Embracing diversity is perceived as a solution to racism. Although populations are becoming more diverse, racism is still a global issue. The source chosen to investigate this was an online article by Ellen Berrey of Salon Media Group titled “Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word.” The writer is a respected professional writers, which adds credibility to the article. The article provides detailed information on the question of diversity and racism through ethnographic research and historical analysis of records.

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Diversity and Race

The source claims that diversity is a word often used in public talk, but the reality is that people have not personally embraced the word in their daily lives to curb racism. Diversity is how people address race without talking about it. Different public and private institutions claim to champion diversity but do not follow up on actual implementation with real actions. Therefore, ‘diversity’ is increasingly becoming a word that people use out of fear facing the reality of racism. The article makes a similar point that diversity discussions are a convenient solution to race-related challenges but claims it is a big lie (Berrey)

The article indicates that most colored people are increasingly facing racial profiling. This is relevant because African Americans claim that they face racial segregation by intelligence agencies in the United States (Barkan 320). These facts support research findings that despite social diversity among populations, the question of racism is still a major concern in this century. Over fifty years ago, civil rights activists celebrated major leaps in laws governing racial equality. Those civil rights seem to be neglected in some ‘special cases’ like the second class treatment of Ethiopian Jews in the state of Israel.

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In sports, European football teams have been known to be racially diverse. Players from African countries are celebrated football stars in major football leagues across Europe. While that is the case, the same players have had to deal with incidences of racism while on the pitch. In extreme circumstances, some have dealt with physical abuse with objects thrown at them. These cases highest the issue of increased race tensions in the 21st century despite the efforts of many organizations to promote cohesiveness and tolerance between individuals of different racial backgrounds (Barkan 327).

Cultural diversity in learning institutions is supposed to create a manifold experience for young people as they grow to become future policy makers. The experience is one meant to enhance racial cohesion in their social circles (Berrey). This is consistent with the view that white individuals that attend a culturally diverse institution are less willing to play the racist card and are more willing to shun the white supremacist ideology publicly (Barkan 287).

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In Africa, Zimbabwe leadership has been notoriously advocating for white settlers eviction from the country to leave land for the native black population. These are embarrassing incidences especially in the 21st century as modern economic dynamics favor mobility of labor across international boundaries (Barkan 328). Despite public acknowledgment of the issue, measures to curb it have not been implemented.


Diversity is unavoidable in modern populations as economic opportunities presented mean people migrate across international borders. However, it has brought up the racism issue even after the acknowledgment of civil rights decades ago. African Americans in North America, Arabs in Europe, Ethiopian Jews in Israel, and white settlers in Zimbabwe are examples of racial abuse. These cases are an embarrassment to human society since cultural diversity should build rather than break society. Diversity should be embraced at a personal level to curb cases of racism.

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