People have always asked themselves the questions about the world around them. Science has helped to solve many issues, but it has certain limitations that cannot be ignored. Modern knowledge comes from Greece and results from natural philosophy. Humanities and Natural Sciences use various methods and approaches in their studies, which have helped with technological and medicine achievements. However, a number of moral and ethical dilemmas have only increased. This paper is the review of an online article East Africa’s Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System by James Wood and Alex Guth (n.d.) that represents scientific data and intends to make logical conclusions based on it.

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Brief Overview and Main Points

The article is written with the usage of natural sciences studying the Earth such as Geology and Geography. It describes the formation of the East Africa’s Rift System, which consists of a few branches, proves that there is a relation between geographical objects, and points to its role in the human’s evolution. Wood and Guth (n.d.) considered the events that occurred long time ago and influenced the rift formation. The main points are: to regard its complexity and at the same time to show its value and importance for scientists.

Article Strengths

The authors were dedicated only to one topic throughout the whole article and, thus, managed to provide the thorough description of the rift derivation. They considered well each part of the complex rift system and traced its branches, which went to different directions. The authors made exceptionally clear the reason why this theme was of big interest to geologists - due to the rift exceptional structure. Wood and Guth tried to precisely reproduce the processes that were preceding the rift emergence. They managed to create the subtopics in the article while being precise and concise with the stages of the rift shaping. The rift was pictured mostly from the geological point of view, thus, keeping the scientific style of the article.

Article Weaknesses

The authors chose the events from the past that cannot have enough of scientific evidences. They assumed the common origin of the rift with other geographic structures through general comparison, but this supportive data is arguable and not necessarily proves their similarity. It is also wrong to refer Geology to the present day life as this science studies the history of the Earth. It is a mistake to claim that the East African Rift System is a field laboratory to study, as science does not point how to use scientific knowledge. The authors provided not enough evidence and accuracy in information to make statements, violating scientific method. They had to rely more on the factual data. Wood and Guth (n.d.) tried to contradict the Darwin’s theory of evolution using a few assumptions without giving any confirmed scientific evidences. The authors had to introduce at least a separate work on their theory to state their case better, but they only interrupted the main topic at the end of the article. They also had to consider the rift as one complex system as stated in the title and not to split it into many parts by looking at them from different perspectives, thus, making the description chaotic.


The body of the article coincides with the title and introduces the promised information. It is important that the authors provide the pictures of the rift structure, which help with the better understanding of a content. They kept one style and tried to reproduce the major processes that were occurring long time ago. However, the authors had to be careful with the evolution assumption because they lacked proves and scientific data.

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