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Nursing Essay Writing

Nursing essay is an important piece of writing for every student who wants to get a grade in nursing and who pursues nursing profession. The essay shows professionalism of a student and his knowledge in the field. As a result, the paper should be treated seriously. The article below will provide you with useful tips for nursing paper writing.

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There are different important issues that need to be considered in the process of writing. They will be discussed in more details in the following chapters.

Essay on Nursing Profession Topics

In order to write a high quality paper in nursing, it is important to choose a topic you are aware of. It means that you have to write about something you know and have deep knowledge in. It will help you provide a strong and logical argument and make your paper properly supported by facts. You must understand the point of the discussion to react to it in a rightly manner. Consequently, before choosing a topic, you need to make a research on possible issues available for discussion.

It is also important to choose a topic of a nursing essay properly because some of them may be quite challenging to cover and may lead to failure. Some of the topic in nursing can include the following:

  • Why I want to be a nurse?
  • How does HIV influence breastfeeding?
  • How ethical is euthanasia?
  • Can dementia be effectively treated at early stages?
  • What are the pros and cons of home nursing?
  • Is it dangerous to smoke e-cigarettes?
  • Should marihuana be legalized and what are positive effects of using it?
  • Is depression a subject for medical treatment?
  • How does chemotherapy influence patients in the long-run?
  • How to protect nurses from aggressive patients at the workplace?

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  • Should terminally ill patients be given additional support in regard to their mental health?
  • What are the best methods of strengthening of the immune system?
  • Are religion and nursing interconnected?
  • Is Telehealth beneficial for nursing?
  • How to prevent illnesses in big communities?
  • The best ways to improve health assessment practices.
  • Nutrition and its influence on people’s well-being. Why is it important to eat properly?

Choosing a right topic is the first way to successful completion of your assignment. It is important to treat this stage of writing seriously because the topic of your paper may influence the whole writing process either positively or negatively.

Things to remember:

There are a number of things the writer needs to consider in the process of nursing paper writing. Here they are:

  1. Remember that your paper needs to be academically written as you are writing for the educated and specific audience that is aware of the information you are presenting.
  2. Use individual approach towards each paper to show your knowledge in a particular field.
  3. You need to use proper methodology and techniques to complete your paper to make it better and different from similar papers written by other writers.

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Making a Research for the Paper

Making a research is an important step towards completing nursing essay. Deep and thorough research is important, as you will be able to find necessary information for your paper. The more information you have, the better you will be able to incorporate it in your paper. Moreover, a research will help you investigate the issue under discussion better and realize its different aspects.

There are different sources where writers can get information for their papers. The most common of them include:

  • Online platforms where different scholarly articles are presented. Here you can find examples of different cases and obtain necessary and useful information.
  • Textbooks. They offer in depth discussion of different aspects that will help you understand your topic better.
  • Nursing essay examples. Even though they may not always be related to your particular topic, they can give a general insight on how to write a nursing essay and how to present information in it properly.


In order to structure your data properly, you need to make notes and write down the most important aspects. Then, you can divide the information into columns in a table to with the columns being as follows:

  1. Research method. This column will discuss research method used in the article.
  2. Content. Here you provide what you have learnt from the source.
  3. Type of data. This section will define the type of information you have obtained (numbers, quotes, general information, etc.).
  4. Strong sides of the study. In this part, indicate all pros of the source you are investigating. Make sure the information provided is reliable.
  5. Weaknesses. Here, you should discuss cons of the source and why it may influence the quality of your paper negatively.
  6. Is it useful for your own paper. Indicate whether this article can be used for writing your own paper.

Nursing Paper Structure

After the research is done, you can start working on your paper on nursing profession. The process of structuring your paper will require a few simple steps discussed below.

  1. Distribution. Work on the information from your table to divide it into the most and the least relevant one for your paper. It will ensure that you avoid unnecessary information and concentrate only on the most relevant sources.
  2. Outline. Outline is the best way to start paper writing. It helps writers track possible problems and avoid them prior to writing the final version of an essay.
  3. Choosing relevant content. Make sure the information you provide is relevant and up-to-date.
  4. Structure. Use a standard essay structure (introduction, body, conclusion) unless other is specified.
  5. Advice. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to work effectively without stops and possible writer’s blocks. Doing your work step by step will eventually lead you to success.

