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Sport is a social work activity that involves the interaction between people of different backgrounds. Many people consider it as the only event that leads to the integration of all races across the world. Sports activities constitute a variety of games from football, volleyball, rugby, to athletics and aerobics. The sporting activities bring different religions and cultures together, and this makes the world a global village where people can interact with one another when exchanging cultural ideas and beliefs. The sports ministries usually target places rich in diverse cultural practices that can be a center of attraction to people of all races. Furthermore, these areas are known for their diverse economic and religious practices. The paper discusses the religious, social, and economic environment, general culture, and sports culture of Rio in Brazil.

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General culture

Rio is a Brazilian city famous for the diverse and various cultures. It is a result of many activities performed in the area by many nationalists during the European inversion and slave trade which brought a lot of immigrants from different parts of the world including Africans, Europeans, Indians etc. The Europeans brought unlike ideas, beliefs, and innovations which shaped the local communities and later, converted them to the adoption of new cultural norms and social economic activities which have continued to influence the Brazilian culture up to the present. The majority of the Rio residents ascribe to catholic norms which were introduced by the dominant Portuguese during the colonial times (Tingay, 2007). Most of the locals use the Portuguese as the official language, and they believe in the family structure as the basic institution and its values. Moreover, there is a close relationship between families; they even reach for the extended families to ask for assistance in various situations.

Class distinction is based on the wealth and skin color of the people. For instance, the black community is always disadvantaged because of the way they look. The people of Rio are usually tactile and affectionate; the females will always kiss cheeks when greeting one another while the males like shaking hands to show a feeling of friendliness. Furthermore, the business operators will always know and understand one another before committing to a common business activity.

Social and Economic Environment

Rio is the fast growing city in the Latin America. It is famous for social economic activities like tourist attractions due to the presence of the lake. There are large and well-maintained beaches offering great experience for the tourists. The terrain of the area as well as the statue (Christ the Redeemer) provides marvelous views for the visitors to receive more income. Furthermore, there is a high level of the trade attracting many investors from all over the world to participate in various exchanges of goods and services (Morton, 2015).

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The city has numerous manufacturing industries providing both small and large scale employments for thousands of people living in the area. The transport networks in the town are advanced as there is the fast and reliable system of transport facilitating the movement of people, goods, and services. Rio has been the capital city of Brazil for over three hundred years. Besides, it serves as the administrative center with many business headquarters, state operations centers, big factories, and even many international business corporations.

Sports culture

Brazil is one of the countries in the world known for its great sports culture. Rio specifically has the football worldwide famous legends. A lot of locals participate in different sports as an economic activity. One of the major citys features is the experience of 2014 World Cup that attracted many fans and players across the globe to Brazil. The Lakeside town has great programs for nurturing sports talents as there are many football academies involved in identification and development of professional footballers from around the country. Although football is regarded as the most popular sports activity in the region, there are also some other sports including footvolley which is the combination of volleyball and football. This game was created in 1960s, and it attracted many participants from the town and entire Brazil.

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Religious Environment

Most people in Rio are Catholics. This religion was imposed by the Portuguese during the European inversions in Brazil (Hale, 2009). The people follow strict Catholic norms and they have a strong belief in Christ. The statue, Christ the Redeemer, is a clear indication that three quarters of the population are ardent Catholics. In fact, there are many Catholics in Brazil as compared to any other country in the world. Furthermore, the religious system of Brazil tries to imply some diversity having recently introduced of Pentecostal churches and some other Afro-religion which have attempted to divert peoples attention from Catholic norms.

In conclusion, Rio is a Brazilian city known for the diverse and vibrant cultures. Many nationalists brought various traditions and customs to the area during the European inversion and slave trade. Most of the people speak Portuguese as it is the official language. Furthermore, they believe in the family structure as the basic institution and its values. Brazil is one of the most popular sports countries. Rio specifically is known for the popular football legends. A lot of people in Rio participate in different sports as they are economic activities. The most locals are ardent Catholics. The Portuguese imposed this religion during the European inversions in Brazil. The people in Rio follow strict Catholic norms, and they also have a strong belief in Christ.

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