In their well-documented article titled “Electronic cigarette vapors contain toxins, have the potential to be a public health concern” RTI International (2015) discusses the impacts of electronic cigarettes on the health of direct and second-hand smokers. The articles describe in detail the harm the e-cigarettes pose to both smokers and non-smokers.

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On the same note, the article reveals what research has said concerning the e-cigarettes. The article also suggests some solutions that can be applied to reduce the number of deaths and health-related issues caused by e-cigarettes. The article discusses the chemicals that are found in e-cigarettes. These chemicals vary because there is no institution with the responsibility of controlling their composition. Therefore, manufacturers use different harmful chemicals that affect the smokers as well as secondary smokers negatively. Therefore, the article advocates for an urgent solution to curb this menace that has in the last five decades caused more than 2.5 million non-smoker in America to die (RTI International, 2015).

Merits of the Article

The authors of this article have written it in a professional way making it reliable and academic. Firstly, the article cites the claims of professionals of the field. The scholars cited in this article have high education levels equal to the doctorate. Therefore, the reader is convinced that the content of the article is relevant. Additionally, the article is properly cited. The authors use a quotation for every idea that is directly quoted. This is professional approach, as they do not take ideas of other people as if they were theirs.

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The source of the information is also included in the article. In this case, the reader can refer to the source for further clarification. In fact, the article ends with a link to another article, which is very useful. There is evidence of the data provided in this piece. There are no easily spotted fallacies or any confusion in the article. It starts with a clear introduction, gives evidence of the information and also suggests relevant solutions.

Lessons Learnt from the Article and its Application in Real Life

I have learnt a lot from this article. Firstly, I have discovered that e-cigarettes are very harmful. I have discovered what dangerous chemicals are found in the cigarettes. I did not know that e-cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful substances. In addition, these cigarettes pose danger because no one is responsible for their ingredients. Therefore, they are extremely harmful to human health. On the other hand, I have learnt that not only smokers are at risk. It is unfortunate that second-hand smokers are also vulnerable. They are exposed to dangers just like those who smoke. This is an alarming issue, because the risks should belong to those who smoke.

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The article explains the effects of smoking cigarettes and its consequences even for non-smokers very well. Non-smokers are as well exposed to the dangers associated with cigarette smoking worldwide. The article explains that the cigarette market is growing at a very high speed. This is happening because there are no laws to control the companies producing these cigarettes. The chemicals added are also not controlled. One research institution cited in the article demonstrates how within a period of 50 years in America, more than 2.5 million people have lost their lives (RTI International, 2015). These are individuals who were non-smokers, but died because of mistakes of other people. Caution should be taken to eliminate deaths resulting from e-cigarette smoking.

After reading this article, I will start educating the public on the impacts that e-cigarettes have on people. I will ensure that I give detailed information to all my friends and neighbors who are smokers. This way, the rate of smoking will reduce. Since I do not want to be affected as a secondary smoker, I have to ensure that those around me are non-smokers. Thus, I will encourage my friends and neighbors who are smokers to quit, not only for their sake, but also for me and other potential second-hand smokers. My efforts might help many smokers and secondary smokers who could have been affected by e-cigarettes.

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In addition, I have learnt that not only the government is responsible for controlling emission of dangerous chemicals to the environment. Individuals, private sector, the government and non-governmental organizations should educate people on the impacts of e-cigarettes on human health. Those who emit the dangerous chemicals should be sued. Human life is sacred and should be protected by all means.

After reading the article, I promised myself never to smoke. Smoking has no benefit. Therefore, I will never try to harm my body with dangerous nicotine and die young. I will encourage and motivate my peers to make the same promise and keep it. This way, we will create a smoking-free generation. I will push the relevant stakeholders to take action against producers and marketers of e-cigarettes.

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