Hoover and Patton wrote an article in the remedial and special education journal on February 2012. The article reports on the subject of instruction, strategies, and materials for the educational plan as well as how to evaluate the students with special learning problems. The title of their article is “Differentiating Standards Based Education for Students with Diverse Needs”. The article focuses on characteristics necessary to be an effective teacher for children with specific learning problems. The article emphasizes on the equity of social justice as it addresses how to equip knowledge to such students.

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Executive Summary of the Article

The authors purpose a framework for teachers to prepare programs that aim to help prospective instructors learn how to teach students with special learning problems from studying. The structure is composed of different “skills rooted in the daily activity of teaching. When deployed deliberately and systematically, they constitute a process of creating and testing” the hypothesis about the causes which influence the relationship between the students and the teacher during the lessons. Despite the shortcomings of attaining the skills, the writers urge that the framework outline is realistic and promising set of beginning teacher’s competency program designed to grow the experts.

The article presents an overview of the multiple intelligence theory along with the practical applications. In particular, the article presents three basic features of the theory which involves teaching strategies, curriculum adaption and student assessment. The aspects are described in relative to the infusion of the multiple intelligence theory to ensure appropriate inclusion of students with special learning problems.

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Educators are challenged to provide instructions for scholars with different requirements in special and general education setting. Learning institutions are one administrative method that can be utilized to offer learners with the short instructions list. They can also be used to provide students with review and practice events as well as improved active commitment in training. Teachers should be prepared and focused to execute training tasks. In the article, the authors explore basic suggestions and questions on how to deliver and design training center events.

Article Critiques

The need to differentiate and adapt curriculum and instructions to meet special needs continues to challenge educators. The present emphasis on training and evaluating standards needs knowledge and skills to distinguish standard based training effectively to obtain different needs in class. Hoover and Patton basing their article on facts and evidence have managed to guide teachers on how to make students with special learning programs productive. Through enlightening the teachers on theories, methods and strategies, they enlighten the teachers on how to handle these students and how to make them understand. Introduction of relevant theories such as the multiple intelligence theory has promoted the article to venture into a reality. The authors invested much information to the article that is important to the teachers and will assist the educators to implant knowledge to students with special learning problems without difficulties.

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Hoover and Patton wrote their article to ensure that no kid is locked behind in relation to education yearly progress. This can only be acquired through ensuring that all students regardless of their academic ability, social, economic status, ethnicity or family structure acquire proper instruction and education. To my personal view, all children are equal and should be given equal opportunities to learn. The article “Differentiating Standards Based Education for Students with Diverse Needs” as published by the remedial and special education journal has a positive impact to the studying of students with the special learning problems. The article offers reliable strategies of imparting knowledge to these students. If the teachers adhere to this article, no student will be left behind the learning process.

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