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The Underdogs Book Review

The name of the book is The Underdogs, written by Mike Lupica and published in New York by the Philomel books in the year 2011. It is a sports fiction book that dwells on characters that are imaginary and non-existent.

The book is about the soccer craze in the U.S.A that came due to the interest of one coach who had the passion and a strong mentality to succeed. Some of the youth who also have a desire to succeed in the sports experience some opposition from their parents. Will is one such person who even with the outright displeasure and discouragement from the parents puts on a brave face and succeeds against the odds.

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The writer sets his story around an economically depilated city, and there are no funds to run the sports activities of the town. The young members of the team show a strong desire and simple perseverance. The team eventually succeeds against all adversities. Will, the coach, together with his young boys and girls succeed beyond anybody’s expectation. They win championships one after the other. Some go ahead to become world class defenders while others reach the epic of their desire to become coaches. Their club, The Forbes Football Club become one of the greatest clubs in the city. Their resilience and ability to relate with the members of the society enables them to go to great heights. They could, with meager resources triumph over the heavyweights, hitting some of them seven goals to nil.

The boys and girls use their never fainting heart and braves all the odds to achieve their goals. Their strong mentality later changes the opinions of the people that draws them many admirers and fans.

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The book intimately exposes the ability and hidden treasures of mental strength and the will to succeed against all odds. This can be gotten in as Will finally lands the coaching job and applauds his father for standing with him during the tough times (page 274 - 275) This shows that anybody who relentlessly pursue his/her heart’s desires against all the bottlenecks succeeds. Young men should be encouraged by their parents and the elderly instead of discouragements. They should be supported so as to realize their potential instead of being discouraged as the town leader tried to dissuade some boys from pursuing soccer as a carrier. Success in the world today is by through the use of talent and tact. Sports have become a carrier just as any other profession and children should be encouraged to participate in it, especially if they show interest in such sports.

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The writer uses eloquent and impressive language to deliver his message. It is simple but clearly understandable. He expresses himself in the language of the youth. Being explicit and to the point.

Mike Lupica is a writer who was born in May eleventh in the year 1952 in New York State in Oneida. He spent most of his youth in Nashua, New Hampshire. His passion for sports made him study journalism in college and later on, wrote sports articles in major dailies like The Daily News. He is a sports writer and occasionally gives comments and analyzes on the ESPN daily. He is also associated with clubs such as the Yankees.

The book is highly recommendable to the youth who will develop strong characters to the course of their dispensations The book inspires and enhances ones insight to achieve his/her heart’s desires. It teachers on the virtue of being perseverant, humble and focused in whatever one wishes to accomplish in life. The book is also recommendable to the elderly who would use it to better their rapport with the youth.

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