The following elements need to be covered in your paper. If you have problems with figuring out what sections to include in the paper, you can always check any online nursing essay and use it as a sort of a guide.


Commonly, introductory part of an essay includes general statement on what is going to be discussed in the paper.

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You may even provide a short guideline to how you are going to answer the set question. This section writing should follow simple rules:

  1. Provide information in a logical and understandable manner, as it will be a guide for your readers on what they are going to find out in the main body.
  2. The information should flow perfectly in this paragraph, as the readers must understand what they are going to read about and how it can help them to understand the topic better.
  3. Make sure you use understandable words, as well as terms to make the section effective.

Main Body

The main body is a continuation of the paper. It explains the issues mentioned in introduction in a more detailed manner. In this respect, introduction serves as a sort of a guide for the main body. To make the body properly, each paragraph should follow a simple writing logic: it should start with introductory topic sentence, then; it has to discuss the issue, and then end with a concluding sentence. Besides, all paragraphs in the main body have to be logically connected under one specific topic. Be specific in this part of the paper. Do not provide general and vague statements. Your information needs to be straight to the point.

The information from this section will lead the reader to its final part.

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Conclusion typically serves as a place for restating the most important findings of the paper. You can address different issues here depending on the paper content, including statistical data, evidences, main points of the discussion, etc. In addition, you need to state how your paper managed to solve the discussed problem and provide a final statement.

Working on a Draft

In order to provide high quality writing and good content of your paper, you have to start with a draft. The main advantage of a draft is that it helps you realize what you are doing right and what wrong to make corrections and adjustments in your paper timely.

The following issues need to be considered in the process of writing a draft:

  • Formatting. Depending on the format you have to use and the specific requirements of your professor, your paper may have different spacing, font, font size, margins, etc.
  • Every time you start formatting, make sure you follow the specific guidelines of each particular style.
  • Proofreading. It is an extremely important step in the process of writing. It is better to proofread your paper before submitting it not to lose grades.
  • Density. Make sure you avoid using the same words and phrases all the time. Use synonyms, different expressions, and terms to make your paper sound professionally.
  • Avoid writing errors. Simple errors can lead to the fact that your grade will be lowered. Make sure you recheck your grammar and spelling after the work is done or let someone read your paper for you.

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In order to complete your draft properly, you can check nursing paper examples online. Do not use them as your main source of information but rather as a guide for writing your own nursing essay. Without doubt, it is always easier to check someone else’s job than your own. You can skip mistakes that are obvious and visible for others. To avoid them, you can ask someone to read your paper for you or do the following:

  • Your Microsoft Word digital editing. Let your computer help you track misprints and other errors.
  • Highlight the areas that, in your opinion, need improvement or revision and go back to them when the work is over.
  • Read the text loud. This method will help you see the mistakes of problem areas better.

When you complete the draft, you will be able to develop clearer vision of your paper.

Plagiarism Issue

Plagiarism is a serious issue that can ruin your academic career. You should be very careful with that and make sure you do not copy any information from some nursing paper online.

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To make sure there is no plagiarism in your work, do the following:

  • You need to cite quotes properly.
  • Give credit to all words you use on reference page.

Do not use works of other writers as your own because it can be easily disclosed and you will be in trouble. Cite your sources by using specific formatting style guidelines.


This section of your paper provides full bibliography information on all sources you have used in the process of working on your why I want to be a nurse paper. Make sure you follow specific formatting rules for a style you use. Please note that bibliography page for different formatting styles will look differently. MLA differs from APA and other formatting styles sufficiently. Moreover, formatting of different sources varies much even within one style. For example, the format of a book in MLA will look differently from the format of a journal.

Here is the example of how MLA book and journal will be formatted.


Jackson, Matthew. Nursing Theories. Springer, 2020.


Edison, Samuel. “Telehealth in Nursing.” Journal of Nursing Practice, vol. 1, no. 2, 2020, pp. 17-34.

Pay close attention to formatting as it may influence your grade.

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Assistance Needed?

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