgeous visuals. The soundtrack to the film is simply amazing. It conveys the atmosphere of each period of time that is shown in the film.

The actor Tom Hanks perfectly fit the role of this extraordinary man. He put into this hero his own self to show the audience the world through the eyes of a man, who always remains a child in his heart. In addition, there are other characters that deserve the attention. Lieutenant Dan is a very deep and tragic character. He experienced transformation through the film. In the scene, where he comes to Forrest for a wedding, it is a completely different person. Thanks to Forrest, he came back to life, reinterpreted values, gained self-confidence and peace with God and himself. Jenny is the most dramatic and tragic character, which is well played by Robin Wright. The roots of her problems and broken, warped and terrible life lie deep in the childhood, when alcoholic father raped her. Later, with a broken psyche and terrible childhood memories, unable to get rid of children's nightmares, she begins to destroy herself, passing through all the circles of hell, becoming drug addict and prostitute. In spite of everything, Forrest continued to genuinely love and wait for her. She believes that he does not know what love is. However, Gump knows how to love truly. The past leaves her just before she dies. Rethinking, forgiveness, love, and happiness of motherhood come too late.

A grotesque story does not spoil the picture, but makes it better because it deliberately accentuates fantastic scenes and makes this film more complex, multi-faceted, solid and very deep. It is characterized by brilliant and virtuosic direction, excellent prescribed scenario, a lot of things which one can use as a living allowance. The final scene though passes through the whole picture. Gump agreed both with Lieutenant Dan, who assumed that everyone had their own way, destiny, and his mother, who stated that all people were carried in life like a feather in the wind. Forrest emphasized that both were right.

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History of Forrest Gump is a recent history of America, which is written in an exciting and free form. Created at the junction of genres, it is the most successful combination of drama, poetry and brilliant humor. It has absolutely everything that a person needs. The film is incredibly beautiful, full of unexpected events, excessively informative, sometimes severe and at the same time sentimental. The film forces me to think what our life consists of. It shows our world through the prism of understanding and appreciation by a man, who is absolutely devoid of all human vices, suffering and prejudice, capable of the ideal perception, not blurred by infinite cynicism and eternal problems, and able to see the world as it is.

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